by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 26, 2017) — As announced on Friday evening, The Post & Email is seeking to raise a modest amount of money to meet its last-quarter expenses and continue its work on several fronts.

As readers here are aware, the Obama long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 was deemed a forgery by a five-year criminal investigation but ignored by the mainstream press.

In an article reposted here on Tuesday morning, Marco Ciavolino offered nine reasons why he believes the issue of Obama’s hidden records, as well as the birth certificate forgery which brings his constitutional eligibility into question, have been ignored by the media and Congress.

Given the enormous potential ramifications, The Post & Email is seeking to launch a newly-conceived endeavor which we believe could focus more of the public’s attention on the Obama birth certificate issue. Thus far, the legacy media has controlled the narrative, silencing with ridicule anyone who has sought the truth on the matter.

But could that change? The Post & Email believes that it is possible.

To support this effort, we are asking anyone who has not recently supported us financially and is not in a hardship situation to consider donating $2.00.

In addition to that key issue, The Post & Email can report that there is a significant story coming out next week on a matter of high public interest and that we have independently confirmed that the information related in a letter from a Tennessee prison inmate alleging that there was no running water at the CoreCivic-operated prison, SCCF, is absolutely accurate.

Unlike other websites which focus on politics and division, The Post & Email believes that exposing government corruption, wherever it is found, is more important.

To those of you who already donated, thank you very much; your assistance has brought us to 10% of our goal.

Our mailing address is here, and Paypal donations can be sent to payments@thepostemail.com.  We will keep you posted on our progress, particularly as it relates to launching this new effort.

We additionally appreciate all of your efforts to circulate our article links on social media and through your email lists.



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  1. Sent this e-mail on 09-28-17:

    TO: Jonathan Veitch, President of Occidental College


    As a law-abiding natural born American Citizen since Easter Sunday 1949, and on behalf of some 323,000,000 presIDential-knowledge-robbed American citizens, I request that you publically and openly release the transcripts, financial aid agreements and payments and all other original and archived Occidental College-held knowledge for Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama II, as soon as possible.

    Why should you?

    1. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and, therefore, only a person with no foreign allegiances and no dual or foreign citizenship shall ever be America’s Commander-in-Chief.

    2. Every American citizen has an inalienable right, a practical need and a patriotic duty to know the full identification and full life history of any presIDential candIDate and any incumbent presIDent and any pensioned ex-presIDent and any deceased historical presIDent at any time.

    3. The only thing we humans control in this real world is our invisible thinking; everything else, being, the universe, planet Earth and our involuntarily breathing bodies, is all God-created and God-provided.

    Out of some 7,500,000,000 living sensing human brains today, these few seasoned brains may be all that is required to fully identify Soetoro-Obama II:

    Knowledge is Power: President Trump + Journalist Sharon Rondeau + Dr. and Attorney Orly Taitz + Constitutional Expert Attorney Edwin Vieira + Law Enforcement Professional Michael Zullo + President Jonathan Veitch of Occidental College and a least 16 other department heads with access to and knowledge of Soetoro-Obama II’s original identification documents and his life history records: http://www.carlgallups.com/zullo-affidavit.pdf >>>Item 207-I

    4. Ever since Nancy Pelosi “vetted” Barry Soetoro-Barack Obama on 08-28-08, the burden of proof of Obama II’s full Constitutionally eligibility-identity was placed on Soetoro-Obama II himself. Instead, Obama II has actually hidden his identity, and forged his identity, leaving the task of fully “vetting” adopted Soetoro-narrative Obama II to We the People on Main Street USA. Thus, this e-letter to you, Mr. Veitch.

    Will you and Occidental College help some 323,000,000 fellow Americans recover the intellectual property that was/is always rightfully theirs, namely, all the verifiable Occidental College records of alumnus BARRY SOETORO-BARACK OBAMA II?

    If I, and some 323,000,000 American citizens, receive no response or a useless response or an evasive response citing “privacy” restrictions (equivalent to secret knowledge of “piracy” agreements) or threats of retaliation or feigned ignorance et al, such that some 323,000,000 American citizens remain presIDential-knowledge-robbed relative to all Soetoro-Obama II-Occidental College revelations herein, such nothingness response(s) from Occidental College will further convince We the People on Main Street USA that the brain-thinking of Jonathan Veitch is actively complicit in knowingly covering-up the true identity of the U.S. media’s NEVER-presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II, and the U.S. Government’s NEVER-ID SOETORO-OBAMA II, don’t you think?

    From my invisible thinking (IT) to your invisible thinking,

    Jonathan David Mooers, PE, natural born Citizen, Knowledge Patriot

    CEL 978-771-8338 jmooers49@gmail.com Naples, FL Shapleigh, ME

  2. Ms. Rondeau thank you for your hard work and relentless reporting. It will be only a matter of time before the charade is exposed. A good portion of our Government is either corrupt or has been (taken aside and talked to) . I have been embedded in this since 2008 and have made many connections. I can accurately and truthfully say there is more information comming. I would like to thank everyone for supporting the post email.

