by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 10, 2018) — On Wednesday morning, former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss his recent decision to seek a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Arpaio made his formal announcement on Tuesday to The Washington Examiner.

Wednesday’s interview was conducted by F&F co-host Steve Doocy, who asked Arpaio why, at age 85, he wished to seek elected office again.  Arpaio recapped his 25-year career with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), including a number of years in a supervisory capacity, and stressed that he and President Trump “have a good relationship.”

In late August, Trump issued a pardon to Arpaio on his conviction on misdemeanor criminal contempt arising from a decade-old civil lawsuit alleging that the sheriff’s immigration patrols practiced racial profiling.

Arpaio became a national but polarizing figure after creating a “tent city” for overflow jail inmates and having inmates work on chain gangs during his six terms as Maricopa County Sheriff.

In late October, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake announced he would not seek re-election to another six-year term.  Arizona’s senior U.S. Senator, John McCain, was re-elected in 2016 after a primary challenge from former state senator Dr. Kelli Ward.

Ward is also seeking Flake’s seat.

A Fox News print report includes and quotes from a video of Doocy’s early interview with Arpaio, then expands on Arpaio’s four-year service in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and his dubbing of himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” as a result of his efforts to strictly enforce federal immigration law within Maricopa County.

Arpaio’s commissioning of a 5+-year criminal investigation into the alleged, and later confirmed, forgery of the PDF image posted at said to represent Barack Hussein Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate received but one passing mention in the article:

While Arpaio is known for his controversial takes on many issues, including his “birther” campaign against former President Barack Obama and for housing inmates in desert tent camps, he’s best known for his approach to combat illegal immigration.

Early in Obama’s first term, anyone doubting his constitutional eligibility, an issue which arose during the 2008 campaign, was deemed a “birther” who was likely “racist” or otherwise objected to “America’s First Black President.”  In 2011, Trump himself was described as the “leader” of “the birthers” or “the birther movement” by virtue of his repeated public calls for the White House to release Obama’s long-form, or more detailed, birth record allegedly held by the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH).

On April 27, 2011, the Obama White House released what it said was a PDF scan of a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate showing that he was born on August 4, 1961 at the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu at 7:24 p.m.  The image appeared to include the signature of Dr. David Sinclair as the delivery doctor; Stanley Ann Dunham Obama as Obama’s mother; and Verna K. Lee as the “Local Registrar.”

Arpaio’s assignment of the probe of the image to his “Cold Case Posse,” led by former New Jersey detective Mike Zullo, was done after 242 of his constituents approached him with a petition requesting an investigation because of several credible graphics experts who quickly pronounced the image fraudulent.  The constituents were concerned that if those analyses proved accurate, their votes would be disenfranchised in the 2012 presidential election.

As with all U.S. mainstream media outlets, Fox was loathe to raise the results of Zullo’s probe, which on March 1, 2012 were reported at a press conference as having identified probable cause to believe that the long-form birth certificate image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Zullo has stated publicly as well as in interviews with The Post & Email and others that he was told by Arpaio’s Public Relations personnel following the presser that he had been booked to appear as a guest on “Hannity” with host Sean Hannity that evening to discuss the investigational findings.  However, shortly beforehand, he was told by the same individuals that Hannity’s producer had canceled the booking.

Throughout Obama’s eight years in office, FNC refused to allow its guests to raise the serious question of Obama’s eligibility for the office of president given that:

  • He claims a father who was never a U.S. citizen, causing many to believe he is not a “natural born Citizen,” as the Constitution requires of the chief executive;
  • He lived outside of the U.S. and may have been adopted as a child by a foreign national, his mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro;
  • At the same time, he attended Indonesian schools, which may have required documentation of Indonesian citizenship;
  • No hospital in Hawaii or any other state has claimed to be his birthplace;
  • Conflicting narratives of his early years and childhood have been in existence dating back to at least 1990 by credible U.S. and overseas news sources;
  • His short-form and long-form birth certificates have been declared to be fraudulent;
  • The Arpaio/Zullo investigation found his Selective Service registration form to be a “hard-copy forgery;”
  • In 2010, members of the Kenyan Parliament noted on the record that Obama was born in Kenya.
Greg Gutfeld

Although not serious commentary, political pundit and co-host of “The Five” Greg Gutfeld has occasionally joked on air about Obama’s alleged birthplace as Kenya as well as the “birth certificate” saga.

In contrast, then-FNC host Bill O’Reilly was quite serious when he claimed to have “investigated” and confirmed that Obama was born in Hawaii and that his short-form birth certificate authentic.  In August 2014, O’Reilly and then-FNC journalist Heather Nauert assured O’Reilly’s audience that the long-form birth certificate is “absolutely legitimate” without reference to the Arpaio/Zullo evidence released to that date.

The investigation concluded in December 2016, just prior to Arpaio’s vacating the sheriff’s office after his re-election defeat to Democrat Paul Penzone. A vastly under-reported portion of the final press conference that month contained the revelation that two well-known forensic analysts examined the birth certificate image and agreed, in formal reports, that it could not have had its origins in a real, paper document.

