Prude and Prejudice


by Thomas Pastore, ©2016

(Nov. 20, 2016) — The latest of many examples of reverberating voter shock among the Obama/Hillary “offspring” is the incident at the Broadway play called “Hamilton.” Mike Pence, Vice-President to be, was insulted and mistreated by the cast merely because he attended the show. In the ill-spirit of the NFL and its likewise naive “protesters,” the Hamilton cast felt the need to make demands to captive victims, so they imposed their “forced speech” onto innocent citizens under the guise of “free speech.” The holier-than-thou, self-righteous cast felt it was necessary to tell Mike Pence what to do and how to do it, when in fact he isn’t even in public office until January. The assumptions of what Mike Pence and Donald Trump will do when in office have brought liberal prejudice to an even higher level than the Obama administration has been teaching these naive children these past eight years.

The mass hysteria crowd that demands “diversity” and “tolerance” has failed to exhibit any such ingredients in their chosen “lifestyle” of  “Do as I say, NOT as I do.” The “Hamilton” cast liberals spoke of their “diversity but failed to mention that the original “backstage” trade ads for acting parts in the play requested that “Whites” need NOT apply.  Now that this flaw in their invisible “tolerance” has been exposed, they have modified their ads, blamed it on the trade newspaper, and now they say that…..of course, Whites can audition….But no mention if they will get any work. Imagine the audacity of these individuals to demand from Mike Pence what they themselves cannot even consider doing!

This is a dangerous sign of what is to come from a generation that has been taught that everyone is a trophy winner, we can do no wrong, and “the other side” (whoever that is) is always to blame for their mistakes. Tolerance to them is defined as, “We will do what we wish, what we choose, and you must accept it.”

We cannot forget others of the same Obama-ilk, the paid-for-protesters, who are impacting so many communities country-wide with their unfounded and bizarre “fears” as they destroy property and lives with fire and anger. These attempts are nothing more than the inflamed Prudeness of the Leftist Loons who feel they should always win, everyone else is to blame, and… since Hillary has lost, they fear they may have to actually “pay their way in society.”

Where is the diversity, tolerance, and understanding when you carry signs that make terrible threats against people? Neither Donald Trump nor Mike Pence has actually done anything yet to allow anyone to draw anything but a biased, bigoted, and prejudicial opinion of them. The façade of their false sincerity has been exposed with their extreme prejudice as exhibited when they verbally attack and vilify elected candidates and an administration that hasn’t even been sworn into existence!

I find it almost humorous when they hold signs that say “Trump is a Fascist” when I suspect they don’t even know what a Fascist is…..otherwise, should they check, most dictionaries may say……..”*See under….Obama.”

Where are the Leftist Leaders of this Loon Pack, and why don’t they demand that they refrain from exposing their prejudices just because they lost an election? Why hasn’t any of them come to the public podium and requested a “Cease and Desist” declaration of these violent protests as a true leader would do? Furthermore, this sudden desire to remove the Electoral College just because it didn’t serve their purpose shows a serious deficiency in their ability to think clearly. Death threats to Electoral voters, with demands that they change their votes in support of Hillary, are all signs of anarchy and attempts to disrupt the process.

Citizens unable to accept loss as well as they would victory is a reflection of all these government-sponsored teachings in schools and in life that are attempts to hide reality’s consequences from our young. They have taught them to rely on government to handle their problems, and so they are lost post-election, children running into the streets for verification of their existence.

I am compelled to speak to them in their own “tongue” and let them see that their misguided “Trump-phobia,” their “Xenophobia,” “Pence-paranoia,” their self-imposed “misogynistic” attitude is only going to impair their ability to think as individuals once again and seek their own opportunities, no longer restricted by a failed administration that must now “set them free.” Unleashed from the rhetoric and illusions of Obama and the never-ending lies of Hillary, they may actually enjoy individuality once again. To make America Great again, these “children” must break away from the festering “collective” that was their safety cocoon and enjoy the pursuit of that which allows them to have self-respect and self-esteem.

Thomas Pastore/Vietnam Veteran/USMC, hoping that “Uncle Sam” may rise from its imperiled “death bed” and allow us to be who we are, and not what others want us to be.

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