by Ron Ewart, President, NARLO, ©2016

(Oct. 30, 2016) — There are millions of Americans who still believe in the land of the free and home of the brave. They still believe in their minds that they are free, a freedom that had to be written in blood in the Declaration of Independence and codified into law by the U.S. Constitution. That Progressives, for more than 100 years, have done everything in their power to strip those millions of their freedom does not diminish that mindset. In fact, that mindset grows even deeper and more set in stone as the attempts to destroy freedom increase. At a certain point, that mindset suddenly erupts into revolution or civil war, as it has since the dawn of time. We haven’t reached that point yet, but we have no cause to doubt that it is coming if America insists on staying on this insane course that will only end in national suicide, chaos and anarchy.

If you squeeze a ripe tomato in your hand, it will eventually ooze out between your fingers. The pressure on the American “freedom tomato” literally grows by the day by a government and special interests that care not one whit about freedom, nor do they care about their duty to preserve, protect and defend that freedom. One political party in that government only cares about perpetuating its power by any means, but more particularly by buying votes with all of the other people’s money. They have been hugely successful to the point that the Founders’ image of freedom now lies in ruin and the nation is awash in an un-payable, ever-growing debt. Progressives have only been successful because America is such a rich country. But now, there is no more money in the public treasury to dole out for votes unless the government prints it ….. or borrows it. Can European-style socialism be on the near horizon? Without a doubt!

An Obama presidency, and many Progressive presidents before him, all the way back to President Wilson, started increasing the pressure on the “tomato” of freedom. A Hillary presidency could push that pressure to a point at which the “tomato” begins to ooze out between the fingers of a very angry nation. At the moment when the oozing begins, the seeds of revolution will be born. We wonder why the revolution didn’t start over 100 years ago when the bankers and the government colluded to give us the 16th Amendment from which the non-federal Federal Reserve and the much-hated IRS were born.

Along comes Hillary Clinton who is crude, mean, insanely ambitious, arrogant, and hopelessly corrupt. Here is what a corrupt Hillary Clinton will do as President of the United States?

It is a given. Hillary is pre-disposed to continue the Obama doctrine of “fundamentally transforming” America into his distorted vision of what he considers to be a seriously flawed nation. She will continue his FAILED economic, financial, environmental, climate change, educational, energy, immigration and foreign policies and make them worse.

Under a Hillary presidency she will allow the federal bureaucracies to run amok, passing rule after rule on guns, the environment, climate change, education, energy, immigration and God knows what else. There will be no constitutional challenge for any of these new rules even though most will be unconstitutional.

Hillary’s foreign policy will be a carbon copy of Obama’s. ISIS will not be defeated and they will be free to continue their reign of terror on the entire planet. American civilians will die in small and large terrorist attacks, and the CIA, NSA and the FBI won’t be able to stop them. Our sports stadiums, our malls, our theaters, our carnivals, our parades, our churches, our trains, planes and buses and a whole host of other places where people congregate will be the terrorists’ soft targets of opportunity. The carnage will continue to grow by the year unless the U.S. military and America’s allies crush radical Islam once and for all. But we guarantee, Hillary won’t do it.

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Her environmental policy will be a radical environmentalist’s dream come true. More private land will be locked up or rendered useless by unimaginably large buffers or outright confiscation. Government allotment land, used by ranchers for more than two centuries to raise cattle and sheep, will be walled off from agricultural and public uses for the sake of the environment and for establishing a massive, no-humans-allowed wildlife corridor network. Environmental groups will be free to sue the government for endangered species and reap huge profits off the taxpayer. Private property rights will essentially go extinct, which is what every national and international environmentalist wants. If the truth be known, every environmentalist would gladly repeal the 5th Amendment that requires due process and just compensation for government takings of private land. If you are a rural landowner and Hillary gets elected, you had better get NARLO’s 18″ x 24″ powerful, legally intimidating, constitutional NO TRESPASSING signs installed on your property posthaste.

Hillary and her Department of Justice will go wild suing states over voting rights to the point that every adult in America, whether legal or not, will be able to vote. This will increase the voter rolls for Democrats and the Party of Lincoln will cease to exist, if it hasn’t gone extinct already.

Hillary and the Democrats are proposing that Washington, DC become a state. Their goal is blatantly obvious. Well over 90% of Washington, DC would vote Democrat.

Hillary and her gang of tag-along Democrats want to mandate a $15.00 minimum wage all across America. If you are a young person just leaving high school and looking for a job, forget it. Entry-level jobs will no longer be available because every job, according to the Democrats, must have a “living” wage, whatever that is?

