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(Oct. 3, 2016) — A Message to the Supporters of Hillary Clinton:

A dark vapor envelops us as we lose all sense of direction.

The silence is deafening, for surely something living must be left at least dying.

But it is not so: they destroyed every possible identifying vestiges of life; for all we can tell, a murder of crows stayed a week rather than an advanced civilization that lasted 300 years.

What happened is one question arose, but not the paramount one.

Did they see it coming or was it a complete surprise? That is the question to which we require the answer.

It was “Fire!” in a crowded theater, but it was a real fire and the people locked the doors* so no one could have possibly escaped: they did themselves in.

Was it mass suicide or did they just give up and lie down and kiss the earth goodbye as it soaked up their blood, just as the shadows soak up the life of daylight.

Young warriors die on the field of battle, and honor is rightfully bestowed upon them, but that’s not what happened here.

What happened here was massacre in kitchens and hallways, in backyards and schools: a whole nation turned into what happened in Beslan, Russia** in 2004, on a colossal scale.

First one town, then one city, and then it spread from State to State and across borders so that there wasn’t an animal or human left alive.

And then their insatiable desires turned upon themselves, which was, after all, the only piece of logic in the whole murderous puzzle: the last father “honor-kills” his wife and children in order to appease his god’s insatiable appetite for human sacrifice.

The last sunset reveals a dazed form of a human being dying of loneliness on top of the world; a King in a worthless kingdom; a ruler with no subjects; the end result of the psychopathic mind: nothing; emptiness; worthless; without value; wasted, without any redeeming qualities or characteristics whatsoever.

And in Islam’s 1600-year history nothing has changed: insanity begets insanity; stupidity begets wastefulness, and emptiness begets one big fat lie.

So join Hilary Clinton as she lies to you while embracing the subjugation of women as worthless as the grains of sand in the Empty Quarter.

Go ahead, vote for Hillary and lay down the building blocks of the destruction of Western Civilization: participate in the destruction of the tablets of the Ten Commandments; give up on ever traveling to the stars; give the death knell to the human race.

Join the other worthless has-beens, but one thing don’t ever do: don’t beg for mercy when the Avenging Angel comes for you.

And the Angel will come for you, for there’s no escaping the visit from the Grim Reaper: the only way out of this life is death. The question is do you meet Mr. Reaper with a stalwart and true heart or will you meet the end of your life as a coward and liar?

The choice is yours and yours alone.

Remember: Your vote is between you and your conscience: let’s but hope your conscience is a clear as your dreams.

[*“locked the doors”: any construction criticism of Islam, i.e., “honor killings”]

[**I often reference what happened in the school house in Beslan, Russia, in 2004, for it is, I believe, an excellent example of the mindset of Islam and what we’re up against: what we’re fighting and what we’re fighting for. There is no better example of the complete disregard for life in systematically torturing and murdering little innocent children just for the sake of “pleasing” a Muslim’s warped sense of worth. This abhorrent behavior has been going on for the past 1600 years, and I believe it’s high time Western Civilization put a stop to it once and for all. Had OPOVV been elected president in 2012 there would be a lot fewer Muslims in the U.S. today than there are.]


Chief New Leaf

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