Fundraising Goal Nearly Met


by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 1, 2017) — In response to our fundraiser first announced on September 22 with a follow-up on September 26, The Post & Email is very pleased to report that 80% of our goal has been met by you, its generous readers.

This week I will be finalizing a plan which I believe will help the Obama birth certificate/forgery issue to gain a wider audience.  The purpose is to inform a larger number of Americans of the facts of the investigation conducted by Mike Zullo under the authority of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio given the vast proliferation of “fake news” and incomplete reporting on the subject.

Your donations have also helped to bridge the gap between several unexpected expenses and a change in advertising platforms.  Please be assured that we will be monitoring all new ads to ensure that they meet our child-friendly guidelines and take necessary action if they do not.

As readers are likely aware, Arpaio has begun to speak out about the results of his investigation at public events following his presidential pardon, a development which is a complete coincidence in regard to our conception of a plan to move the issue forward.

I appreciate your support of this paper and its efforts to expose government corruption wherever it is found, particularly in areas which the major media will not cover.  You, the readers, are my reason for continuing this endeavor.




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