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(Mar. 18, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen; I’m your host, Roving Reporter, welcoming you to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the show that acknowledges current events. In the past, we’ve been accused of taking sides, but I assure you that we just share the truth and let it lie wherever it may. It’s not the Mormons or the Presbyterians who are trying to shove Sharia Law down own our throats; it’s not the Buddhists or the Catholics who are beheading little children; and it’s not the Methodists or the Scientologists who are doing the honor killings or performing FGM.

“You’ve got to hand it to the followers of Islam in promoting their brand of political philosophy as a benign and misunderstood religion that, once a member, they are prohibited to leave under sentence of death. Imagine joining the YMCA or the 4-H Club and you’re not allowed to quit or stop paying dues forever and ever on the pain of being issued a “Death Fatwa.

“You can take the Muslim out of a Middle Eastern slum but you can’t take the crazed ‘kill the Jew and the unbeliever whenever and wherever Ye may find them’ out of the Muslim by moving them a mile away, a country or even a continent away. A Muslim’s belief structure doesn’t change one iota by moving from the Middle East to Europe, Canada or the USA.

“Didn’t mean to preach except to emphasize that all is not right with the world and it’s not the Muslims’ fault: the fault lies on the shoulders of the ignorant so-called do-gooders who delude themselves by ignoring the truth. They say that ‘ignorance is bliss,’ but not when it affects my family and my country. Muslims in my country is not my idea: boot them out the way they came in. And now to my first guest: and you are?”

“I’m Sally and I heard what you just said, and when you put it like that I have to agree with you. And I heard that these Muslims, who are in our country and automatically made citizens*, are having babies as if all they are is a baby factory, which they are, for their goal is to reach a voting majority when they’ll vote in Sharia Law as the law of the land. The writing’s on the wall: the bastion of democracy is under direct attack from within, and we’re letting them do it to us. And you forgot to tell your viewing audience we’re across the street from the train station. And that’s my train pulling in; bye!”

“Goodbye; who’s next?”

“I believe I am.”

“Okay, how you doin’? And your name is?”

“My name is Mary and I live here and work in the city. I’ve seen you on this corner for the past couple of years and the dog and I watch you whenever you’re on, by the way. So, what’s the question of the day?”

“Today’s question: what’s your take on Trump’s pictures being removed from the walls of the VA facilities?”

“When I first heard that, I thought it was ‘Fake News’ and thought it was one sick joke, but when I learned it was for real, that there were people in my country who would act so un-American, I have to tell you I flipped. My husband served in the Navy and he was so upset that he was threatening to pack up and drive down to West Palm Beach and, as he said, ‘deal with the problem properly.’

“I talked him out of it but he’s getting his ‘Go Pack’ together, forever making improvements. Why, just last week he added: ‘Emergency Water Purification Kit’; ‘Fishing Tackle that will fit in your shirt pocket’; and ‘Military-grade Emergency Lumens’, and when I asked him if he paid an extra $30 for a fancy name for a flashlight he said that ‘there’s no substitute for proper equipment.’”

“Do you have any thoughts about Donna Brazile saying she lied about denying she gave Hillary Town Hall questions?”

“I’m sorry, but I have no thoughts or comments about ‘no-account people,’ and that includes RINOS such as Ryan and McCain. I’m sorry, but my train is pulling in; have to run. Bye.”

“Thanks for talking with us. And, I’m sorry to announce, our time has expired and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show, guys. Since it’s such a nice day, we’ve been invited to a cookout at the Baptist church on Hawthorn: I’ll make the offering: my treat.”

[*Muslims flying into America receive Social Security numbers on the plane prior to landing. Our government is not for the people nor by the people. All our government does is to continue to promote Obama’s legacy in making America just another Muslim slum where the stench signifies rivers of blood from honor killings, FGM, and your basic torture, beatings and amputations, overwhelmingly against women. Ask any military man about the stench from any Muslim quarter in any European city. Disgusting and sickening, plus they’re restricted US military NO GO zones for the very distinct likelihood of being murdered, and this has always been so for centuries. Ask any military man if it’s a good idea to have the enemy live among you. It’s nothing more than a death wish and the destruction of our Constitution and of our country. We have to ban all Muslims and deport the ones we have. If it’s not who we are, it is certainly who we should be.]

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  1. Absolutely throw out ALL muslims in America and ban ALL muslims from entering. Our Constitution explicitly prohibits such people from even entering the US. But then again, there’s nobody minding the store because our own government, both elected and appointed, have raided the “store” for their own greed and power-crazed ambitions and the only things they “mind” these days are their own bank accounts and each other.