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by OPOVV, ©2018

Greek mythology includes the story of the Trojan Horse, which was used to transport Greek fighters inside the gates of Troy to defeat them

(Sep. 9, 2018) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ where if our truth doesn’t coincide with your truth, then, well, maybe this program can educate you to see the light. Hello, my name is Roving and I’ll be your host for this episode where, as you can see, we’re back on our corner across the street from the railroad depot, under the awning, about to waylay our neighbors as they go about their day. Excuse me, Miss, Roving here for ‘Pulse.’”

“Hello, Roving, I know who you are; we all do. Why, you’ve been pestering us for years from this very spot asking people what their name is and what they’re up to. Why don’t you hang out at that bookstore near the ballpark and bother those people for a change?”

“Get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?”

“I turn the news on and all I hear is, ‘Impeach 45’, and even ‘Impeach fortified.’ How stupid are these people, anyway? I’ve had it up to here with their anti-American childish antics, this I’ll tell you. Don’t they know they’re making complete fools of themselves? Like Mr. Immature Crybaby himself, Cory Booker; give me a break.”

“Professor Zorkophsky wrote in one of his numerous best-sellers that they’re striving for a Don Quixote moment but they’re so blinded with ignorance and hate they can’t see that the horse has left the barn, or even if there was ever a horse in the first place.”

“No horse?”

“Used, just as Jane Fonda was played by the North Vietnamese.”

“By whom?”

“Take away the emperor’s clothes and the only game left is Big Brother, and if that doesn’t send chills up and down your spine then repeat after me:

I swear to almighty God this sacred oath:

I will render unconditional obedience to …*

Ring a bell? Remember soon after Obama took over the office of president he tried to get the military oath changed from obeying the Constitution to obeying him, the president?”

“I do remember that; most don’t because the press didn’t push it, did they?”

“No, they didn’t; they never mentioned it again. There was a writer for The Post & Email who wrote about Obama using the Nazi playbook on how to take over a country, right down to abolishing the Second Amendment, which is just what Hitler did, didn’t he? Confiscated the people’s guns, exactly what Obama tried to do and Hillary would’ve done, all in the name of National Security, no doubt. And here’s my train. See you around, probably on this very same corner tomorrow.”

“Bye. Excuse us while we break for a commercial.”

I Saw the Light” (2:44)

“Okay, we’re back to interview this gentleman. What’s your name and what’s up?”

“Hey, Roving, name is Jackson and I’m off to work where I’m designing this year’s statue for the ‘Most Obnoxious Woman of the Year 2018 Award.’”

“So you’re a sculptor?”

“That I am, and before you ask, it appalls me that we let those who should be locked up in an asylum destroy America’s statues. Had the citizens of Rome behaved in such a barbaric manner, Rome would be a wasteland of nothing but pedestals adorned with birdbaths.”

“And the Egyptians liked their statues, too, didn’t they?”

“And the Greeks; Easter Island, and the list goes on back to the beginning of time. Why we cater and enable the crazies to have a say in what we can do, think, write, and express ourselves by sculpturing and every other means of expressing ourselves is, at best, ludicrous and, at worst, brings us down to the level that they’re on: in the gutter; bottom of the barrel; the leftovers from the $1 sale at Macy’s, lying on the floor, trampled into dust and forgotten by any future generations. It’s the Stalinesque way of rewriting history.”

“In what way?”

“You know when you drive into Small Town USA there’s a welcoming sign with all the churches and charities listed? Well, Stalin had just about every small town in the Soviet Union put up a sign that said, ‘Joseph Stalin’s Birthplace.’ And I’m sorry to have to run, because here’s my train.”

“Wait! Who gets the ‘Most Obnoxious Award?’”

Kamala Harris; who else? Bye.”

“Bye. And off he goes. Take a commercial break? Back in a minute.”

The Weight” (2:52)

“And we’re back and look who just walked up:  it’s our favorite fortune-teller, Madam Shylock. So what’s up?”

“Just a short visit to see Mother, do some shopping, visit a museum or two and see what’s new at the Art Institute; get a little culture while I’m away from the heathens.”

“Florida heathens?”

“Mostly New York heathens, believe it or not, which reminds me of the ‘Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts’ with these plane landings from the Mideast filled with sick passengers.”

“Trojan Horse in the guise of a silver bird?”

“You got it, which reminds me of that missing Malaysian plane a few years ago. Anyway, I’m off. Maybe I’ll stop by tomorrow, if you’re around. Bye.”

“Bye. And off she goes and off we go and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing each of you a good evening: Goodnight.

“Good show. Kind-of scary, don’t you think? The Trojan Horse scenario. I mean, they sure messed up on 9-11, didn’t they? They never checked expired visas and, heck, that’s a whole different program. Let’s grab a burger: my treat.”

[*Adolf Hitler: The Fuehrer Oath]

Come What May” (1:54)


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