by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 12, 2017) — On Friday, Obama birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo was Carl Gallups’s guest on his “Freedom Friday” radio show to discuss revelations made approximately two years ago about extensive government surveillance of U.S. citizens by a former NSA and CIA contractor.

The show can be heard as a podcast on the PNN YouTube channel.

The interview began with a recap of the reappearance of a purported Kenyan birth certificate bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama II” featured at The Drudge Report for “two days” after it was tweeted unexpectedly by Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s claimed half-brother, on Thursday.

To this writer, the image tweeted by Malik Obama appears to match that which was provided to The Post & Email and several other outlets by Lucas Smith, who claimed he obtained it by paying officials at the Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya $5,000 in February 2009.

To our knowledge, the document has never been authenticated.  One of the points made by Zullo was that Snopes.com declared the Kenyan “birth certificate” “a fake” without presenting any evidence of having consulted with the issuing authority.  In its article, updated on March 10, 2017, Snopes “Fact Checker” David Mikkelson invoked the Smith image as well as the “Bomford” birth certificate allegedly originating with an Australian citizen and later found to have been an online hoax.

Zullo and Gallups hypothesized that the Smith image was recirculated because of the concluded investigation into a different birth certificate image posted by the White House on April 27, 2011 purported to be a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s “long-form” birth record from the state of Hawaii.

In August of that year, under the auspices of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), then headed by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, Zullo commenced an investigation into the long-form birth certificate image, declaring it less than six months later to be a “computer-generated forgery.”

Also found fraudulent was Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form. Selective Service System registration is required between the ages of 18 and 26 by all males present in the United States and, in particular, for those working within the federal government.

Zullo observed that Snopes made no mention of the 5+-year investigation he completed which incorporated the conclusions of forgery of two court-recognized forensic document analysts approaching their examination of the image from two different disciplines.

The news media and Congress virtually ignored Zullo and Arpaio’s three press conferences on the subject given on March 1, 2012; July 17, 2012; and December 15, 2016, each of which divulged additional detail as to how they arrived at their conclusions that Obama’s only proffered “documentation” is fraudulent.

In 2007, speculation arose about Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president after both internet rumors and credible news reports were found to have stated that Obama was born outside of the United States, either in Kenya or Indonesia. Some domestic articles were later altered to say that Obama was “born in Hawaii.”

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution mandates that the president and commander-in-chief be a “natural born Citizen,” a term which the Founding Fathers did not precisely define.

Most Americans interpret the term to mean, at a minimum, “born in the United States.” However, controversy exists as to whether or not the citizenship of a person’s parents must also be considered in determining whether or not he or she can be considered a “natural born Citizen.”

As Zullo and Arpaio were poised late in 2013 to schedule the third press conference early in the coming year, new information was unexpectedly provided to Arpaio by the aforementioned NSA and CIA contractor, Dennis Montgomery.  After a private meeting, Arpaio hired Montgomery to work as a confidential informant to prove his claim that more than 150,000 Maricopa County residents were victims of bank-account breaches by a government entity.

Montgomery worked for Arpaio for approximately a year, during which Zullo provided oversight of the project.  In April 2015, Montgomery’s work, although unrelated to a civil contempt trial in which Arpaio was the chief subject, became a focal point of the presiding U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow.

Fueled at least in part by a June 4, 2014 article in the Arpaio-opposing Phoenix New Times alleging that Montgomery was perpetrating a conspiracy theory that Snow and the U.S. Department of Justice were seeking to destroy Arpaio’s career, Snow ordered all of Montgomery’s work product turned over to the monitor Snow had appointed to oversee the MCSO through the underlying civil action, Melendres, et al v. Arpaio, et al.

In November 2015, Zullo testified at the civil-contempt trial that Montgomery had demonstrated that Snow himself was a victim of government surveillance. Curiously, Snow showed no interest in the type of government intrusion allegedly perpetrated nor the extent of its surveillance of him or others within Maricopa County.

In addition to Snow, Donald Trump; Montgomery’s attorney, Larry Klayman; Zullo and others were identified as having had their data harvested.

During his testimony, Zullo said that Montgomery performed a forensic analysis of the White House long-form birth certificate image but did not divulge Montgomery’s conclusions.

