by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 30, 2018) — Lead Obama birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo will be a guest on “Freedom Friday” with Carl Gallups this evening at 5:00 PM EST/4:00 PM CST to discuss recent developments in the Mueller “collusion” investigation involving Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Corsi is the author of 20 books, including his May 2011 release, “Where’s the Birth Certificate: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President.” He was present at Zullo’s first press conference on March 1, 2012 during which Zullo announced that his investigative team determined that the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Two additional press conferences followed over the course of the investigation, the last of which, on December 15, 2016, revealed that two independent forensic analysts reached the same conclusions about the long-form birth certificate image as had Zullo, a fact virtually ignored by the mainstream media.

On Monday, Corsi told mainstream media outlets that Mueller offered him a plea deal for one count of perjury which he rejected. In a number of interviews since then, including on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel show and Hannity’s radio broadcast on Thursday, Corsi explained why he feels he cannot accept the deal even if it means going to prison.

Corsi maintains that he did not lie to Mueller’s investigators and that in one instance, he forgot about an email chain which interrogators showed him, then issued a written addendum acknowledging that the emails were, in fact, his.  In a book to be released in March, Corsi will reportedly relate “abusive” techniques Mueller and his prosecutorial team allegedly used to interrogate him for what Corsi, 72, says amounted to more than 40 hours in a “windowless room.”

Both Corsi and longtime Republican political strategist and Trump ally Roger Stone have been in Mueller’s crosshairs for several months, with politically-based conference calls Stone hosted prior to the 2016 election having been subpoenaed by Mueller, according to The Wall Street Journal last month.

Listeners may access a live player at on the right-hand side, halfway down.  Alternatively, they may tune in here.

Gallups has provided The Post & Email the following exclusive preview of tonight’s show:

Immediately after President Trump released his famous tweet and meme a couple of days ago calling the Deep State “treasonous” and seemingly calling for trials of people like Obama, the Clintons, Mueller, and Comey – and after Mike Zullo announced on Freedom Friday a couple of weeks ago that “Very important people in the White House knew everything about the criminal investigation info concerning Barack Obama’s birth certificate”  – NBC and FOX NEWS in the last 24 hours have brought forth tweets, shows, and interviews in which something was said about the Obama birth certificate and investigation.

It certainly appears that the Deep State is terrified of this issue. Again, we ask … if there is nothing to the allegations of Obama’s birth certificate being fake – why in the world do they continually harp upon the issue? What are they afraid of? Why do they never grow tired of talking about it? Why have they never examined the forensically-verified evidence of a five-year criminal investigation that was conducted by the nation’s fourth-largest sheriff’s office and then signed off on by two internationally-recognized document examination entities?

Additionally, just last night, Dr. Corsi was on Fox News with Hannity wherein Hannity left the impression with some that Dr. Corsi denounced the birth certificate investigation. Mike Zullo has since spoken to Dr. Corsi, who has given Mike Zullo permission to speak for him on today’s Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups. Hear Mike Zullo speak the truth today in this exclusive and dramatically enlightening interview. Who knows what other tidbits of exclusive insight might be released?  Tune in at 5 PM ET.

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  1. Sharon, Didn’t I just send you an e-mail that you must have ignored or missed? Perhaps you have an intern that controls what you actually get to read.

    I will repeat my prior statement to you …. and add a few things since you don’t seem to get it. I have over 20 hard … undeniable proofs of forgery for the Obama birth certificate.

    One of the best of them is the fact that Obama’s birth certificate has a background pattern that does not match any other of the 9 real birth certificates that have been handed out so far.

    The difference is that Obama’s background pattern is square. I am talking about the basket weave pattern seen on the security paper that the original is copied onto instead of plain white paper.

    The designer of that security paper says that he put a slight downward slant … only on the horizontal rules of the pattern … leaving the vertical rules alone in order to … “Fool a potential forger” … his own words.

