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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 30, 2018) — After reporting on Monday that former U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore filed a lawsuit against a number of defendants who he claims participated in a “political conspiracy” to defame and cause him to lose the December 12 special election, The Post & Email began reading the complaint posted at AL.com and Scribd.

On page 6, we noted that our exclusive article, dated November 29, 2017, reporting that an attorney said by AL.com to have represented Moore accuser Leigh Corfman “no longer represents her,” was cited.

Corfman had accused Moore of having made sexual advances toward her when she was 14 and he was 32, as reported by The Washington Post on November 9, 2017, just a month before the December 12 special election between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

AL.com’s article, dated November 9, 2017 with an update on November 29, 2017, reported, in part:

An attorney for Leigh Corfman, whose story of a sexual encounter with Roy Moore when he was 32 and she was 14, broke today, said Corfman stands by her story.

Hoover attorney Eddie Sexton told AL.com that Corfman has wanted to publicly talk about the time in 1979 when Moore dated her, but never felt like it was the right time.

…Corfman had been talking with reporters from the Washington Post for several weeks, he said.

The Moore lawsuit’s reference to our article reads:

AL.com’s November 9 article did not disclose that Ed Gentle, a partner in the firm Gentle Turner Sexton & Harbison, was at that time “treasurer for the Alabama Democratic Party” as Gentle himself stated in a blog post at Medium.com dated August 31, 2017.

On November 29, The Post & Email contacted the law firm after a reader left a link to Gentle’s blog post announcing the Democrats’ nomination of Doug Jones as their U.S. Senate candidate.  The special election was scheduled following the confirmation of former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as U.S. attorney general.

The lawsuit’s reference to The Post & Email could explain why someone from The Washington Post was perusing The Post & Email’s “About” section accessible from the home page.

On April 3, The Washington Post opened a summary The Post & Email published of a conference call featuring political operative Roger Stone from the 2016 presidential campaign, several hours after which someone from the U.S. Justice Department opened the same article.

Some have attempted to draw an alleged connection among Stone, WikiLeaks, and Russian “collusion” regarding DNC “hacked” emails released by WikiLeaks in July 2016 which some have blamed for Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

The Moore lawsuit filed Monday claims that Moore’s accusers from last year have ties to “the Democrat Party.

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  1. Dear Sharon, thanks for all the articles you and others that post on the P&E. I am thankful
    for your insights, connections, and truth. While here I am repeating myself (from before)
    let me add that I am starting to see links, connections, and web strands to other news stories and issues.

    Some of the nonsense is starting to make sense to me. Fraudulent USURPER Obummer,
    Reluctant /Spineless Congress, Complicit Media, and lots of uninformed,indifferent and lazy
    citizens leading to destroying our beloved Republic…

    In light of this, I am hopeful things will come to light and wrongs will be righted. Let’s keep
    our hands on the plow…