Catholic Organization Reports Three More Twitter Accounts Suspended for No Given Reason


by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 2, 2018) — Late Saturday morning, the founder of a Catholic military organization whose Twitter account was suspended indefinitely last month informed The Post & Email that three other accounts with which he is personally associated were suspended without notice and for no justifiable reason.

Br. Alexis Bugnolo now believes that the targeting of his Twitter accounts for closure has become “personal” and discrimination against Catholics.

The suspension of the account belonging to Ordo Militaris Catholicus began on March 13 as a “12-hour” lockout but proceeded directly to permanency, although Br. Bugnolo first filed a written appeal.  The tweet over which “some features” of the account were allegedly suspended involved his criticism of UK Prime Minister Teresa May’s handling of radical Islam within her country.

Br. Bugnolo refused to remove the tweet as requested by Twitter because he said it did not qualify as “hateful conduct” as defined by the company itself.

His email from Saturday reads:

Twitter is making it personal.  It suspended without notice 3 more twitter accounts run by Catholic Organizations


An educational account run by The Scholasticum, to promote knowledge of Catholic Theology.


The official twitter account for The Scholasticum an Italian non profit dedicated to Catholic theology



A promotional account for The Franciscan Archive, a publishing house run by a Massachusetts Non profit dedicated to spreading the Catholic Faith.

There is only 1 seeming reason for these suspensions, that they are organizations where I personally volunteer or have founded.

I do not think that the behavior of Twitter can be characterized, at this point, as anything else but blatant anti-Catholic bigotry and a violation of the RICO laws against 2 US corporations and 1 Italian Association.


Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Br. Bugnolo said that he could not determine when the three additional accounts were suspended and that he discovered it only when he attempted to respond to a direct message (DM) on one of them.

Early on Saturday afternoon, The Post & Email contacted Twitter’s Board of Directors through a contact form, providing a 12 noon EDT Monday publication deadline.

We received an acknowledgement after pressing the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form.

No response was received from anyone at Twitter as of press time.

Update, 6:47 p.m. EDT:  The Post & Email was just informed by Br. Alexis that the three additional accounts with which he is associated were “unsuspended hours ago.”  He also reported having filed a second appeal to the remaining suspension of his Ordo Militaris Catholicus account.

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