    Mike Volin
    570 284 7477

  3. Ms. Rondeau: allow me to encourage you to bring this information to a wider audience. Your patriotism is remarkable and courageous, thank you. Wider dissemination of Obamas fraud is long overdue. By the way, the 2 books by Dnesh D’Souza entitled “Hillarys America and “The Big Lie” should be required reading by all Americans and American students. They reveal irrefutable facts about the Democrats and their perpetuation of slavery, their responsibility for all the Jim Crow laws, the lynching laws, the KKK, their opposition to all the civil rights legislation during the 60’s, their direct connections to the Nazis and the Fascists. This information is astounding!
    T.F. Bow: their is no evidence or PROOF that Obama was born in Hawaii, or anywhere else in the U.S. None, period! No matter how much and how long you deny the obvious, just the circumstancial evidence alone would convict Obama of fraud in a genuine court of law, not the kangaroo courts that we have today. Again, let me remind you how serious this issue is. Their have been several mysterious deaths and/or murders affilated with this issue. Remember Nate Spencer and Larry Bland; Lotetta Fuddy abd Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr.; Donald Young, etc., all unsolved and festering out their begging for resolutions. Honestly, Apaio and Zullos’ necks are on the line. They know it, we know it. What they are doing risks their lives, their families lives; seriously! Would you risk your life for an issue? You really believe that this whole investigation by Arpaio was to generate reelection funds? He is risking his 82 years for money?! Really?!!! Listen, Obama started this fight and Arpaio, Zullo and we the Birthers are going to finish it!!!

  4. VICTORY: Roy Moore elected as Alabama’s U.S. Senator to fill Jeff Sessions’ former position



    Moore decided that NEVER-presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II should have been verifiably identified before the 2012 general election; WILL ROY MOORE NOW HAVE THE U.S. SENATE RELEASE ORIGINAL ID’s in LT ZULLO’S Item 207, A thru Q TO THE NEVER-ID-SOETORO-OBAMA-II MEDIA?

  5. Obama didn’t become an USURPER on his own. He was a plant. Team Obama or by whatever name they assigned themselves created a fictional creature. Take his life story
    for instance, like the wind it constantly changed direction. Additionally, no paper or history
    trail to follow combined with sealing all records is not a normal thing in a free and open
    society. Could a fellow such as this actually pass a background check to work around
    our children at school or enlist in the military? Or work anywhere else without verification…? Yet with no vetting or verifying this fellow,he became an usurper president…

    I am greatly interested in whom his handlers are and what organizations assisted and funded
    him. Barry or whatever his real or up-to-date fabricated name is has made shady deals,
    spoke falsely, and flipped and flopped on endless issues.

    This has been written for someone new to this site and hasn’t been aware of Obama’s
    fraud. I realize this is old hat to those who are even more informed than I am.

    This subject found me several years ago and I have studied it since then. Lots of people from our country have stepped forward and have filed with the courts and have led endless
    efforts. Also, those across the sea have investigated Barry and have made efforts too, to
    reveal the fraud.

    Stay tuned all, the race ain’t over yet.

  6. There’s no evidence that Obama was born in Kansas, or that the CIA is keeping “background documentation away from public eyes.”

    But if this kind of information that Ms. Rondeau’s new endeavor is going to promote, how to the “mainstream”/”legacy” media will react is entirely predictable.

  7. The ‘Obama Birth Certificate’ is a red herring. i.e., just a distraction to prevent a thorough background investigation into the putative POTUS #44.

    No one knows the truth about Obama, aka Soetoro, aka Soebarkah, aka the Parks boy from Forbes AFB, Kansas.

    The mystery continues, as long as the CIA keeps #44’s background documentation away from public eyes. Until then, nothing is for certain except Congress’ silence to avoid indictment for misprision of treason should the truth be revealed.

    When the truth is revealed, the CIA will discount aka Obama and move-on with the next puppet.

  8. Sharon, even though I am an annual paid subscriber to your post&email publications, I have from time to time donated extra. I will do so again, because your message is always so relevant, important and valuable to us patriots who see the wrongdoings of our government and others. The articles you write, and those posted by others, are always informative, and spot on! I can not tell you how many of us truly appreciate your efforts in continuously trying to keep the Obama Birth Certificate issue in the forefront of people’s minds. Please keep up your amazing work, and know that there are MANY of us who applaud your fine and tireless efforts!

  9. Obama’s birth certificate has been in the “mainstream”/”legacy” media since 2008.

    The claims regarding its asserted fraudulent origin, or other “hidden” records, have not been similarly reported on because the proponents of such claims have not provided reliable and verifiable evidence in support of their claims.

  10. Two of the justices are illegitimate and in my view incompetent. The chief justice is damaged goods and has shown that he can be bought, bribed and/or blackmailed. Clarence Thomas is just plain lazy and Ginsberg belongs in a rest home…seemingly senile and clearly not interested in doing the right thing. Not a good mix for truth and justice.

  11. Everyone who is asking SCOTUS to define “Natural Born Citizen” might bear in mind that these are Activist judges for the most part and you may get a decision that we all may regret. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it can’t be put back in. Just a thought to bear in mind as you proceed expecting the courts to decide in your favor (which of course they haven’t in the whole history of this sordid affair. Be careful what you ask for – you might not like the answer.

  12. Finally,
    Trump using John Jay / George Washington based executive order along with quo warranto in usdc dcd special three judge district court, USC title ten, APA and 1789 judiciary Act to compel scotus chief judge to define natural born citizen CINC POTUS eligibility

    Proposed Usdc dcd and Usca Dcc special three judge district court and original proceeding seeking Trump executive order compelling scotus John Roberts to define natural born citizen eligibility.

    Steve Bannon class of active retired and former commissioned us military junior officer — public officer oath of office notary authority under natural born citizen eligibility of current and president at date of original commission

    Charles Kerchner class of active, retired and former senior commissioned us military officer — public officer oath of office notary

    John Kelly class is active, retired, and former flag or general Officer commissioned officers

  13. Trump using John Jay / George Washington based executive order along with quo warranto in usdc dcd special three judge district court, USC title ten, APA and 1789 judiciary Act to compel scotus chief judge to define natural born citizen CINC POTUS eligibility