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(Oct. 27, 2017) — Let’s talk about uranium. Uranium is a chemical element with unique nuclear properties. Radioactive forms of an element are called isotopes. Isotopes that can sustain a fission chain reaction (splitting of atomic nuclei) are called nuclear fuels and are described as fissile. The most common isotopes in natural uranium are uranium-238 and uranium-235. Uranium-235 is the only naturally occurring fissile isotope which makes it extremely valuable for nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons.

Uranium is mined – the uranium that comes directly from the earth is uranium ore. First the uranium must be extracted from the ore and then the uranium must be converted to usable fuel. This is where the discussion of uranium gets interesting. More than 99% of the uranium that is extracted from the ore is uranium-238 but it is the fissible uranium-235 (less than 1% of the ore) that is critical for nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. Nuclear reactors require approximately 3.5-4.5% concentration of uranium-235 – this significantly higher concentration of uranium-235 is called enriched uranium. Weapons grade uranium is ubra-enriched uranium with an 85% concentration of uranium-235. Clearly uranium is not something one sells to one’s enemies. It is rare and it is dangerous.

As of July 2016 the 10-top uranium producing countries in the world are:

  1. Kazakhstan – 23,800 tonnes (metric ton = 2,205 pounds)
  2. Canada – 13,325 tonnes
  3. Australia – 5,672 tonnes
  4. Niger – 4,057 tonnes
  5. Russia – 3,055 tonnes
  6. Namibia – 2,993 tonnes
  7. Uzbekistan – 2,385 tonnes
  8. China – 1,616 tonnes
  9. United States – 1,256 tonnes
  10. Ukraine – 926 tonnes

Russia already produces three times the amount of uranium as the United States. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Ukraine are all former Soviet republics of the Soviet Union that Putin seeks to reunite under his control. The combined production of Russia and the former Soviet republics is one half of the mine production of the top 10 uranium producers in the world. The Uranium One deal is about dominance and control. Controlling the world’s uranium production would be an extreme advantage for any country.

Clinton’s secret sale of twenty percent of American uranium is far more of a disadvantage to America than a benefit to Russia. American patriots do not sell twenty percent of our essential American uranium. It is a stunning betrayal of America. Let’s examine the details of the ignominious sale and the motives of the parties approving it which seem to align along financial and ideological lines.

The 2010 Uranium One deal allowed the Russian nuclear energy agency to acquire a majority interest in Uranium One, a Canadian mining company with stakes in the United States. Uranium One has two licensed mining operations in Wyoming that comprise 20% of the uranium recovery in the United States. They also have exploration projects in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona.

Foreign investments that could pose national security concerns must be reviewed by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS) which has nine members. The Committee can approve a sale but cannot stop it. Only the President has the authority to stop the deal if the committee or any one member recommends suspension or prohibition of the transaction.

The Uranium One deal transferred 20% of American uranium assets to Russia. The United States gets a fifth of its electrical power from nuclear energy but only produces a fifth of the uranium it needs. The sale clearly needed CFIUS approval. So who had to sign off on this contemptible deal?

Composition of CFIUS

The Secretary of the Treasury is the Chairperson of CFIUS, and notices to CFIUS are received, processed, and coordinated at the staff level by the Staff Chairperson of CFIUS, who is the Director of the Office of Investment Security in the Department of the Treasury.

The members of CFIUS include the heads of the following departments and offices:

Department of the Treasury (chair) – Tim Geithner

Department of Justice – Eric Holder

Department of Homeland Security – Janet Napolitano

Department of Commerce – Gary Locke

Department of Defense – Robert Gates

Department of State – Hillary Clinton

Department of Energy – Steven Chu

Office of the U.S. Trade Representative – Ron Kirk

Office of Science & Technology Policy – John Holdren

At the time that the Uranium One deal was being reviewed four congressional Republicans voiced security concerns about Russia controlling 20% of our uranium assets. A bill expressing disfavor of Congress was introduced by King, Lehtinen, Bachus, and McKeon and still no disclosures were made to Congress or to CFIUS about the ongoing FBI investigation into racketeering between Rosatom, Russia’s state controlled nuclear energy conglomerate, and the Clinton Foundation. Robert Mueller was head of the FBI at the time and Rod Rosenstein was the U.S. attorney in Maryland where the investigation was being conducted.

So, a secret deal to transfer 20% of American uranium assets to Russia was facilitated and hidden from the American people by the Obama administration. Why? How did the Uranium One deal benefit America? It didn’t – which explains the secrecy of the deal.

The chief benefactors of the Uranium One deal were The Clintons and the Clinton Foundation (CF). CF received millions of dollars and Bill was paid a suspiciously high $500,000 for a speech he delivered in Moscow. It is unknown at this writing if any other participants in the approval process profited financially from the sale.

Let’s review. Mueller and Rosenstein who helped facilitate this traitorous transfer of American uranium to Russia are now investigating President Trump based on a fake dossier commissioned and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party? People, this is the deep state at work.

Obama’s Uranium One deal is only rivaled in damage to America by his secret Iranian deal.

The Clintons are despicable money-grubbers who prostituted themselves and endangered America for money. Obama is an ideologue still trying to bring down American democracy and replace it with socialism (hope and change). Eric Holder, one of Obama’s ideological appointees who facilitated Obama’s attempts to politicize U.S. institutions and bring down America is considering a presidential run in 2020.

Obama’s ideological and corrupt appointees were placed in powerful positions to facilitate the Obama take-down of America. Obama weaponized the government by politicizing it and flagrantly violating the laws. Barack Obama never thought his deceit or his complicit administration would be exposed. In a stunning open-mic dialogue with Russian President Dimitry Medvedev on March 26, 2012 Obama is clearly heard saying, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” The conversation occurred ironically at a global nuclear security summit in South Korea and the reference to “flexibility” referred to missile defense issues.

Americans heard the dialogue but most people simply could not fathom an anti-American president of the United States. They could not process what they were hearing and wrap their minds around the idea of an anti-American president. Obama’s ends justifies the means tactics almost brought down America – but then Donald J. Trump won the presidential election and the Trump train intervened. Obama’s third term was quashed and he resurrected himself as leader of the “resistance” movement.

The legacy of President Donald J. Trump will be that he exposed the sinister attempt by Barack Hussein Obama and his gang to bring down America.

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  1. So if only an American President can stop this deal, has Trump stopped it? Considering that it is corruption and fraud, Trump should be able to stop it in it’s tracks!

  2. In the movie, The Lord of War, starring Nicholas Gage, there is the scene where he is having dinner with a competitor in an effort to make a deal with him. At one point, he looks at the other guy and says “You are not truly an international arms dealer until you sell arms against the interests of your own nation.” Substitute “arms” with “uranium”. Same diff.

    Surely, somewhere in the vast house of mirrors known as Federal Law there is some statute that puts the Queen Bitch and her blood sucking minions away for the rest of their miserable lives.