Bongino: “The Information I Have is Real”


by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 27, 2017) — At the opening of his “Renegade Republican” radio show on Monday, host Dan Bongino said that “the Clinton cartel is coming after me” because the information he has claimed to “know” is accurate.

As reported here earlier, Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who provided protective detail to Hillary Clinton when she was a U.S. senator, was quite visible over Thanksgiving weekend on social media and the Fox News Channel to refute the claim of Clinton’s former press secretary, Nick Merrill, that he never worked with the Clintons.

Bongino went on to acknowledge emails he has received from listeners asking that he reveal all of the information he said has been given to him about the Clintons by sources, who he has said are “unimpeachable.”  Bongino responded by stating that he cannot divulge information provided to him confidentially until his sources give their permission for him to do so.

Regarding the information he claims to have, Bongino said that most of it “is already out there” but is as yet not “confirmed.”

He described the details as “pretty horrifying.”

Bongino’s Friday show is titled, “The Liberal Attack Machine Has Come For Me, Here’s Why.”

He said he turned down “about 20” interview requests extended to him on Monday.

“If what I know about the Clintons and Epstein and EmailGate and BlackberryGate…is all nonsense…I’m some loose cannon, I’m some conspiracy-theory wacko, then why is the Clinton cartel coming after me?” Bongino asked rhetorically.

“Epstein” is undoubtedly convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, on whose private airplane Bill Clinton flew at least 26 times, five of which occurred without Secret Service protection.

“EmailGate” refers to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server set up in the basement of her Chappaqua, NY home while she served as Obama’s secretary of state.  “BlackberryGate” likely refers to Bongino’s tweet of Thursday in which he asked Merrill, “Are you sure you destroyed ALL of the Blackberries.  Was there govt property in the bunch?”

“I’m not playing a victim; I’m telling you I was born for this,” Bongino then told his audience.

“If the information’s garbage, then why bother?” he continued, then answered his own question with, “Because the information I have is real, and they know it’s real.  You know why?  Because they were there.”

“Folks, the stuff is very real, and it’s super-damaging information, and I’m only hoping and praying that the people who’ve given it to me…give me permission at some point to go forward with it,” he ended the segment.

Bongino’s podcasts can be accessed here (Facebook or Google free sign-in required):


7 Responses to "Bongino: “The Information I Have is Real”"

  1. Paul henson   Monday, August 5, 2019 at 3:32 PM

    I have been a Christian for 67 years. Not a perfect Christian for I am human and had my flaws over the years and still struggle to follow Christ daily!
    I worked for AT&T for 38 years as a trouble shooter fixing troubles from outside the box when all others failed. From my prospective, our modern day problems are a direct result from taking prayer, the Ten Commandments, and God out of the schools, The concept that our past and no one is perfect but we preserve to alway improve on this great nation! I weep for our country as I write this! May God always bless America even as part of us denounce us. God loves all people and nations and wants us to be as one

  2. George G Cushing   Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 2:56 PM

    Russia&trump framed by CIA UK&clinton-Bush fbi controlled politcans if last 30yrs..almost started ww3..
    UK &usa Blamed russia…
    1) fake dnc hack
    6)skripal posoning
    7)syria&assad 200+ russians killed
    8)ect ect

    Also halper&stone worked for nixon..40yr friends w-manfort…did they all voulnteer ..i know some did..

    Stone then went to infowars..adam schiff used his guccifer links to attempt to shut down all small youtube channels calling them rusisans or fake news ,like they did agaisnt infowars on cspan. Was this and all setuo by brennan-clinton&bush with Theresa may… agaisnt trump and smalll media at same time…is stone&halper bring down trump&infowars at same time….as infowars was taking abt deepstate 23 yrs ago and guccifer before anyone else hes way ahead of msm and deserves respect…even if hes nuts…hes a good nut

  3. tom arnold   Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 12:48 PM

    Sharon, respectfully,- if Bongino hasn’t read my comments (and/or your editorial featuring him and his new radio show), then I say he’s not doing his job. My gut feeling (you are right- I don’t “know” for 100% certainty) is that once you have been a US Secret Service Agent, your tongue is tied- probably forever- about the man or woman you were sworn to “protect,” even if that silence/secrecy amounts to MISPRISION. Tom Arnold.

  4. treason_fighter   Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 8:16 AM

    I agree with Tom Arnold. Mr. Bongino must know of Obama’s crime yet does not elaborate or discuss it. Just like the fake news outlets have never reported on Obama except to label anyone who questions Obama’s eligibility with the pejorative term “birther” or conspiracy theorist. There is something still strangely amiss in the Obama usurpation of the office of the Presidency. That is, how any inquiry into Obama continues to be brushed off using the pejorative birther term created by the media or the inquirer being labeled as a lunatic. Absolutely no one responds to questions about Obama. Congress’s daily dog and pony show continues and Obama continues to spread his poison.

  5. Sharon Rondeau   Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 6:11 PM

    How do you know he’s read it?

  6. tom arnold   Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 6:05 PM

    Mr Bongino:
    I know you’ve read Sharon Rondeau’s editorial on The Post & Email concerning Hillary Clinton and citing you and your new radio show. In the article you were quoted as saying, “I’m not playing a victim; I’m telling you I was born for this.”
    As such, you also must have read my response/comment (which focused on Barry Soetoro aka “Barack Hussein Obama”).
    Respectfully, Mr Bongino, CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? Yes, I know I’m just an ordinary person (though also a retired law enforcement officer) compared to you, but do you suppose you could man up and favor me with your unafraid and “expert”/”insider” opinion about Soetoro aka “Obama.”
    Really, now, were you “born for this?”
    Tom Arnold.

  7. tom arnold   Monday, November 27, 2017 at 6:38 PM

    Mr Bongino, a former “Secret Service” Agent:
    Aren’t you forgetting about the FOREIGN-BORN (Kenya, as told in a 1991 bio which remained intact and unchallenged for sixteen years until 2007), COMMUNIST & SHARIAH MENTORED, PRETEND-BLACK, ACTUAL ARAB-AMERICAN (50% at most white, 44% Arab, but only 6% Black), CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE (not a natural born American citizen- appears that the subject in question, Barry Soetoro aka “Barack Hussein Obama,” is by law still an INDONESIAN and BRITISH dual citizen, NOT a US citizen), TERRORIST-AFFILIATED (The Muslim Brotherhood and the country of Iran, to name just two), MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (check with the CIA!), and TREASONOUS USURPER OF THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY (the same as STOLE the US presidency twice- 2008 and 2012) AND COMMAND OF OUR ARMED FORCES.
    It seems that an “insider” like you should be aware of these things. Do you condone America LIVING A LIE for at least the last decade (2007 to 2017)? Are you, in actuality, guilty of MISPRISION by being a one-time sworn law enforcement official who knew, and still does know, about these high crimes and misdemeanors, but has failed to report them to the proper authorities? With the proviso, of course, that one of those “authorities,” the FBI, doesn’t give a damn!
    WHAT SAY YOU, BONGINO? Tom Arnold.

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