by Beth Haycraft, wife of Michael Haycraft, TDOC #00277811

(Apr. 3, 2018) — [Editor’s Note:  The following email was sent to a number of Tennessee officials regarding Morgan County Correctional Complex (MCCX) inmate Michael Haycraft.  Haycraft suffers from mental illness and has been previously reported about here and here.

Mrs. Haycraft has also released a video in response to the TDOC’s decision.

To all,

My husband Michael W. Haycraft, #00277811, received papers informing him of a transfer to Turney Center Industrial Complex dated 3/18/2018 and that he was ‘tapped’ for Therapeutic Community (TCom), Adult Basic Education and some other items.  Michael has his GED (I can send a copy of his certification), he completed ProSocial Life Skills at Morgan County Correctional Complex (1/13/2017; Michael has a copy of this certificate) in addition to completing Career Management for Success as Northeast Correctional Complex (9/16/2016; he has a copy of this certificate).

TCom is designed for individuals with addiction issues; Michael has never had a drug charge.  Michael has mental illnesses, which has been discussed with many individuals since his incarceration in 2014.

Due to him being presented with the information of his transfer 4/02/2018 and a parole hearing scheduled for 4/10/2018, one could assume his parole hearing will not go in his favor.

One could also question as to why he is being transferred to a location that would be very difficult for his family to visit.  As of this date, I have not seen my husband since September 2017 due to his placement in protective custody after being threatened by gang members.  Michael was stabbed by gang members during TDOC incarceration in 1999-2000.

In October 2017 after speak with Assistant Warden Heimby and Assistant Warden Hutchinson, I was asked where my husband could be transferred; my response was NECX where he was housed at the Annex.  My husband has repeatedly requested to be transferred to NECX without success.

I have repeatedly relayed information about an increase in mental health symptoms over the past few months due to prolonged housing in Protective Custody.  I have repeatedly expressed my concern for his well being and his need for mental health intervention other than medication management.  The news of the transfer to a facility that has recently had gang activity that resulted in the wounding of officers has caused a further deterioration of his mental health.

Your assistance to helping me understand the reasoning behind this decision is appreciated.

Beth Haycraft

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