by William Heino, Sr., ©2018

(Feb. 3, 2018) — A possible remedy, or version of, to the serious immigration problems involving terrorists. Those coming to this country specifically to destroy our American way of life. They get here in many ways, either through chain migration, lottery, visa program, relationships, sponsor, or whatever.

Those previously-settled, foreign-born individuals living here and having a direct relationship with a soon-to-be, would-be terrorist, either by sponsorship, relationship, mother, father, sister, daughter, son, living with, support of, partnership, chain migration, or any other direct association or connection, for the purpose of this argument, could possibly be a threat as well. But let’s assume they are not guilty. With a clear, agreed-to understanding of immigration law, they remain unknowing and innocent of any knowledge of any terrorist threat against this country. The remedy would be that by a United States official immigration proclamation, a suggestion to all those foreign-born, direct-known relationships, deportation due to a conviction of a terrorist act, only because of their innocent direct personal connection of relationship to the terrorist. Unfortunately, guilt by association.

The convicted terrorist may not care about himself or realize that his family will be deported and ostracized due to a terrorist act conviction. However, those innocent relatives and associates as well, do care and will help in vetting future immigration and combating terrorism by one of their own, aware of their future. Deportation will serve as a warning to all that regardless of not having any actual knowledge of any imminent terrorist act, deportation is the result. This may cause those with terrorist thoughts or leanings to think twice before considering any future terrorist action against the United States.

I don’t think this is extreme, but only a solution to a very serious problem brought here by unsuspecting, well-meaning immigrants.

The President of the United States wants to deport “Dreamers,” those having come to America illegally as children. Many are now adults and for years have been good, hardworking, taxpaying citizens; many have died serving the interests of the United States in the armed forces.  Some have become doctors, educators, and laborers with established roots, contributing to the American way of life, unaware of any other life. Deportation for thousands upon thousands of good decent people, having to leave the only country they know forceably — how cruel is that?

Think about this. If our Congress and President are willing to deport many thousands of good, honorable people, deporting a small insignificant number of terrorists’ family members and other known personal relationships, also good decent people, should not be a problem to solve a problem. Doing nothing only contributes to the problem.

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  1. Well Hollywood, you want these Dreamers to come here…and many of them COULD BE harboring radical Islam. Still want to go Soros Open Border Policy while you live in your gated communities you hypocrites?