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by League of NY Citizens, ©2016

(Oct. 7, 2016) — Pleased – More Than Pleased – To Report That Folks Have Had Enough of NYS government nonsense. The 47% pay raise has pushed people over the edge enough to “Take Action.” On Sunday we informed some folks of a Grassroots Mission. The email included this: 11 Dollars May Save NY – here’s how: We have a 6; 2-sided flyers that detail the political crimes and corruption in NY. They also urge people to vote incumbents out of office. If YOU email albel1@aol.com we will mail you 200 flyers ($11) for YOU to distribute to homes and businesses. Note: we will respond to all replies – thanks

Our first email went to only 600 addresses. The request for flyers immediately began rolling in. On Monday we had requests for 4,000 flyers. Tuesday morning – my inbox has over 150 requests and more are pouring in. AND the mission email hasn’t gone out to our full Connected Email List yet. Note: we will respond to all replies – thanks

We are now planning:

1.      Banner Truck missions
2.      Regional Meetings
3.      Questionnaire to Legislators
4.      News release
5.      TV Radio Interviews
6.      More ….. Stay tuned!

This Mission WILL Raise An Uproar In Political Circles. It WILL, at the very least, scare the heck out of them. This WILL show them Grassroots Is a Voice to Be Reckoned With.

WE MUST make OUR voice heard – WE CAN DO IT! – NY is “Good Earth” worth saving!!! I wish WE had $10 million to hire an army to get OUR message to every person in NY – BUT – WE don’t. OUR success is up to YOU to spend some time, effort and a small sum of money to make it happen.  Just a few thousand Dedicated Grassroots Troops CAN change the government culture. Every person receiving this message have talked the talk – PLEASE – walk the walk. Don’t Sit Quietly Anymore – Take Action – Make It Happen!!!!

Send An Email To: albel1@aol.com subject box [Flyer Request] include your mailing address, phone and amount of flyers you want (and any message you want). You will receive a reply with further info. We will get the flyers to you as quickly as possible. Note: we will respond to all replies – thanks

Please Spread the word– inform every one of OUR mission – WE CAN MAKE HISTORY!!!

AND – Stay Tuned – there’s more to this mission – EVERY politician WILL hear OUR roar.
Thanks – Keep Fighting
PS: Here’s Another Sample Flyer:


Cuomo and NY Legislators conspired an outrageous scheme to subvert the law and the NY constitution. The law clearly states legislators have to pass a bill to give themselves a pay raise. A pay raise is now set to automatically commence after this November’s elections without any legal legislative process.

Outrageous Behavior: Cuomo and the Assembly Speaker conspired and planned a large legislature pay raise. But it is “political suicide” for the legislature to vote themselves the pay raise. Ignoring the law they conspired to subvert the legal process. Using Cuomo’s “special committee” they hatched a plan. The committee would recommend a pay raise and the pay raise would automatically take effect by Cuomo without any action by the legislature. Instead of the legislature passing a law to approve the raise they now have to propose and pass a law to refuse the raise. This is, without question, illegal, unethical, and corruption of the highest order.

Pay Raise Details: Currently State senators and assembly members receive a base pay of $79,500. In addition most receive additional compensation between $9,000 and $41,500 for serving on committees. On August 16, 2016 Cuomo’s seven-person Commission on Legislative, Judicial, & Executive Compensation recommended lawmakers’ pay increase of 47% from $79,500 to $116,900 a year. The raise is binding on November 15 – 1 week after elections – unless lawmakers pass a special law of rejection.

Citizen Remedy: The citizens have NO recourse. The citizen have no right to impeach or recall lawless elected officials. The citizens cannot arrest or sue the individuals or the legislature. There is NO procedure to force the lawmakers to obey the law. The only remedy the citizens have is to vote the legislature out of office.

Question: Every NY senator and assemblyman knew about the illegal pay raise scheme. Did any senator or assemblyman take action to stop or alter this lawlessness?

Every NY legislature is Guilty; of conspiracy to defraud the public. Every legislator is guilty of collusion to subvert the law and the constitution. Every legislator condones the Albany culture of corruption.


Comparing State Legislator Pay

NY Legislators Set to Get a 47% Pay Raise From $79,000.00 to $117,000.00
·        23 States Pay Legislators from -0- to $20,000 per year
·        32 States Pay Legislators from -0- to $32,000 per year
·        43 States Pay Legislators from -0- to $51,000 per year

NOTE: New York’s Working Taxpayers Average Pay Is $33,095.00

State Legislator Salary https://ballotpedia.org/Comparison_of_state_legislative_salaries

Alabama $42,830/year       Indiana $24,671/year        Nebraska $12,000/year       South Carolina $10,400/year
Alaska $50,400/year         Iowa $25,000/year             Nevada $146.29/day           South Dakota $6,000/session
Arizona $24,000/year        Kansas $88.66/day           New Hampshire $200          Tennessee $20,884/year
Arkansas $39,400/year      Kentucky $188.22/day      New Jersey $49,000/yr        Texas $7,200/year
California $100,113/yr        Louisiana $16,800/yr         New Mexico None               Utah $273/day
Colorado $30,000/year      Maine $14,074/year           New York $79,500/year       Vermont $693.74/week
Connecticut $28,000/yr     Maryland $46,061/yr          N Carolina $13,951/yr         Virginia $18,000/year
Delaware $44,541/year     Mass $60,032/yr                North Dakota $172/day       Washington $45,474/year
Florida $29,697/year         Michigan $71,685/year       Ohio $60,584/year              West Virginia $20,000/year
Georgia $17,342/year        Minnesota $31,141/year    Oklahoma $38,400/year      Wisconsin $50,950/year
Hawaii $60,180/year         Mississippi $10,000/year    Oregon $23,568/year          Wyoming $150/day
Idaho $16,684/year           Missouri $35,915/year        Pennsylvania $85,339/yr
Illinois $67,836 year          Montana 10.33 Hr.              Rhode Island $15,414/yr
YOUR Civic Duty Demands ACTION ***VOTE***
November 8 VOTE ALL Incumbent Legislators Out of Office
Paid for By League of NY Citizens

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