by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 20, 2017) — Following the inauguration of Vice President Michael R. Pence and President Donald John Trump on Friday, the Whitehouse.gov website reflects the shift from the Obama regime to the Trump administration.

Under the “Issues” tab are reflected the new administration’s positions on energy, the military, “trade deals” and other items.

An item of interest which has been archived as of press time is the long-form birth certificate image posted on April 27, 2011 bearing the name “Barack Hussein Obama” along with the explanatory blog post to which it is linked.

On the Bill Martinez Live! radio show on Friday morning, guests Carl Gallups and Michael Zullo appeared for approximately 90 minutes to discuss the five-year investigation led by Zullo at the request of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio into the birth certificate image which some experts had reported to be a forgery.

Gallups expressed optimism that the Trump administration and Congress might be willing to look into the “earth-shattering” evidence Zullo amassed over the course of the investigation showing that the image is a “computer-generated forgery.”

On December 15, Zullo detailed in a press conference how two forensic analysis experts had found that the “nine points of forgery” matching a long-form birth certificate from an individual born in Hawaii the same month as Obama purportedly was affirmed Zullo’s initial findings that the Obama birth certificate image cannot be authentic.

Approximately six years ago, as Trump considered challenging Obama for the presidency in 2012, Trump openly called for Obama to release his detailed birth record to confirm Obama’s claim of a birth in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961, and, more specifically, that he met the U.S. Constitution’s requirement for the president as a “natural born Citizen.”

After several months of pressure from Trump and those who supported him, the White House released what it said was a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s original birth record obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH). Trump proudly took credit for the release of the image and said that he would have people with whom he was acquainted examine it for its authenticity or lack thereof.

Several months later in August 2011, 242 constituents of Arpaio’s approached him with concerns stemming from several independent experts’ determinations that the image was a forgery and requested an investigation. Arpaio assented, at which point then-Cold Case Posse leader Mike Zullo became the project’s lead investigator.

Arpaio oversaw the probe until he left office on January 1, succeeded by Paul Penzone.

On Thursday, Arizona media reported that at Penzone’s first press conference detailing his plans for his first 100 days in office, he announced that the Cold Case Posse would be shuttered, although most, if not all of its members had already resigned.

Penzone had indicated in 2012 when he first challenged Arpaio that he believed the investigation to be a waste of time.

On Friday morning, Gallups raised the specter of an illegitimate president having occupied the White House and made the nation’s decisions for the last eight years with a fully-complicit media, Congress, and administration.

While noting that Arpaio was in Washington, DC for the inaugural festivities, Zullo said that neither he nor Arpaio has any intentions of ceasing their efforts to convince federal authorities, which could include Congress, to examine the evidence they gathered over the course of the investigation.

Zullo observed that when Sen. John McCain sought the presidency in 2008 against Obama, the U.S. Senate issued Senate Resolution 511 affirming that McCain met the “natural born Citizen” requirement despite his birth in the Panama Canal Zone to US-citizen parents, one of whom was an admiral in the Navy at the time. Zullo reasoned that the Congress is aware that a person’s birthplace is a key factor in whether or not he is recognized as a “natural born Citizen.”  The creation of a birth certificate forgery, Zullo said, could have been motivated by the need to show that that criterion had been met in Obama’s case if he were, in fact, born outside of the country.

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  1. A “Natural Born Citizen” is “One born IN the United States to Parents who are BOTH US Citizens” – Law of Nations, Art.1, Sec. 8, USConst.

    Affirmed by the US Supreme Court in Minor v Happersett (1874).

    It is mandatory that a President or VP be an NBC. Art.II, Sec. I, Clause 5 and the 12th Amendment.

    NONE of the following people meet that criteria. Obama, McCain, Cruz, Rubio or Jindal.

    Donald Trump DOES meet the criteria. HE was born in NY City to two US Citizen Parents.

