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by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 19, 2018) — Late Sunday afternoon, founder of America First Media Group (AF-MG) Matt Couch tweeted that an announcement he planned to make on Monday has been moved up to Sunday evening because of “security threats.”

News of the impending revelation was first announced on August 12 during an approximate 90-minute update on his organization’s investigation into the murder of DNC Data Director for Voter Registration Seth Rich more than two years ago in Washington, DC.

The murder has remained unsolved by Washington, DC Metro Police despite a collective reward of more than $600,000 available to anyone with information leading to the killer(s).

During last Sunday’s broadcast, Couch said that “two high-ranking members of the Democrat Party” are known to have been present at the hospital where Rich was rushed to surgery on the morning of July 10, 2016 after having been shot twice in the torso.  He unfortunately passed away while in surgery, Couch has reported.

Couch and his associates urged the two to come forward voluntarily within the next week, which was to expire on Monday.  Instead, Couch tweeted, “Due to security threats we are moving up Monday’s announcement. Matt Couch and Bill Pierce will be LIVE at 6C/7E time.”  Pierce is one of AF-MG’s investigators, according to Couch.

The mainstream media has shown no curiosity as to why the Metro PD has not provided any updates or press conferences on the crime.  In a July presser and broadcast update earlier this month, an informant to AF-MG claimed that he was a witness to two perpetrators boasting about their evil deed while providing vivid details as to how they assaulted Rich in the street outside of his apartment.

According to the informant, a thumb drive was taken from Rich’s person, but no valuables. The Metro PD has called the crime a “botched robbery attempt.”

Despite two lawsuits filed against his organization, Couch continues to provide updates on his probe, which has reportedly gained the attention of certain parties within the federal government.

According to Couch, the two politicos are “elected” and “in the waiting room that night.”

Couch’s broadcasts are available on Twitter, Periscope, Spreaker, and on YouTube.  Several updates since Couch announced the closure of his Patreon page on Thursday appear on his YouTube channel indicating “more and more threats.”

Update, 7:03 p.m. EDT:  The live Periscope broadcast is here:  https://www.pscp.tv/w/1kvJpajjMjPxE



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