At the conclusion of the presser, Arpaio pledged to deliver the entirety of the evidence gathered by the investigation to federal law enforcement authorities.

In recent weeks, Zullo has made a number of appearances on the “Freedom Friday” and WOBC radio shows in addition to granting interviews to this publication.  In commentary provided on Sunday to our article titled, “Obama Sycophants Desperately Try to Infiltrate The Post & Email’s Comments Section,” Zullo appeared to suggest that the revelation of new evidence will be “advancing.”

As he has on a number of occasions, Hannity said on his Monday night show that Obama was “never vetted.”







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  1. Bob68

    I do indeed already know all of that…have known all of that for several decades.

    It’s nothing short of incredulous that the person (POTUS) who gets to decide who does/doesn’t have access to national security information without undergoing a security clearance investigation isn’t themselves required to undergo AND pass a security investigation.

  2. It is well known fact that the Kenyan BC posted on the internet WAS A CERTIFIED COPY OF Obama’s birth at Coast Provincial Hospital. The copy obtained by Lucas Smith (at his own expense) was CERTIFIED AS LEGALLY VALID by an officer of the Kenya DOH which is an arm of the Kenya government. The copy also bears the official stamp of the Kenya government. As a certified document it is admissible as evidence in any US COURT.

  3. James Carter, thanks for your response.

    You likely already know this, but when Obama, who never had to undergo an FBI background investigation, either as senator or as the putative president, was sworn in he was then allowed to decide who could or could not see classified information without a security clearance investigation. Both he and Biden were also allowed to have “employees” who were immune from being required to have a background investigation. The damage was immediately severe as Obama brought in many Czars and members of the Muslim Brotherhood into his regime, and also his brain, Valerie Jarrett, without any of them being required to have an FBI background investigation. Please go here and read page 7:

  4. Bob68 — absolutely, positively, no doubt about it.

    Given what was known about him publicly, if presidential candidates were required to undergo an FBI background investigation in order to qualify for a security clearance he wouldn’t have passed…too many close and long associations with radical Communists and Marxists, for just one reason.

    Anyone who searched the internet about his opinions/views of the U.S. Constitution would have learned that he believes it is “a charter of negative liberties” in that it doesn’t say what the Federal government MUST DO “for” the people with/without their consent. Really?

  5. I sure hope Sheriff Joe can do something about this when he gets there. No ne else will. We will have to wait and see if Ryan and McConnell stifle it … again.

  6. It boggles the mind that, for all these 9 years of proven-to-be-forged ‘vetting’ documents (Certif. of Birth, Selective Service Registration, and SS #), no interviewee ever throws it back at the interviewer by asking: “Why don’t you care that Top Secret clearance and control of the nuclear button has been given to someone using criminally forged and fabricated identity documents that wouldn’t even pass the Government’s own E-Verify requirements for employment within the United States?”

    “You answer that one question for me, Mr. or Ms. News Reporter, with honesty and Constitutional authority, and I will answer all yours!” “Otherwise, either your ignorance or your criminal intent is showing!”

  7. O’Reilly on several occasions referred to “Birthers” using one of his favorite insults “Pinheads”. Shepard Smith likewise. Fox News has had David Goodfriend on several times in the recent week or so speaking out negatively about Trumps pursuit of the truth about Obama. The United States is in VERY serious trouble. It refuses to address the usurpation of our Presidency during time of war, no less. Further inaction to prosecute Obama would be extremely convincing evidence that our government has been overthrown.,that it has become lawless. I want to give Trump a chance to do something about Obama. If he doesn’t than my trust in him is ill directed. If he does do something about it, he will be known in History as the President who restored our Republic. In NO right operating government is the usurpation of it’s highest office ignored and the perpetrator left unscathed. Obama is a traitor and a spy. It is incumbent on Trump’s DOJ to ARREST the quisling.

  8. I’ve heard Hannity say Obama was, “never vetted”, many times, but that is not the way I see it. There was plenty of vetting going on. It was widely known that Obama was mentored by Communist Frank Marshall Davis and that he attended a church whose preacher hated America. It was known that he was friends with terrorist Bill Ayers. It was known that his claimed father was never an American citizen. There were lots of articles available, worldwide, calling Obama, “Kenyan born Senator Obama”. It was known that his school, medical and other records were, “unavailable”. There was more than enough vetting done for anyone to know there was a huge problem which needed to be investigated, and the truth about Barack Hussein Obama provided to every America citizen. It wasn’t a lack of information that failed to stop Obama’s fake presidency, it was fear, the use of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the played to the hilt race card and lousy Republican opposition which got Barry elected. Once elected, Obama quickly weaponized government agencies to cover for his usurpation. That, the Obama media, and cowardly politicians gave us 8 years of usurpation by Barry.
    But Obama was not, “unvetted”, anyone with common sense knew he would be a disaster and was a total fraud. Those who voted for Obama were looking for more free stuff, or wanted to prove they were not racist by voting for America’s first, (part), black president. Black voters only cared that Obama was black, and their leaders had a meeting and told them Obama was, “black enough”.

    Hannity knew Obama was a fraud in 2008……..I believe he was told by Fox News not to talk about that.