by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 1, 2018) — At the opening of the November 30 “Freedom Friday” radio show night hosted by Carl Gallups, guest Mike Zullo commented that the reaction from anyone in the press to the mention of the Obama “birth certificate” shows that the subject is “the third rail in the media.”

Zullo served as lead investigator of a five-year criminal investigation into the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website in 2011 which determined the image to be a “computer-generated forgery.”

The probe was commissioned by then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who himself has appeared on CNN and in other public forums affirming that the birth certificate image is fraudulent beyond the level of probable cause.

“If you go anywhere near it, you get fried,” Zullo commented of the topic.

Gallups had played a sound clip from Wednesday night’s “Hannity” during which host Sean Hannity questioned guest Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D. about the interrogation he underwent by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators as well as some of the books Corsi has written (begins at 28:00 here).

Despite his Harvard-earned Ph.D., Corsi has been described by many as “a conspiracy theorist.” In describing the questioning he endured over more than two months, Corsi told Hannity that one of Mueller’s prosecutors, Aaron Zelinsky, ridiculed his “work on Barack Obama, the birth certificate and Swift Boats…” among other issues.

Corsi is the author of 20 books, including respective books on the Obama birth certificate and Swift Boat veterans who claimed that 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry did not warrant the three Purple Hearts he received from his Vietnam service.  In some political circles, the book is cited as a reason for Kerry’s unsuccessful bid to unseat then-President George W. Bush.

Once Corsi mentioned the “birth certificate” and the Swift Boat veterans, Hannity said, “I would disagree with you on both of those things…” while acknowledging, “You’re allowed to have controversial opinions and views.”

Hannity quickly changed the subject to whether or not Corsi claimed to have been pressured to lie by Mueller’s team, to which Corsi responded in the affirmative.  On Tuesday, The Washington Post published a “draft” plea agreement reportedly provided by Corsi which Corsi said he refused to sign, as it states that he was dishonest and he maintains that he was not.

As Gallups and Zullo went on to discuss, some in Hannity’s audience apparently concluded that Corsi had essentially disavowed to Hannity his own work on the Obama birth certificate.  Zullo said that after viewing the “Hannity” segment, he called Corsi, who clarified that that was not his intent at all.

Zullo said that Corsi explained that his “beliefs” are “not included in my writing” and that Corsi affirmed that he remains convinced that the “long-form” image posted by the Obama White House is “not a birth certificate.”

Just after the 9:00 mark, Gallups played a clip from an interview Corsi conducted with NBC News producer Anna Schechter in which Schechter Gallups said Schechter “panics” about Corsi’s writing about the “birther” issue.  Corsi responded that it was “Mr. Zelinsky” who questioned his work on the Obama birth certificate, to which Corsi said he told Zelinsky, “Well, Mr. Zelinsky, I’ll defy you to show me Barack Obama’s 1961 orgiinal Hawaiian birth certificate.” Schechter countered with, “He did release a birth certificate.”  “It was a computer printout which didn’t exist in 1961,” Corsi replied, “and the forensic analysis that Sheriff Arpaio did on it said it was a fake.”

“It does seem that you just can’t help yourself with a juicy conspiracy,” Schechter responded.

Gallups described Schechter’s response as “snarky.”  When asked for comment, Zullo characterized Corsi’s explanation to Schechter of his work on the birth certificate as “stellar.”




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  1. Correction herein: “…all 7,500,000,000 [billion] human beings on planet Earth…”.

    I just read Robert Laity’s book, “Imposters in the Oval Office”.

    That 67-page book, a bit like Thomas Paine’s original inciteful/insightful 49-page book in early 1776, Common Sense, is a glaring indictment of Barry Soetoro-Obama II (SO2) for all humanity to witness for themselves. https://www.learner.org/workshops/primarysources/revolution/docs/Common_Sense.pdf

    Paine focused colonial thinking to compel forceful patriots to expel King George III; Laity focuses national thinking to compel forceful citizens to expel Thief-in-Chief of the Theft Left, Soetoro-Obama II.

    His book is also a concentrated indictment of our own complicit US Government-citizenry, some of whom may be our own neighbors.

    Mr. Laity’s relentless efforts to get police departments, senators, judges et al to FOLLOW THE LAWS IN THEIR CUSTODY and arrest SO2 for identity fraud and treason, reveals to his book readers that OUR TAX-PAID-FOR US GOVERNMENT WILL NOT LAWFULLY ARREST SO2…this lawful arrest must be done by We the People on Main Street USA loudly urging President Trump to formally arrest SO2, SOS Hillary, SOB Bill, COC Holder et al. LOCK ‘EM UP!

    Kudos to America’s Patriot, Robert C.Laity!


  2. Who knows? Trump may never address Obama fraud issues ever again. BUT, Trump is not one to lay down and go away either. If backed into a corner by the Obama acolytes, the Deep State and the anti-Trump, fake news media, I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that Trump would come out swinging with a full throttled counter-attack that would have the left’s heads spinning. Trump has the ammunition. Question is if and when he unloads on these treasonous swamp scum.

  3. He said, “Obama was born in the United States, period.” That sounds like a promise to drop the issue, and he hasn’t said anything publicly since.

  4. Misunderstandings occur naturally.
    Missed understandings occur deliberately.
    Myth understandings occur romantically.

    A foolish man thinks he knows everything, therefore, he is a know-it-all (KIA).
    A smart man knows what he doesn’t know.
    A willfully ignorant man knows what he doesn’t want to know.

