by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 22, 2016) — On Twitter and through other outlets on Tuesday morning, a video of an NBC News interview of former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway stating that president-elect Donald Trump “does not wish” to prosecute his former rival, Hillary Clinton, for her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State quickly became a leading story.

Conway was a guest on “Morning Joe” when she said that Trump may be able to “help her heal,” meaning Clinton, as opposed to prosecuting her after Trump takes office on January 20, 2017.

Conway has been offered a key advisory role in the Trump administration.

At many of Trump’s campaign rallies, his supporters chanted enthusiastically of Clinton, “Lock her up!” During the second presidential debate on October 9, Trump had promised, “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation.”

Responding to Trump’s pledge, Conway said that “It wouldn’t be up to him whether or not she goes to jail. That would have to be fully adjudicated through the regular channels like it would be for anyone else.”

On July 5, FBI Director James Comey had announced his decision not to refer the evidence his agents had gathered over their year-long investigation into Clinton’s email server to a grand jury or to the Justice Department for further action.  However, at the same time, Comey enumerated a long list of transgressions, including Clinton and her aides’ mishandling of classified information as “extremely careless.”

During testimony to members of Congress later that week, Comey contradicted many of the responses Clinton was said to have made during her private interview on July 2.

In his first interview post-election on Sunday, Trump told ABC’s Lesley Stahl that his “focus” was on issues other than Clinton and that he would “think about” whether or not to follow through on his promise to appoint a special prosecutor.  He also characterized the Clintons as “good people,” in sharp contrast to the “Crooked Hillary” mantra he had used once Clinton became the Democrat presidential nominee.

The Clinton Foundation remains under FBI investigation to the public’s knowledge and has recently seen a sharp drop in donations.

Conway appeared to echo Trump’s statements to Stahl when she said on Tuesday that issues emanating from the campaign “aren’t among” those Trump is now considering as he assembles his cabinet nominees.

On October 23, Conway told NBC’s Chuck Todd that the Trump campaign “was behind” in polling and electoral votes, while other Trump surrogates had said in August that “The campaign is on its way to victory.”

Virtually all of the polls conducted by mainstream media outlets were incorrect as they predicted for months that Clinton held a significant lead over Trump.  In Conway’s interview with Todd, she did not dispute the network’s lead-in report that Clinton led Trump by “double digits.”

There remain rampant speculation and anecdotal commentary that the Clintons could be implicated in wrongdoing not yet reported in the mainstream media.

The private groups Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, both founded by former federal prosecutor Larry Klayman, continue to press forward on matters involving the Clintons, including, respectively, the Foundation‘s alleged “pay-to-play” operation and the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 which killed four Americans.

Prior to 1946, county, state and federal grand juries played a much larger role in investigating public officials suspected of wrongdoing.  Today, grand juries are called upon by government prosecutors to examine evidence against an accused, but the grand jury itself rarely initiates its own investigations as it once did.

Of Conway’s statements made on Tuesday, LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret), who was sent to state prison in Tennessee for more than two years for attempting to approach his local grand jury with information about government corruption, responded:

No matter if true, the grand jury remains as the most powerful law enforcement agency we know in our republican form of governance. More powerful even than the president.

A federal grand jury, acting on its own authority, can take up issues of corruption respecting any official. It’s a target rich environment.

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    Just think for a minute——-There once was a “LYIN TED”
    Do we now have a “LYIN DONALD”

    Oh what a CRIMINAL FIASCO there is in DC. I wonder if GITMO will hold them all.

    Donald W. Butcher ( CSM, USA, Ret )

  2. My thoughts on this issue:

    It’s too early to know if Clinton will or will not be prosecuted for the many crimes she has committed. The information here comes from Kellyanne Conway and not directly from Trump. If Obama believes Clinton will be prosecuted he will likely pardon her because prosecution of Clinton will involve the identity fraud con-artist Barry Soetoro. “Obama” could even be fully exposed as the usurper he is, something he, and anyone who served in Congress during his fake presidency, will do anything to avoid.

    Hillary may be saved by the same thing that kept Obama from being impeached for 8 years, which is fear of completely revealing and having acted on the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, which gave us “president” Barack Hussein Obama. There are so many rich and powerful people involved and the implications of trying to right the thousands of wrongs, including the deaths of American soldiers sent into combat by a fake commander-in-chief, are literally too great for anyone to willingly take this on…….even though it needs to happen to repair the 8 years of damage done to our nation, and to insure nothing like this ever happens again.

    Obama proved there is no vetting for presidential candidates. Not only is he Constitutionally ineligible assuming his claimed father actually is his father,(even if he was born in the USA), and neither he and/or most of those in his regime at high levels are required to get a background security exam.

    The set-up for the takeover from the inside of America’s government was in place, Obama was recognized as the perfect candidate to take advantage of the set-up, and the enemy attacked from within, doing an excellent job of weakening America, just as they intended.

    Many American’s finally woke-up and this is why we have President-elect Trump…….but it took them years to see what should have been obvious from it’s beginning.