Mrs. Bill, adulterous, Clinton wants to nationalize public preschool so she and her cutthroat Democrats can brainwash the nation’s five-year-olds in the wonders of a “free” Progressive, compliant lifestyle. Like Hitler, Democrats know that if they can indoctrinate the young, our most vulnerable citizens will be Progressives for life, no matter what their parents believe. This is no accident, ladies and gentlemen. This has been pre-planned since the early part of the 20th century.

Like all Democrats, Hillary never saw a tax she didn’t like. According to Pew Research, 16% of the top taxpayers in America pay 79.4% of all taxes collected by the IRS; 2.7% of all taxpayers pay over half of the taxes collected. Forty-seven (47%) percent of the people pay no taxes at all and in fact reap cash benefits from the taxpayer who must pay taxes. Her goal is to tax the heck out of wealthy Americans (the 16%) because they aren’t paying their “fair share,” according to her and all other Democrats. Please, please, will someone describe in detail what “fair share” means? To a Democrat, “fair share” means every dime the rich make. When the government takes all of the money from the wealthy, who, then, will create the jobs and invest in businesses and business start-ups? No one!

Hillary will do nothing about America’s open borders or try to stem the tide of illegal immigration, drugs and human trafficking. She will let in tens of thousands of Muslim refugees who will suck up billions in taxpayer dollars for subsistence, take American jobs and some will kill us at theaters, sports stadiums and shopping malls. The Democrat platform states that it wants open borders and everyone can come to America and share in her “bounty” that is no more. This isn’t for compassion; it’s for votes. Democrats know that most of the immigrants will vote Democrat immediately after the Democrats are successful in granting all illegal aliens AMNESTY! Some illegal immigrants are already voting.

But one of the worst things that Hillary will do is to “stack” the U.S. Supreme Court, á la FDR, to ram through her anti-American, unconstitutional, socialist agenda, with set-in-stone Supreme Court decisions, like ObamaCare and gay marriage. The damage this “Hillary” court will do to constitutional freedom, the Bill of Rights, the natural order and the American Judeo-Christian culture is immeasurable and probably irreversible.

And let’s not forget ObamaCare. Hillary and the Democrats will keep ObamaCare and then move forward with a plan to shove a “single-payer” system down the throat of every American.

Hillary says she is all for the Second Amendment, but don’t you believe it. She hates the NRA. If she gets a Democrat-controlled Congress and a liberal U. S. Supreme Court, you can say bye-bye to the Second Amendment. Only the police, the military and the criminals will have guns, just like in England and Australia where the government took away the right of the people to own guns. It is so much easier to control the masses when they aren’t armed and can’t defend themselves. However, America is not England or Australia. If Hillary and the Democrats try to take away the guns from Americans, it may just start a revolution. Not all Americans will go quietly under the whip. Many have itchy trigger fingers already.

However, having said all this, everyone with any intellect knows that there is no guarantee of a positive outcome from revolution or a civil war. But America is not so far gone that it can’t be turned around peacefully. And anyone with any intellect also knows that you can’t stop a loaded super-tanker on a dime. It has so much inertia that it can take over a mile to stop it, even with all engines in reverse.

America is a super-tanker of a sort, and it will take a tremendous amount of energy to change course or stop it from sailing into a hurricane. That energy can only come from the people. Let’s just say for argument’s sake that 10 million Americans made a list of CONSTITUTIONAL DEMANDS to government, backed up by one or both of two forces. The first force would be the force of law and the threat of massive lawsuits if the government didn’t comply. The second force would come from the promise for OPEN AND NOTORIOUS RESISTANCE of those 10 million people against unconstitutional laws and acts by government. To fund the effort those 10 million people would agree to pay $10.00 per month to an organization dedicated to delivering the DEMANDS and following through with the two forces. The other side has been doing it for years while our side yawns and complains.

We can tell you, ladies and gentlemen, to turn the Super Tanker America around will not happen without the energy, dedication and commitment of at least 10 million Americans. Without that energy the path for America can only lead to revolution or worse ….. subjugation and slavery.

Yes, we can vote for Donald Trump and hope that he has the energy and stamina to start the process of restoring constitutional freedom, but without the dedicated backing of at least 10,000,000 Americans with their money, their mouths and their directed actions, he won’t be successful and will be voted out of office at the end of his first term. But if the people in large numbers don’t vote for Donald Trump and Hillary becomes President, it is doubtful that the Super Tanker America will ever be stopped from sailing into a hurricane where it will sink into the abyss of one-world socialism.

We have already tried the first black president and we can all see how that turned out. Is the American experiment with freedom ready for the first woman president, but worse, is the American experiment with freedom ready for a woman president who is a carbon copy of America’s first socialist black president? God, we hope not!

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Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of this weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America.” Ron is the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, acting as an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. Affiliated NARLO websites are “SAVE THE USA” ( and “Getting Even With Government” ( Ron can be reached for comment at

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