2008, 2012 U.S. ELECTION FRAUD

by Cody Robert Judy, ©2017

(Apr. 17, 2017) — The media silence is the loudest it’s been in U.S. history regarding the biggest fraud perpetrated upon the American voter. It’s corruption and crime alleged in the highest courts of the United States of America!

Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate proven by two crime forensics specialists, under the law enforcement agency of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies known as the Cold Case Posse, a FORGERY, or in other words, [not a copy of the Original].

Without legitimate identification Obama could never have qualified to get on the ballots certified for voters and would never have entered the Oval Office as a qualified person eligible to hold the office of President.  Why would a fabricated identification have been necessary for Obama if he was qualified?

It may have been a fraud was necessary to stop the momentum of the press coverage fueled by then-birther blowhard and now-President Donald Trump who, feeling the negative coverage was undoing his popularity, caved in and just went along with what seemed impossible for him to prove, stating, “Obama was born in the U.S.”

Fifty (50) months after declaring his candidacy, Obama, also weary of speculation he was not born in the U.S., released a now-proven fabrication. Normally, the press would have been investigating the reasons why it took 50 months, but forces greater than even any conservative radio show hosts in America penetrated the personalities with threats and fears that included economic ruin.

“Facts are defenders of truth,” said ’08, ’12, and ’16 presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy. “And the truth has finally come out:  Law Enforcement has certified that Obama’s long-form birth certificate was a fabrication and represents theft of others’ identifications.

How can the U.S. courts clear what has been high crimes on these people and the American people in the fair and equal standards of the qualifications for president and most of all, the vote of every American?

Hillary Clinton ought to be the most outraged, as in 2008 she was narrowly defeated. Her window closed and became unrecoverable in 2016. If we continue this mad cover-up, the media, the courts, and the Congress continue to look away and excuse crime, are they not the instruments of the greatest fraud of treason upon justice in the United States?

“Obama was not ‘Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents qualifying for the Office of President with no foreign allegiance from the Time of his birth.’ That has never changed,” said Judy, who also sued Sen. McCain for his native birth in Panama.

This has future consequences for future elections and the fraud perpetrated upon Americans for contributions to fraudulent candidates. Obama is still on the American payroll dole, receiving the equivalent paycheck of a cabinet member. This is very relevant to taxpayers, plus it is a golden opportunity for the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in without an election hanging in the balance, with the peaceful transition we’ve gone through.  They should hear the evidence and try the facts of this fraud!

“For the court to continue to flagrantly foul this issue and constitutional principle is an insult to sheriffs, police officers, investigative experts, voters and me as a candidate simply wanting the fair playing field afforded by the rule of law and our Supreme Law of the Land,” said Judy.

[In 2011, however, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion suggesting that a presidential candidate could challenge another candidate prior to the election and be presumed to have “competitive standing.”] AND Judy sued for [the opportunity to run in a level playing field.]



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  1. The Justice Department can be viewed as complicit should they elect to pass this issue off again. Far too many Citizens are demanding that “this” Issue be resolved. Is the Supreme Court attempting to make themselves irrelevant? . . . . . . . . . . Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.