by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 6, 2016) — Reported strange, vulgar and harassing phone calls; stalking; telephone and computer hacking totaling thousands of dollars in damages, and at least one death threat against family and close friends have culminated in what is believed to be the forced hospitalization of a medically- and emotionally-fragile U.S. Army soldier whose power of attorney has been barred from receiving updates on his condition or obtaining medical records.

For months, the power of attorney has been advocating for a congressional and/or a presidential inquiry into a number of alleged civil and constitutional rights violations which appear to include emotional and possibly physical abuse of the soldier by Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), a facility funded by taxpayer dollars.

Last Thursday, the POA was told by Sgt. Anthony Hill that the soldier willingly went to the emergency room after behaving erratically, a story which the POA doubted at the time.

Now, she is convinced that the soldier did not go to the emergency room voluntarily.

On September 1, he was intimidated into reporting to the same emergency room under the threat of “negative consequences” while he was on leave and just hours after he had undergone one-day surgery.

For the past three years, the Army has attempted to make the case that the soldier is “delusional,” possibly to discount any testimony he might give on several fronts, including behavior he said he witnessed while he was stationed in South Korea in 2012, as The Post & Email has reported previously.

Consequently, the soldier has remained on active duty, although certified as disabled, “stationed” at Walter Reed in a residence unit.  His family has objected to the considerable number of medications he has been prescribed and has filed numerous complaints about the neuropsychiatrist who treated him through June of this year.

“This is federal habeas corpus,” the POA told us on Tuesday evening.

On Friday night, the POA traveled to Washington, DC to observe the soldier in person, although a physician attempted to dissuade her from coming earlier that day.  “He doesn’t need any visitors right now,” the POA quoted the doctor as having said.  “That was a red flag right there,” she told The Post & Email.

When the POA arrived, she found the physician’s claim to be inaccurate based on the soldier’s animation upon seeing her. “They just want him up on that ward,” she said.

The POA maintains that the soldier is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and that Walter Reed is not only aware of it, but also exploiting it.  “They know that eyes are on this.  I think their whole goal was to get him up on the floor,” she said.

In a considerable number of interviews in past years, LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret) has explained that the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) does not afford military service members the same constitutional rights to which they swear an oath to defend. Fitzpatrick’s research into military code commenced after he was court-martialed for political reasons in 1990, a forged confession letter placed in his file, and his career subsequently ended in 1994.

Founding Father James Madison opposed the notion of a permanent army. “A standing army is one of the greatest mischief that can possibly happen,” he said at the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Founding Fathers George Mason and Alexander Hamilton also opposed the formation of a standing army.  “No man has a greater regard for the military gentlemen than I have. I admire their intrepidity, perseverance, and valour. But when once a standing army is established, in any country, the people lose their liberty,” Mason said at the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788.

Constitutionally, there will be a new commander-in-chief on January 20, 2017.

“Who is overseeing the military?” the POA asked in an interview on Wednesday.  “Not only is the Army out of control, but Walter Reed is out of control.  Our family wants to know if this really happens in America, as it does in North Korea – where you can hold a person hostage because you don’t want him to testify?”

As for the computer hacking, the POA said, “We have proof as to who did it.”

“I know it is a small thing, as some would look at it, as it only relates to a private soldier, and we have hundreds of thousands of them. But the way to have good soldiers is to treat them rightly…A private soldier has as much right to justice as a major general.” — Abraham Lincoln

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