    Obama’s forger was fooled because when she saw that the horizontal rules were slightly off she thought that this was caused because of a problem she had with slipping roller paper feeds that would have looked the same way. She thought she was fixing that problem to make the pattern perfectly straight and that was accomplished by her using the Adobe Photoshop “Skew” tool … which is the same tool the designer used to make the “Skew” in the first place.

    If you are not a person who can understand this because you don’t know how Adobe Photoshop works I suggest that you contact an expert … as I am … having used the program since it was in beta – test in 1989, Thats about 25 years. Get three experts to read this and they are all three going to say that I am correct … Obama’s background pattern is square and all the others are not.

    You don’t provide for any way that I can send you pics of this proof … but it should be very easy for you to make an observation that the basket weave pattern is straight and square on the Obama birth certificate but all the other Hawaiian birth certificates (9 actually) have a slight slant downward… but only on the horizontal rules of the pattern.

    This evidence I found leaves no doubt that the document has been altered with a computer which is the only possible way one can take a background image that has a slight slant to the horizontal rules and yet displays perfectly straight vertical rules. This is not possible to do without a computer and that’s what the designer of the security paper used that was made during the computer era.

    I hope you have one of the birth certificate copies of others born in the era that many have obtained. If not get a Hawaiian birth certificate copy of any or all of them and see for yourself. Then if you are still confused … ask an Adobe Photoshop user.

    Since your website is only about the Obama birth certificate I think it would be highly suspicious if you have a website devoted to the accuracy of the Obama birth certificate and yet you fail to understand that the Obama hash mark pattern background is a huge error made by the forger. If you don’t want to report this fact and ignore this message … just reply and say so .. leaving you to someday explain to your readers why you would ignore the best evidence of forgery ever.

    Shortly after 911 I was told by 2 main-stream media editors and one Newspaper owner that the media was censored by gov. and had been since the JFK assassination. I found it hard to prove this to the average person that trusts what ever media says and reasonably think it impossible that ALL of the media could be lying.

    When Obama came on the scene I knew I had found a way to prove the media bias simply by providing evidence that the Obama birth certificate is a forgery and see that not one major media providers would touch that story. Just like you? Don’t feel bad … Alex Jones won’t touch it either … and of course he failed to reply just like you did.

    I see that many news sources on the internet have accepted censorship. I am guessing you might be one that can’t actually get too close to the truth … but if the truth is actually wrong … you would be OK and probably told to accept it … like you have already.

    But I hate to accuse who that source of an outright lie might be. If you wanted to expose ALL the proof of forgery of the Obama birth certificate … your website would be very busy.

    Paul Edward Irey went to 3 state courts and saw two judges resign the bench. All lied.

  2. Let’s not forget Bill “No Spin Zone” O’Reilly, who spun Obama’s birth announcement in both Honolulu newspapers into proving Obama was born in Hawaii.

  3. Thank you Bob. I commented on Hannity web that we noticed his glossing over of the bc and he will regret it as well as others by doing the same.

  4. The primary responsibility for allowing an undocumented alien and unconstitutional individual to succeed him in the Executive Office rests squarely on the shoulders of G.W. Bush. i.e., it happened on G.W. Bush’s U.S. Constitutional watch.

  5. Good comment Rosemary.
    I think Hannity, Levin and Rush, who have all recently mentioned the fake birth certificate, might sense this issue is going to break wide open. If so, they should be worried because their mockery and ridicule of those who wanted to openly and objectively discuss The Obama Fraud is something a lot of people will never forget.

  6. I watched Hannity’s interview with Dr. Corsi and I was disappointed that Sean actually sounded hostile towards Dr. Corsi. I wondered if anyone else thought so. Also, amazingly Sean mentioned the birth certificate at a moment when it wasn’t even germain to the conversation and I thought that was very odd. He brought up the cert but then just brushed it off. This has been happening alot and Mark Levin was doing the same. They still won’t talk about the birth certificate. People aren’t stupid. The general population now believes Obama was illegal simply by the results of his actions being in office. He was totally UNAMERICAN. This man must go to prision along with Pelosi and Biden who were actually the 2 people who presented Obama to the public as legitimate when they knew he was not by presenting the false affidavit.