AUGUST 4, 2016

by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 25, 2018) — Beginning in early August 2016, longtime political strategist, advisor and author Roger Stone provided commentary and answers to the public’s questions about the Donald Trump presidential campaign in a series of interviews he termed “The Ultimate Political Insider” conference calls.

The biweekly calls ran through mid-October of that year, with the exception of September 1, when Stone announced that his phone system had been “hacked.”

The calls were open to the public after a simple, free registration process through a website Stone established,, when questions could also be submitted.

Hosted by social-media specialist Jason Sullivan, Stone shared his view of the progress of the campaign while interspersing his thoughts against political historical events and expressing his willingness to answer questions of every stripe.

The first conference call of August 4, 2016 lasted approximately 54 minutes and was summarized by this publication on August 6, 2016.  During the session, Sullivan took a considerable number of questions from pre-registered individuals who submitted them, with one question relating to then-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Another alluded to a rumor that Trump was considering withdrawing from the race.

Many listeners were concerned about the election being “stolen,” Sullivan said.

As speculation continues to swirl that Stone communicated directly with WikiLeaks and could have had foreknowledge of the documents it would release, allegedly provided by Russia, Stone has maintained that he at all times communicated with WikiLeaks only through an intermediary, radio host Randy Credico.  “To be absolutely clear, neither Credico, nor WikiLeaks, nor Julian Assange, nor the Russians, or anybody else sent me any of the documents ultimately published by WikiLeaks. As Assange himself said, I never Tweeted or predicted anything that Assange and WikiLeaks had not already publicly disclosed. I was a keen reader of Assange’s Twitter feed and picked up significant interviews through a constant Google News search. I had no advanced knowledge of the content, source or ultimate timing of any of the WikiLeaks disclosures including the infamous DNC emails. I did carefully mirror Julian Assange’s own disclosures, but only after he made them,” Stone wrote in March of this year.

“The special counsel has spent dozens of hours trying to figure out if Stone really did have knowledge of Wikileaks’ plans to released hacked Democratic emails before the 2016 presidential election,” The (UK) Daily Mail reported on Monday, referring to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-pronged probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election and allegations that someone within the Trump campaign “colluded” with the Kremlin.

Stone has been vehemently critical of the mainstream media’s coverage of his previous tweets and statements regarding WikiLeaks. In an October 23, 2018 column on his website, Stone excoriated The Washington Post for what he said was a “hit piece” it published the day before.

For its part, WikiLeaks has denied having communicated with Stone and that any of its released material came from Russia.  The organization’s founder, Julian Assange, is now without Internet and telephone access, according to media reports issued since May.

In September 2017, Stone testified to the House Intelligence Committee privately while at the same time reportedly accusing some of its members of making “false allegations” in public against him.

Stone was suspended permanently from Twitter a year ago, after which he said he would sue the organization.  An account now bearing his likeness and the name “StoneColdRoger” appears to be operated by a supporter.  At the time, Stone claimed that “conservative voices” were undergoing censorship on the social-media platform. Since then, Congress has held hearings on the subject of social-media censorship against “conservatives,” and Alex Jones of Infowars has been banned from virtually all social-media outlets.

The entirety of the August 4, 2016 conference call has been divided by this writer into a number of segments, the first of which lasts just over 5½ minutes and is embedded below.  In near-future articles, following segments will overlap to demonstrate continuity with an exception to protect the identities of private individuals Sullivan identified as callers.  No such instances occur in this initial segment.

Given the high degree of public interest in Stone’s 2016 communications, The Post & Email would appreciate credit and a link back to this article by others quoting from it or utilizing the recording.



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  1. My GREATEST concern in all this drama is that with a Demonrat takeover in the House the American people will never achieve closure and that any vestiges of genuine justice in this country will be permanently corrupted. The relentless subversion on the part of the Demonrats and their Deep State/Establishment allies will continue unabated and the inexorable march toward totalitarianism will be unavoidable. Justice truly hangs by a thread. Without an educated, virtuous electorate and representatives, Justice and the Rule of Law are in very serious jeopardy. We lose that and there is no constitutional republic and all bets are off as to how freeman among us will opt to remedy this toxic foundational threat to our way of life. In short, I am considerably more than “just concerned” that the republic, or what little remains of it today, will survive this ruthless and relentless Leftist assault. Hackneyed, I know, but the country is truly at a crossroads. What will good people do if the seditionists among us achieve political power? Roll over and meekly co-opt the new order, or embrace one or all of the Founder-sanctioned remedies when the People are faced with tyranny? Interesting times, to say the very least.