In Friday’s interview, Zullo affirmed to Gallups that what seemed at the time to be “incredible” claims made by Montgomery “are now in media headlines.” Although not referring directly to WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy organization on Tuesday published thousands of documents it said were acquired from the CIA demonstrating the tools the agency uses to harvest personal information to include penetrating Samsung devices, televisions, IPhones, and Android phones.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claims a 100% accuracy rate in his organization’s release of authenticated documents from various governments around the world.

Although the CIA’s charter tasks it with overseas intelligence-gathering only, many have speculated that it spies domestically as well.

In a series of videos released since the new year, Klayman has stated that Montgomery claims that the personal information of 156 federal judges, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was harvested, among others.

Of Montgomery’s revelations made while still a confidential informant, Zullo said (18:29), “A lot of information Mr. Montgomery was giving us at that point in time was a little tough to swallow because no one would ever think this kind of thing is going on.  And as you know, over the years, as these things now start to manifest, there was a lot of things that Montgomery shared with us that are being divulged today, a lot.”

Gallups responded by stating that “not everything” Montgomery possesses has been made public but reiterated that “high-ranking government officials” have been affected.

Former NSA surveillance-program designer William Binney has recently interviewed with Sean Hannity on both television and radio to confirm that the communications of ordinary Americans are routinely collected, contrasting the March 2013 testimony to Congress provided by former Director of National Ingelligence (DNI) James Clapper.

In November 2015 and subsequently, Klayman reported that Montgomery provided 600 million pages of evidence to the FBI in a 2.5-hour interview, resulting in two immunity agreements.  Of that FBI interview, (19:50) Zullo said that “it’s public information now that Montgomery presented millions and millions of records that have been collected from Americans without their knowledge by government entities, and he now has both production and testimonial immunity.  Now, you don’t get that kind of immunity from the FBI; that has to come from the DOJ, and they don’t just hand that out like popcorn.”

“This is serious stuff recognized by serious government officials…in spite of the fact that people have called you and me ‘conspiracy theorists,'”Gallups responded.

Toward the conclusion of the segment, Zullo added, “It’s very somber; this is so bad.  I’m not at liberty to discuss a lot of this, but this is very dark, it’s very deep, it’s very bad, and it’s very anti-American.”

Gallups responded that he harbors the hope that “very soon” Zullo will have the opportunity to testify to Congress and make public the information he has acquired.

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  1. John, I know how you feel and I understand your stance. Bear in mind that I am not a Law Enforcement Officer, nor are most citizens. The investigation of Obama is complex and sensitive. In this issue there is the race card to some degree. The Media and Congress, both the Democrats and many Republicans, don’t want to address the issue Obama is a fraud. People have been threatened with their jobs or physical health. I believe at least one
    death has occurred. Media has been told NOT to speak of Obama’s questionable credentials.

    Many citizens have heard Obama is a fraud and have taken no action. They have neglected to take positive action. They have no real skin in the game. How many have written or called their Congressmen, much less make an appointment visit? Of these citizens, how many have assisted organizations with a donation to fight this issue?

    Lt. Zullo and lots of others have taken action on a number of levels and mediums. Did they get the support they needed or earned?

    Zullo has stated he has one chance to get it right. Since he has real skin in the game and knows
    what evidence he has, he is the Chess Master. Therefore, I for one have his back and trust him
    to take the opportunity when he deems it best.

  2. What happened to the VIP’s? They where either threatened and/or they realized exposing Obama would find them complicit in the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on he American people by not acting years earlier to reveal the Obama fraud, which evidence would show they could not have been unaware of.

  3. This is getting ridiculous.

    The excuse use to be ‘we can’t release because it is a criminal investigation’. Now that that investigation is over, the excuse is ‘we can’t release until congress investigates’. What happened to the VIPs that Gallups said were going to move this along.

    I get the feeling they are never going to release the reports.

  4. I have a personal saying that “truth is like air bubbles in water” and “eventually they come to the surface”. Likewise, the Bible speaks of truth and all things will be revealed and sin has a season,
    and then there is a price to be paid. There is no such thing as a “free-lunch”.

    Seems to me things are about to blow, I’m going to take a few steps backward. Thanks to all who have held steadfast and revealed truth and evidence. Let’s continue to be in prayer and keep our hands on the till.

    Seems to me, in this article Zullo has some more links. I expect it will be interesting when all
    the dots are connected.