New Inmate: TTCC “Worst Facility”


by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 24, 2017) — In a letter received on Tuesday, an inmate who has been housed in virtually all of Tennessee’s 14 prisons over a number of years described the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) as “the worst facility or institution that I have been in.”

TTCC is owned and operated by CoreCivic, formerly Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), founded and based in Nashville.

His typewritten letter claims that “there are absolutely no sense of professionalism from staff, no sense of real concern in the effort of Core Civic employees to try to run and operate a safe and secure facility, there is nothing about this place that has a sense of continuity or stability about it and how it is being operated…” [sic]

His report corroborated those of dozens of other inmates who have contacted The Post & Email over the last nearly-ten months.

TTCC opened in January of last year to a staffing crisis and reported gang violence which has apparently not abated over the last 14 months.  CoreCivic has been unresponsive to The Post & Email’s multiple requests for comment on the reported conditions at the facility.

The inmate also asserted that which has been reported by a number of others: that inmates are assisting in head counts, “call-outs,” and other tasks normally performed by correction officers.

In a letter from another inmate also received on Tuesday, it was reported that inmates are serving food without having observed the proper sanitation regimen required by institutions operating food services as outlined in the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) Administrative Policies and Procedures manual, a copy of which, in relevant part, the inmate included in his mailing.

“I’ve been trying since I have been here, to get all my medications and to see a doctor to no avail, therefore I am not going to spend a lot of time informing you all about the facility and how dysfunctional it is here… I am cataloguing every incidental occurrence that I am experiencing, and or witness to in regards to this facilities operations,” the newly-arrived inmate wrote at the bottom of page 1.

A significant number of TTCC inmates have reported that they do not receive their medications on a regular basis. Earlier this month, the Nashville Scene reported that a number of diabetic individuals at the facility have filed a federal lawsuit alleging inadequate medical care for their shared condition.

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