Catholic Organization Appeals to the Public for Assistance


by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 21, 2018) — A Catholic military organization remains banned from Twitter after it tweeted an objection to UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s perceived approach toward radical Islam within her nation’s borders.

Ordo Militaris Catholicus was initially banned for “12 hours” from the social media platform on March 13 and, despite having submitted a written appeal, received a subsequent notice that its account would not be restored.

The organization’s founder, Br. Alexis Bugnolo, has said that the subsequent damage to his work has been substantial, as the Twitter account was used to reach supporters, potential donors, and activists around the world.  Bugnolo refused to remove the allegedly “hateful” tweet, contending that it did not violate Twitter’s rules on “hateful conduct.”

The group’s purpose is to train average citizens in how to launch a military-level response to the threat of radical Islam should it prove itself necessary.

On Wednesday morning, Br. Bugnolo told The Post & Email:

We are appealing to the general public who use Twitter to file a complaint, Twitter style, against putting @MilitarisCath in “Twitter Jail.” This can be done thus: They can go to the profile page of @TwitterSupport and report that account for harassment of @MilitarisCath on the grounds that suspending access to that account for merely advocating for the equitable application of laws on Christians in the UK vis a vis Muslims, Twitter’s decision to suspend @MilitarisCath reeks of religiously aggravated harassment. To file a complaint against @TwitterSupport one clicks the dots to the right of the Follow Button and selects “File a Report against this account” and then when asked for the reason, choose “harassment” and then choose “of another person,” and under explanations, give “religiously aggravated harassment of a Christian defense organization” adding their own words, as they see fit.

Br. Bugnolo described his appeal to the public as one “to defend the right of free speech of Christians.”

Ordo Militaris is not the only organization which claims that social-media giants are discriminating against Christian-oriented and “conservative” accounts.  Last June, pro-life activist Lila Rose of “Live Action” was banned from Twitter until the time that it redesigned its website and delete “all tweets calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, discussing investigations into Planned Parenthood, and showing ultrasound images of preborn children.”

In November, Hillsdale College, which accepts no federal funding, reported that “Censorship of conservative ideas has increased recently across social media platforms, and even the iTunes App Store, and conservatives are right to fight back.”

Later that month, Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai termed Twitter “part of the problem” “when it comes to a free and open internet.”

In December, PJ Media reported censorship of its Washington, DC editor, Bridget Johnson, without any warning.

The organization National Religious Broadcasters has as its mission to “defend free speech” in the electronic age through an initiative called “Internet Freedom Watch.”

Google and its subsidiary, YouTube, have also been accused of censorship of certain political views.

In the meantime, alternative social-media initiatives such as and which tout freedom of speech appear to be attracting more users.

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