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(May 30, 2018) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the one place where you’re sure to get the straight skinny. That’s right, the real behind-the-scenes truth and not some made-up ‘Aren’t I better than everybody else?’ malarkey drivel. Hello, my name is Roving and with me here, by popular demand, is Mr. Turtle of the Sitting on Rock in the Moonlight fame, along with Professor Zorkophsky, who will act as our mentor as we delve into the intricacies of the human psyche.”

“Very well-put, Roving, but, please, call me ‘Zork’; there’s no need to be so formal.”

“Will do, Zork. Mr. Turtle, what’s your take on the Rosanne Barr tweet? Do you see anything wrong with it and, if so, how and why?”

“Fine; no; fine again; and if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen; if you don’t like it, change the channel; if you do like it: honk.”

“Excuse us while we break for a commercial.”

Wild Weekend” (2:13)

“Great answer, for sure. It was very insightful and well-thought-out. I can see you being swept up by some major TV station and hired as a pundit right away; maybe any minute, even during our broadcast.”

“You really think so?”

“What did you think about Mr. Turtle’s answer, Zork?”

“I ditto it all, although I would put it a little bit differently. For instance, I would say I don’t see anything wrong with what she tweeted; after all, Valerie Jarrett tried her best to overthrow the Constitution of the United States, along with de facto president Obama, and, I feel confident, is still trying, along with her Muslim Brotherhood cohorts, friends and her real brothers-in-arms.

“As far as being ‘wrong,’ I don’t think she crossed any line that I can think of. When I read it I laughed; after all, Planet of the Apes? I thought that was pretty funny.

“But I think that the radio and television stations that are owned and, therefore, controlled by those who march to the beat of Fascism-Nazism-Socialism didn’t like any mention of the Muslim Brotherhood in a negative connotation; you with me?”

“I’m sorry, but you lost me back at the TV station. Let’s break for a commercial.”

Louie Louie” (2:49)

“Look, the mainstream media has about half the country hoodwinked into believing that a Muslim from anywhere else is different than a Muslim found here at home. Muslims in other parts of the world murder for some greater Jihad nonsense, never realizing that they’re but pawns in the river of life or, in the Islamic sense, rivers of blood (torture followed by death)‘No Jew between me and the sea’.”

“Now our Muslims do the very same thing, but it’s not reported as part of the greater Jihad; it’s just random acts of misunderstandings where the accused has a mental disorder or is suffering in some other way.”

“What other way?”

“Look around and see women as doctors and nurses, administrators and bus drivers, executives and sales assistants in department stores; all earning money and, in many cases, much more than the Muslims in our country. Why, our women drive anywhere they like to without a male escort and hair blowing in the wind. They drive convertibles and listen to music or maybe Rush Limbaugh or Pat Robertson. And they can conceal-carry and blow away every Muslim rapist/kidnapper/torturer/murderer to Kingdom Come.”

“And you say that bothers them, somehow.”

“They become unhinged.”

“Did you say, ‘unhinged’? Is that another one of your approved psychiatric terms?”

“It is indeed. It means ‘unglued’; ‘reality doesn’t live here’; ‘not even close’; and ‘if I told you you probably wouldn’t believe it.’”

“Try me.”

“Since even before birth they are taught to hate, so when they’re born they’ve got a running start. It’s kill everything that isn’t their kind of world view. Let’s say there’s an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest with absolutely no outside contact: too bad, they have to be slaughtered along with all the other nonbelievers anywhere.”

“Getting back to the tweet, so how does that affect the First Amendment?”

“Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the tweet; the attack on the First Amendment comes from cries of racist and down with free speech. It’s an excuse for a vile attack on our Constitution. You want hypocrisy? Instead of Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded Trump, picture her holding a beheaded Obama or a beheaded Valerie Jarrett. I rest my case and all the naysayers out there attacking Roseanne Barr should look in the mirror and recite after me: He who is without sin among you, cast the first stone.’”

“I’m sorry but I’ve just been told that our time is up. Thank you, Mr. Turtle, for joining Zork and me for this most enlightening discussion on how political correctness is but one tool of the Left’s arsenal to destroy the West. Allow me to wish each and every one of our viewers, on behalf of the crew, a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Great show. Burger time: my treat.”

Keep On Dancing” (2:19)


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  1. Now what, people all of a sudden became thin skinned and easily “offended”? So did I hear someone say, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian”? Maybe I did but I didn’t lose my cookies and wasn’t “offended”.
    Ever go to Boot Camp or was in a locker room after a game with a bunch of Neanderthals, or, even better, regroup and reconnect after a fire fight and the adrenaline is still pumping at 90 mph and talking trash to blow-off steam? And no one ever thought about “offending” anyone or being “offended”. It’s like no big deal.
    Professor “Zork” Zorkophsky and Mr. Roving Reporter is 100% right-on when they concluded that “political correctness” is going to do us in.
    I’m beginning to believe that any constructive criticism about Islam will soon receive the same treatment, meaning that the attacks on the Constitution via free speech is in everybody’s near future.
    Next in line will be the printed word, with the Bible being expelled from public libraries because of the cry and hew that the Quran can’t be in the same building with the teachings of Jesus and the Golden Rule, after all, we wouldn’t want to “disrespect” or “offend” anyone, now would we?
    And that’s exactly what this is all about: Valerie Jarrett and her Muslim Brotherhood want to do us in, but that’s okay, but Roseanne Barr’s warning tweet isn’t.
    Chief New Leaf

  2. PC(DC + DNC) = BS

    PC = relying on lying

    It is politically correct to label politically corrupt actions as “politically correct”.

    When the odor of raw honesty is too offensive to inhale, PC offers a pleasant perfume for all.

    PC is like a mind’s probation officer arresting attempted violations of parole.

    PC thinking is when being honest [Divorcee Valerie is an ugly Iranian] is an honest mistake [Roseanne exercises freedom of speech].