by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

(Oct. 20, 2016) — Trump soared, stayed mostly on focus, and responded to Hillary’s endless low ball attacks with gut punches that worked again and again.

Trump shared lots of details regarding his vision for health care, the economy, and jobs, dealing with the Middle East and ISIS, the Supreme Court, 2nd amendment, right to life, on and on. Fox moderator Chris Wallace asked the loaded questions that truly painted Trump and Hillary worlds apart. If anyone was confused as to where both candidates stood before last night, they shouldn’t be now.

I was thrilled that Trump and Wallace brought up various forms of Hillary corruption, the Wikileaks, emails, her corrupt foundation, letting the people of Haiti down and statements revealed in speech transcripts Hillary had given for big bucks, where she wanted and planned for open borders and open trade.

In Hillary’s ongoing avoidance, or lying/neutered responses, she responded with ridiculous and unvetted paranoia, which I believe was one of her most damaging moments in this debate. That was her accusation about a Russian conspiracy…,” “Putin is trying to rig the election for Trump” Russians hacked this and the Russians did that – dangerous and evil Trump supporting Russians. It went on and on as Trump responded that he had never met Putin. She looked ‘mental’ at times as she avoided, threw out the Russian conspiracy card, and tried to hide (again) behind her old ‘Trump tax return card.’ Once again, Trump responded that he was working within the law and why would he pay tax if he could legally depreciate things or not pay it? It was an absurd attack on Trump, yet again, followed by the paranoid Russian attack.

The picture for Election Day is 1000% clear in my view. Americans will have to pick between opposite visions for us all. Here are a few bottom lines which came out yet again during the third debate.


Hillary will promote and protect abortion – even partial-birth/late-term abortion (hiding behind the usual ‘women’s rights.’

Trump will protect life in the womb and stop funding Planned Parenthood and stop its support at a federal level. He will throw it then back to the states to exercise their rights.

2nd Amendment and Guns

Hillary will create laws and regulations that stop or drastically minimize on line sales of guns, gun show sales and demand background checks for all and no doubt more controls on ammo. She will get the UN involved as well.

Trump will appoint conservative judges who protect and defend the 2nd amendment and allow freedom to gun owners and merchants. The standard background checks would continue but gun sales would not be manipulated out of existence as they would be with Hillary.

Economy and jobs

Hillary’s bandwagon is the usual “middle class” this and middle class that. She swears she will not raise taxes on anyone earning $250 and lower, but all others, businesses, wealthy, corporations are to pay significantly more. She even plans for a massive death tax increase. Her tax relief promises sounded just like Obama with Obamacare: “You will pay significantly less for your health coverage and can choose your own doctor.” Bottom line: With Hillary, tax increases will be everywhere.

Trump will free up all with tax cuts including businesses and corporations who create and provide millions of jobs. He will also cut regulations along with business taxes to court businesses and industry home to America to employ more. He is following a plan similar to the Ronald Reagan approach, which got our economy back on track.

ISIS and Islamic radical threats

Hillary will bring in thousands more ‘mystery’ Syrian refugees, many, no doubt, belonging to ISIS or are ISIS supporters and continue to pepper them throughout America. She will not support Israel but bow down as she has always done to the Islamic agenda and demands for land, etc.

Trump will identify and crush ISIS and radical Islam members in America and arrest/or deport them quickly. This also includes finding the drug lords and dealers who come in as illegal aliens and do billions of dollars in business. Trump will boldly define the enemies to America; crush them without always announcing the plan in advance as Obama and Hillary have done.

In the third debate – smiling and smooth Hillary’s corruption, false attacks, misleading statements and now Russian paranoia — were revealed in Technicolor.

Go, Trump.

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