    Physically, all 7,500,000 human beings on planet Earth are virtually identical (9 months gestation, two eyes, kidneys process waste, one brain, we all breath the same air, movement et al)

    Mentally, however, humans can become pawns of Nature when they interact violently with different myth understandings.

    Third Rail Myth Understanding 08-28-08- 2018: Obama is America’s first Constitutional black president

    Examples of “Obama-linked third rail” black-and-white thinking about Myth Understanding 08-28-08 by willfully ignorant humans:


    Any man wanting to be a smart man, a myth buster, should visit The Post and Email, daily.

  5. Every new such report adds more grotesque and farce to this fictional reality, which seems already hit the bottom of baseness.

    It’s as if interviewers with air of utmost disbelief exclaimed: “Therefore you surmise as though Generalissimos Stalin executed and incarcerated people without a due process?! Or even as though he were an informer to the Tsar’s security service before the revolution”!? However yes, “You’re allowed to have controversial opinions and views.”

    Frankly, I do not understand why Corsi had essentially disavowed to Hannity his own work on the Obama birth certificate. Why did Corsi allow to reduce the issue ONLY to that birth certificate – instead of taking the opportunity to expose the entire scope of the crime, that …

    a) Being a “natural born citizen” means to be born to American citizens on the soil”, while Obama’s official bio states that his biological father was a foreigner.

    b) Not only the 2011 BC produced by Obama was a coarse forgery with an impossible content, but Obama also stole his Connecticut SS#, and produce other forgeries of his personal docs.

    That’s what is behind the “so casual propaganda expression” calling Mr. Corsi “conspirologist”. However the ugliest part of it is that also…

    2) President Trump belonged to “conspirologists” – before he humiliatingly reneged from his earlier efforts in the 2016 public interview set by his handlers. Then he promised to be a good boy and to never question the legitimacy of the imposture any more. I.e. Trump, against his own knowledge and conscience, made a deal with some Muller-like handlers already then, promising to shut up in exchange that they would shut up – but they didn’t. Just like one infamous protagonist, Trump wished to buy his future presidentship with his dishonor, but he got his dishonor and war on him anyway: the war on him which (among other things) took a form of a cacophony of accusations against him (from his subordinates, mind you).

    3) Trump could stop this unprecedented ugly farce in one moment by fully exposing the total treason consuming this nation. Trump has a trump card – the most explosive truth destroying simultaneously all his accusers (and the accusers of his supporters). But alas, Trump happened to be even less than Nikita Krushchev in 1956 who then did expose Stalinism (though only partially [1]). Therefore the ugly farce just goes on and on, with saboteurs being absolutely sure that no matter how explosive it is, nothing would ever explode in this degenerate nation .

    1. http://judeochristianamerica.org/NoShameAmerica.htm

  6. They did not back the fully black Ambassador Keys, nor did they back the prominent black Pastor Manning which both tried to expose the imposture. At that, since 2002 the Congress (and GOP) made 8 attempts to rid of the “too restrictive” natural born close of the Constitution (trying to pave the way for some important future contender, guess who).

    Moreover, in 2016 filthy GOP ran their 4 impostors in the same attempt to dilute the “natural born”. See, it has nothing to do with the race (or fear of racism) of semi-black impostor Obama. It had everything to do with the deliberate dilution of the Constitution and a plan to enthrone a very specific UFO (Unidentified Foreign Operative).

    There is no “if” that Trump does not act to do it; nor will he ever act to do it; at least NOT ON HIS OWN while all the others are happy to bury it. Trump may act on it, but only if a significant noise arises: so much significant that Trump cannot shrug it off. The remnants of patriots must make that noise. Or even some foreigners in other nations so that the issue becomes international. I had published such an article in an international magazine Monato, but it circulates in a rather narrow community. I had tried to address the Russian sources many times, but they did not bother even to reply…

  7. IMO Obama’s birth certificate and his Constitutional ineligibility are also, “third rails”, to all members of Congress. This was originally mostly because they feared being called racist. After Obama was selected and allowed to be sworn in as the putative president in 2009, and still more evidence of Obama being a fraud became available, fear of being called racist was one-upped by fear that the truth about Barry might be fully revealed and acted on. Congress and their staff members lied to their constituents about this most important issue, and they still do. Not too hard to understand why….when a sworn oath to protect the Constitution is violated by ignoring something as important as the eligibility requirement for president of, “natural born citizen”, it is a huge crime because it meant America’s government and her military were given to the enemy. The eligibility clause was put there to prevent someone with divided allegiance, because of their parent’s lack of American citizenship, from being the commander-in-chief of America’s military. Obama’s 8 years proved how wise the framers were by including that requirement, and how foolish and/or evil those who refused to adhere to the eligibility requirement are. All of this is easy to follow from 2008/2009 right up until today, and it’s also easy to understand why the huge panic when the “birther” Donald Trump was elected instead of the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover of…..Hillary Clinton.

    So here we are with an obvious huge problem and people task with solving the problem that, in many cases if they were successful could sentence themselves to prison…or worse.
    Trump is our last hope and he needs to reveal the entire Obama Fraud to save his presidency, reset the Constitution and drain the Swamp. However, the pressure not to do this and the methods that could be employed to stop it from happening are very severe. If Trump does not act to do this……it will never happen. I am not giving up on Donald Trump………………..

    The endless talk by talking heads who can’t go there, investigations which lead to nowhere, and, “breaking news”, every day which is just another, “nothing burger”, are running out the clock and those complicit believe this will all just fade into history………if it does so will the America we know and love.
    Pray……and maintain hope.