by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 29, 2018) — On August 4, 2016, longtime political strategist and informal Trump advisor Roger Stone spoke on the first of what would be five conference calls about his views on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and prospects of winning over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The recording below is the third segment in our series presenting the initial call.  All of the sessions began at 9:00 PM EDT and ran for approximately an hour. The public was invited beforehand to register through one of Stone’s websites and at the same time submit any questions to be put to Stone if time permitted.

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, Stone spoke about his dislike of the Clintons and suspicion that the Clinton Foundation was used for less-than-ethical purposes while Hillary Clinton served as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Now reportedly under scrutiny by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors as to whether or not he had advance knowledge of the DNC, Clinton Foundation, or Podesta emails to be released by WikiLeaks, Stone at the time spoke openly about then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manfort, who is now in federal prison after convictions on eight counts of bank and tax fraud; “data dumps from WikiLeaks or others”; the online persona Guccifer 2.0, said to be a Russian operative; and whether or not “Russians” were responsible for stealing any of the thousands of emails taken from the DNC servers in 2016 and perhaps before.

Stone has repeatedly denied any foreknowledge of the documents WikiLeaks would be releasing and has maintained that he never directly communicated with Assange or anyone at the organization.  Last year, Stone testified to the House Intelligence Committee for three hours, later submitting an amendment to his testimony after recalling that he had one meeting with then-Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo and Russian Henry Greenberg.

Assange has maintained that his source of the emails was not Russia or any “state party.”

Although testifying privately to the Intelligence Committee, Stone has indicated his willingness to do so in a public setting.

Host Jason Sullivan presented questions submitted by registrants to the call, many of which he said focused on the likelihood that the election would be “stolen” from Trump and whether or not the Republican Party would stymie Trump’s nomination made at the national convention approximately two weeks earlier.

The remaining portions of the call will be posted in similar segments throughout the week.  There is a slight overlap from one section to another to show continuity.


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