by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 15, 2017) — On Friday afternoon, right-leaning commentator, author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza said on Twitter that Obama “lied to the American people about who he is.”

D’Souza’s tweet was in response to Patricia Dickson’s reference to an editorial in Thursday’s New York Times stating that President Donald J. Trump has lied six times more during his 11 months in office than Barack Hussein Obama did over his eight years in the White House.

D’Souza had originally weighed in on The Times’s editorial on Thursday.

The article’s three co-authors contended that “when Trump “is caught lying, he will often try to discredit people telling the truth, be they judges, scientists, F. B. I. or C. I. A. officials, journalists or members of Congress. Trump is trying to make truth irrelevant. It is extremely damaging to democracy, and it’s not an accident. It’s core to his political strategy.”

In comparison, they wrote that Obama’s “falsehoods tended to be attempts to make his own policies look better or to overstate a problem he was trying to solve. In a few cases, they seemed to be careless exaggerations he avoided repeating.”

As it has for the last nearly-six years, The Times continues to ignore the results of a 5+-year criminal investigation into the “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the Obama White House website on April 27, 2011 found to be a “computer-generated forgery” by an investigator and former detective working under the authority of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).

In apparent pursuit of a political agenda, The Times has also been harshly critical of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who commissioned the investigation, to the point of calling Trump’s pardon of the six-term sheriff on a criminal misdemeanor charge arising from a long-running civil lawsuit “fascism.”  The article remains indexed in the newspaper’s archives but appears to have been removed or relocated.

Just before Election Day 2016, as Arpaio was seeking a seventh term, The New York Times Editorial Board termed him a “racist.”

The New York Times has virtually ignored the findings of the investigator, Mike Zullo, who announced at a press conference on March 1, 2012 that the long-form birth certificate is a “computer-generated forgery.”  Instead, the “Grey Lady” has misrepresented the facts of the case and demonized Trump, long before he became a politician, for questioning the validity of Obama’s “short-form” birth certificate and by extension, his constitutional eligibility to serve.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born Citizen.”

Rather than investigating the findings itself, The Times called the probe a “looney-tune vendetta.”

At a second press conference on July 17, 2012, Zullo revealed that Obama’s parents may not be the people he has identified and that the investigation determined no evidence exists that Obama was ever in Hawaii prior to the age of five.  He claims he was born in Honolulu on August 4, 1961 and spent the first six years of his life there prior to being taken to Indonesia with his alleged mother, who reportedly remarried an Indonesian citizen, Lolo Soetoro.

The Washington Post has never reconciled why it reported that Obama was “raised in the Kansas heartland” given Obama’s proffered life narrative.  This writer never received a response after questioning The Post about the claims made in the article, written by award-winning journalist Eli Saslow.

In 1991, Obama’s then-literary agent wrote in a promotional brochure that he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii,” and, when asked for an explanation after the discovery was made public, claimed to have made a “fact checking error.”

The Associated Press has never explained why it reported that Obama went to Indonesia at age two rather than when he was six years old, despite having been asked by this publication.  Also a mystery is why Obama’s claimed father, Barack Hussein Obama of Kenya, was said in the same article to have been a graduate of Oxford University in the UK rather than the University of Hawaii, where he reportedly met Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama’s claimed mother.

In recent weeks, Zullo has begun to divulge more information gleaned from his investigation which points to the CIA’s having acted as a participant in the creation of the long-form birth certificate image by remotely breaching the records at the Hawaii Department of Health.  He is expected to make more revelations on the December 15 edition of “Freedom Friday” hosted by Carl Gallups.

In the past, D’Souza has referenced questions about other aspects of Obama’s life story, including whether or not Obama attended Columbia University.  However, he has avoided serious consideration of the reported birth certificate forgery, calling it “appealing to the conspiratorial mind.”






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  1. ZM…
    Thanks for response. What you wrote makes a lot of sense to me. Did they really think no one would eventually notice the resemblence of their two good friends?
    The American public should demand a total refund of our tax dollars it took to raise these fake daughters. We should protest in masses in D.C. until something is done.

  2. Trump 44,

    The two daughters of Obama and Michelle look nothing like them, and I have read their real parents are Blanchard and Nesbit, whom they do resemble. The girls are either adopted, or on loan to play the part of making the Obama’s appear to be a wholesome American family. They don’t fool those who have thought Obama has been a fraud from the start.

  3. I still want to know why the 2 Sotoero daughters look just like Anita Blanchard & Martin Nesbit. Anybody want to take a crack at it?

  4. Indeed, D’Souza has skirted the issue of Obama’s fraudulent credentials. He as well as numerous others know the truth, Obama is a fraud. Perhaps as the dam of evidence/
    and truth break forth, D’Souza and others could come forward and speak out.

    There is still lots of high ground to take. These new upcoming developments and evidence
    from Team Arpaio may be the doom of Obama and his cronies.