Report: Syria’s Assad Planning Chemical-Weapons Attack


by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 26, 2017) — A White House statement issued on Twitter and announced on the Fox News Channel on Monday night revealed that the Trump administration has reason to believe that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is planning a chemical-weapons attack on his own people.

On April 6, Trump ordered the U.S. military to drop scores of Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air base after reports surfaced that Assad had carried out a chemical attack on dozens of Syrian civilians on April 4.

The White House statement warns Assad that he will pay “a heavy price” should he release chemical weapons in a “mass murder attack” as that which occurred nearly three months ago.


One Response to "Report: Syria’s Assad Planning Chemical-Weapons Attack"

  1. marlene   Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 8:31 PM

    We’re being lied to, again. Assad has no intention whatsoever of conducting a chemical attack on his own people. So if there is one, look somewhere else – the comedy team of ISIS and the US.

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