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by OPOVV, ©2016

Matthew 7:12 verses courtesy of BibleGateway.com

(Dec. 13, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the auditorium at the university. Let’s listen in:”

“As I was saying, before Roving and his crew from ‘Pulse of the Nation’ interrupted us, welcome to the open forum on the ‘Golden Rule.’  Allow me to introduce our panel: Protestant Reverend Wilson; Catholic Priest Murphy; Rabbi Goldstein; and Imam Muhammad.

“Gentlemen, here’s our first topic to discuss: Since Trump’s victory, what does the future hold for us?”

Rev. Wilson: “It’s the beginning of the beginning. It’s Western Civilization’s first breath since its near death with the de facto president Obama arriving on the scene.”

The Imam: “What’s this ‘de facto’ nonsense?”

Rev. Wilson: “Why, haven’t you heard? Obama was never vetted, now was he? He never submitted his BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Surely you can understand that.”

The Priest: “Now, now, gentlemen.”

The Imam: “I’m no gentleman. And this whole idea of the ‘Golden Rule’ is a joke. No, not a joke: worse. It’s a slap in the face to Islam. If you don’t submit, you owe us money, understand?”

The Rabbi: “Money? Someone mention money? No, no, we not pay you. What you give us in return?”

The Imam: “We allow you to take your next breath, is what.”

The Priest: “Now, now, gentlemen.”

Rev. Wilson: “Is that all you can say?”

The Priest: “The Good Lord instructs me.”

The Imam: “Yes, it is so, just as I’m instructed to murder everyone who doesn’t bend to my will!”

All: “You’re kidding.”

The Imam: “Here is where I admit that Trump’s victory may slow us down a little, but not much, if at all. No Muslims will be deported from the USA. You don’t have the common sense that your Lord gave you, too bad: we win; you lose.

“We are out-birthing you everywhere. We gobble up a very large percentage of your welfare money. In the United States we get welfare, Food Stamps and Social Security payments for each child, and our women are just breeders. Disgusting? Of course it is, but it’s no different from the way you live your lives anyway.

“You know how we’ll win? Besides your political correctness make-believe nonsense, you just don’t understand that Islam is an army about to kill every living thing in your neighborhood.

“And here you have what you think is a intellectual discussion televised on your nice clean stage at your university that allows women to learn while attending without veils. My vision is this stage covered with the bodies of your women without heads. ‘Golden Rule’? Don’t make me sick.”

The Priest: “But the Pope washed the feet of a Muslim.”

The Imam: “And if we were to plant a traitor in your midst we couldn’t possibly do any better.”

Rev. Wilson: “You got a point.”

The Rabbi: “I’d never thought I’d agree with a Muslim, but he does have a point.”

Rev. Wilson: “You didn’t mean women on this stage beheaded in the literal sense, did you?”

The Imam: “Dream on. You know how our Muslim Freedom Fighters killed all those infidels in Beslan, Russia? You see, that’s NORMAL Muslim behavior, and you people still reference that one instance as if it’s an anomaly.”

Rev. Wilson: “’Infidels?’ You mean little children? And you take great pride in their murders? Still?”

The Imam: “We’re not afraid of death as you people are.”

The Rabbi: “So what’s with this torture bit? What’s the point?”

The Imam: “There is no point, which is the point. We put people in cages and drown them; slow-roast them; push them off tall buildings; hang them from cranes. It’s our way of entertainment. We rule by fear. We gain control by intimidation. We are going to destroy your way of life and all of Western Civilization in the process, and there’s no one on the horizon that can save you, unless Trump takes control.

“During the 2012 presidential election you had a candidate that said he’d use the military to deport every Muslim from the USA, then send the military to Canada and do the same thing. And then send his troops to the British Isles and do the same thing there: deport each and every Muslim. And then go to Norway and Sweden and on down through ALL of Europe and do the same thing there: deport each and every Muslim. HE we feared, but he was the only one. The jury is still out about Trump, but don’t hold your breath.”

“Excuse us, please, but our broadcast time has expired so I must sign off by wishing our viewers a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Burger time for all, except the Imam, of course: my treat.”

“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”



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