by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 7, 2019) — A letter received Monday from TDOC inmate Johnny Royston Sr., #319940, reports that Royston’s two medications withheld for “more than two months,” as he reported previously, have been restored to his daily regimen but that four staff members have made specific threats against him as a result.

Royston is currently housed at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) owned and operated by the private corporation CoreCivic. Although privately run, Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) spokeswoman Neysa Taylor told The Post & Email in 2016 that a Department monitor is present at TTCC “daily” to ensure compliance with TDOC policies and procedures.

According to The Hartsville Vidette, the prison was fined more than $2.3 million between 2017 and March 2018 for “violations of TDOC policy.”

In testimony to a Tennessee legislative committee, The Vidette reported, TTCC Warden Rusty Washburn admitted to “some medical discrepancies” as one reason for the fines.

“They took out revange and commit A major Rule infractions and Because I went to the media about my problem The 4 four people Retaliation against me and IS trying to put my life IN grant danger…” [sic] Royston wrote in his first paragraph.

He then attributed the statement, “If you want a healthy life here you shouldn’t have exposed medical,” to a Sgt. Custer and Unit Manager Cross, while “Things are going to get real nasty for you, Mr. Troublemaker” is attributed to a Sgt. Mitchell.

“I am able to say my meds “ARE” Restored… But I also wanta exposed some corruption when I was trying to get my meds restored I just want your regular Readers of the Post & Emails articles of the people names so they can be aware if I am put someplace where it’s “NOT” safe for me to be and I am either badly injure OR killed,” Royston wrote.

The fourth staff person Royston mentioned is a Unit Manager Roach. “These 4 four people “ARE” trying to put A 68 year old man with health issures “IN” ‘A’ unsafe build were I got enemies Because I Reported on the doctors over my meds,” he added.

At the top of page 2, Royston wrote that he was contemplating “suicide” as a result of interactions with the four staffers.  “It’s their job to obeyed the Rules and Policies of TDOC,” Royston asserted.  “They are Literally trying to force me to R.C.A. OR suicide…”

“Think again for your helped on my meds hope you can helped me on this problem before it to late,” [sic] Royston closed his letter.

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