Sheriff Posse Finale Can of Worms Exposed to the Nation


by Cody Robert Judy, ©2016

crj-arpaio-press-conf (Dec. 13, 2016) — Presiding over the biggest blow to the Integrity of Law and Order has been just one of the notorious enterprises of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. The pride and joy of Law Enforcement across the USA is trust, and when it’s shattered, the people lose hope and crime becomes the unhinged epidemic scarring the population forever.

People trusted and they were played as fools in the elections of 2008 and 2012 by a cabal of organized crime that formed a cartel against them and their Constitutional Republic led by Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama as she led the certification of two different verifications of eligibility for the same reason Hillary Rodham Clinton repeated she set up her private server usurping the communications of the Secretary of State Office “for convenience.”

Has government crime become a convenience, folks? When the speeder hit 80 miles per hour going through the flashing-light, 20-mph school crossing sign at 3:10 PM, did the community get together and pass an 80-mph new school crossing speed limit as precedent or did they mourn the 10 children who lost their lives due to the speed-freak’s negligence and disregard for law and order?

One community had the courage to take a stand against the foreign-fathered candidate wrapped so far up in coke he thought he was invincible with his foot on the gas. A healthcare freight train loaded up called “Obamacare” which Gruber extolled was put upon the shoulders of “stupid” Americans, just as stupid in voting for an ineligible person in their Office of President.

Obama was never born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents – the qualification known as [natural born Citizen] unique for the Office of President, so there had to be some white-collar crime indulged in for the Order to pass the Constitution hounds that the elected feared getting too close.

crj-four-certs-copyEven President-Elect Donald Trump was castigated for simply asking after three years that Obama produce proof of his place of birth and his inherited citizenship from mother and father. If it was all-American, of course there would be ow problem.

That community was around 250 residents of one of the largest counties in the United States led by a sheriff who had lasted longer than any U.S. President – some 6 terms! Sheriff Joe Arpaio was a no nonsense lawman who cared deeply for law and order and took the trust seriously in his jurisdiction, which involved precarious balances of safety for his constituents in heavy drug-trafficking and crime common by illegal aliens because of the foreign country border shared by his county.

It took a community’s petition to extract a serious look into their concern — the sincerity and integrity of a man whose past was colliding with the qualifications demanded in the U.S. Constitution. Obama’s American allegiance had not passed the test of time demanded by two generations in [natural born Citizen] that included soil or jurisdiction of law born under as well as the ability of each parent to vote as a U.S. Citizen, which Obama’s father was never able to do, owing his allegiance to Kenya over the USA.

Alarmed by the Constitutional hounds getting close, Obama after three years released what was termed his $10 long-form birth certificate.  The community of the Surprise Tea Party wanted their sheriff to confirm its validity, as three years of denials it even existed was met with wonderment in its sudden production or what’s been termed its “fabrication.”

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