  2. My take on Trump’s first Presidential speech is that we are indeed,
    A CHRISTIAN NATION AGAIN. And I am inclined to believe and to see the National Day of Prayer return in the Peoples House again.

    See what we got when we kicked God to the curb the last two elections.

    I believe he was honest and sincere when he took the oath of office with his hand on the Bible.

  3. Isn’t Trump the Master of the “Art of the DEAL”? Further, isn’t TRUMP also and moreover the “Greatest closer of the DEAL?

    Didn’t Trump brag or have bragging rights that he got Obama to release that fake,
    fabricated, fraudulent, and phony BC?

    Didn’t Trump further present that “Sucker Challenge” of $ 5 million? He knew Obama
    was not for real. Didn’t he send his own investigators to Hawaii and say “You’ll never believe what we found!”.

    So now that Trump is the President and armed with the facts and truth that Obama is a fraud won’t he be the greatest closer of the greatest hoax to America?

  4. Isn’t that Senate Resolution 511 an odd and funny thing? Especially that Obama and
    Hillary deemed McCain was a NBC. Interesting that “they” thought they had the authority and power to judge it. Wasn’t Obama and Hillary Senators and not Judges?

    Can we say Kangaroo Kourt? Or that the fixing was in for Obama. NBC is NBC, it
    can’t be anything but this. Having two American parents, with one on official government duty while serving overseas is much closer than one with a “sealed record”
    and having made statements he was foreign born…

  5. Cody
    You ARE a Patriot and I salute your diligence….you deserve and have my all other American Patriots gratitude for your ever giving up in seeking justice and truth.
    That said, the only possible disagreement we have, at least, that I can see, is that I, as a former (40 year) member of the Democratic Party, cannot see why you now don’t change at least to independent…or maybe you have/are as the Democratic Party of JFK & Harry Truman is now one a criminally corrupt RICO cabal. (The Republicans are as well, but at least not Marxists, yet anyway).
    Dr. Tom

  6. As the next chapter of America unfolds, I would like to thank The Post & Email for an unwavering patriotic stand, and more so for Truth when so many other Main Stream Media outlets would not post or cover the following in the slightest degree.

    I am a Democrat unlike many here who are not. I hope to have represented the American values within of our Sovereign Nation.

    We are part of the World but we are also separate, unique, independent, and we are not the World. The Office of President holds in my opinion those distinctions.

    Of General Witness , It seems a Testimony of Truth that no one expects President Trump to be sued for Ineligibility as he,( there is no doubt we all agree hopefully), was born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

    Obama failed that Test which sparked the Birther Movement from which the Birther Movement was born. Obama took 50 months from the time he announced his run for the Presidency to the time he unfurled his long form birth certificate which became the subject of Civil and Criminal Investigation by authorized law enforcement.

    We all agree inherited citizenship from a Parent counts as a type. Most here have sided with Sen. Cruz inherited U.S. citizenship from his mother.

    We all agree jurisdiction of soil is important in a type of Citizen as many argued for Rubio and Obama.

    We all agree there is no foreign citizenship inherited by someone like Trump who is born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

    And we all agree I was a Candidate for U.S President in the Democratic Party registered with the Federal Election Commission.

    We all agree standing most noticeably was the Civil Rights of Candidates for the same Office.

    We also agree that I, Cody Robert Judy, was the only Presidential Candidate in the entire Nation who has a Federal Court Record with the key Qualification of [ natural born Citizen ] at issue as a Presidential Candidate against both McCain and Obama representing Republicans and Democrats.

    We also acknowledge and agree that the culmination of those came to the attention of the U.S. Supreme Court in two Cases 12-5276 and 14-9396, which that Court did not face in Hearing accept to Deny Cert in 12-5276 and Deny Motion for forma pauperis in 14-9396 when all Report witnessed here showed not enough money existed to pay printing and filing fees.

    That is a lot to agree on!

    I sincerely Thank you my Friends for all that we have Agreed upon.