by Ron Ewart, ©2016, President, NARLO

(Sep. 18, 2016) — “Progressivism makes strong people weak and weak people even weaker.  It robs them of their pride, dignity, self-respect and their motivation to achieve something greater than the image they see in the mirror.  It teaches them that dependency is OK and self-reliance and independence isn’t necessary.  Progressives are predatory and prey upon the weakest among us. Progressivism was never about compassion, it was and is always about votes and power.”  Ron Ewart

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Five thousand years of human history have proven that free republics have a lifespan of a little over 200 years before they start eating themselves and morph into socialism or fascism.  It’s three minutes after 11 PM and there are only 57 minutes on our 12-hour clock to save America from the fate of all other free republics.   By the year 2040 nothing will remain of the Founders’ dream of liberty for all men under a Constitutional Republic if America continues on its current path.

Sadly, the majority of Americans like it just the way it is or don’t care one way or the other.  This majority has the majority of the votes, so they will do nothing to change the status quo.  It is left to a minority of Americans to convince the majority that their days of free living off the sweat, blood and tears of productive Americans will eventually come to an end either by running out of money, or outright civil war.

This minority is composed of three groups of Americans: the silent patriot, the freedom fighter and the militia, as depicted in the following image.


The silent patriot is fully aware of the degradation of freedom but doesn’t have a solution or is afraid to act.  The freedom fighter is on the peaceful front lines trying to slow down that degradation.  The Militia anxiously waits in the shadows, locked, loaded and training for when they may be needed.  These three groups are the only ones that can SAVE THE USA from freedom-robbing Progressivism.  They can’t do it with their votes, so there has to be another way and there is.  What we do know is that one man or woman can’t save America.  Only millions of united Americans can save America, even if they are in the minority.

Sure, we know, the world elite (ruling class) is controlling the global money supply and the world economy and trying to drive us all into a new world order against our will.

That’s right, the American government, at all levels, is trying to shove United Nations social justice, radical environmental protection and “climate change” down our throats.

And everyone knows that illegal immigration is out of control, our borders remain porous and the problem remains intractable, even though workable solutions are staring us in the face, like enforcing current law.

The politicians are incapable of getting a handle on government spending and the end result can only be bankruptcy and total financial collapse.

Government has crafted a tax code that is fitting for a dictatorship.  It is designed to intimidate and entrap the taxpayer as well as enslave him.  A foreign enemy couldn’t have devised a more diabolical plot to subjugate the people.

The feds, states and local governments are brainwashing our kids with collectivism, environmentalism, multi-culturalism, political correctness and a whole bunch of other “isms” at which we can only guess.  They are purposely trying to produce obedient robots, not clear-thinking individuals with dreams of liberty and achievement in their heads.

It is undeniable that government is doing everything in its power to take over our money, our land, our energy, our food, our water and our health care and they are trashing the foundation of our liberty, the U. S. Constitution.   Our courts have become hopelessly corrupt.

Our foreign policy is an international embarrassment, and we have entered into police actions with smaller countries (better known as “war”) that either we shouldn’t have been there in the first place, or engaged in a losing strategy.  We appease our enemies instead of showing them that we mean business and we will protect our interests and our citizens with every option at our disposal.

And let’s not forget that a radical element of Islam is doing everything within its power, both inside and outside of the United States, to destroy Western civilization and America’s way of life, a radical element so brutal that it uses stealth, trickery, propaganda, lies, savagery and the fear of death and murder itself, to intimidate all who will not convert to Islam.  This radical element is not a small group.  It could represent as many as 120,000,000 martyrs and homicide bombers throughout the world.  This is a formidable enemy that wears no uniform or the colors of any country.  If peaceful Muslims don’t want their religion sullied, profiled and dragged through the mud, they had better start cleaning up their own mess, or all Muslims will be tarnished for generations by the radical beliefs and violent actions of those 120,000,000.

So, ladies and gentlemen, are all of these problems that we can’t seem to solve right now a reason to give up?  Are we to run and hide when obstacles lie in our path to freedom?

Think about it!  America has lived through and survived a revolution from which our freedom was born and a civil war that nearly tore us apart.  We have taken on the world in two devastating World Wars.  We rebuilt Germany and Japan after those wars that cost American taxpayers billions.  Our military might and the exceptional bravery of our well-trained men and women in uniform, have freed over 1 billion people from slavery and brutality.  We are the saviors of the world in natural disasters.  We are the consumers of the world’s goods, providing jobs and thriving economies in smaller and even larger countries.  Our technology and medical discoveries have not only improved our own lot and our lifestyle, but they have saved and improved millions of lives around the globe.  American inventors and entrepreneurs have created wealth and living standards unmatched anywhere in the world.  We have sent men to the moon and the “eyes” of our scientific probes explore the Solar System.

And finally, there are no people on earth that are more generous than are Americans.  We have much to be proud of and thankful for and we need not apologize to anyone, any person, any country, any flag, any religion, or any mealy-mouthed president.

However, through our inattention to what our government was doing for the last 100 years, we have allowed the national and local problems to magnify to the point where they appear to be unsolvable.

But just because the task seems insurmountable, is our answer to quit and throw in the towel?  Are we but pawns that we would allow others to pull our strings and do their bidding?  Do we back down from bullies?  Are we so cowardly that we would turn tail and retreat in the face of danger?  Are our lives so comfortable that we fear a fight when a fight is our only alternative if freedom is to be preserved?

But we don’t have to get bloody to win this fight!  The tools and weapons of freedom are ours to use; that is, if we have the courage to use them.  We have the constitution and the law at our disposal.    We have the mindset of freedom in millions of Americans that we can call on when needed.

Sure, government and special interests have bastardized it, but our Constitution is still strong and it still has the power to prevail over those who would take away our liberties.  We also have the American spirit, determination and perseverance in the very fiber of our souls which we can enlist in our peaceful armies of freedom.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have allowed our government to divide us.  We now fight with each other instead of focusing our attention on the perpetrators of our weakening condition.  Government, in both political parties, has bought off millions of Americans with promises from the federal treasury ….. for their votes.  Government continues to pass regulations that strangle the very fabric of our existence, our commerce, our economy, our growth, our wealth and our generosity.

The government engages in racketeering with national and international banks and Wall Street to further its control over our daily lives and to implement the one-world order as well as to enrich itself in the process.  They consort with our enemies and make backroom deals with the moneychangers and the power brokers who undermine American sovereignty and our freedom.  International influences have infiltrated all levels of our government and they implement international law in such a way that it takes priority over American law.  We have some U. S. Supreme Court Justices who believe they should consult the laws and constitutions of foreign countries when they adjudicate American law and legislation.

Sure, we can sit back and let the puppeteers pull the strings.  We can watch as our freedom morphs into socialism.  We can do nothing while our sovereignty is merged into a world government, run by those who control the money and the political power.  We can even capitulate to the evils of a mob democracy where we are forced to abide by mob rule.

But if we do, all of the sacrifices of those who laid down their lives and gave their full measure of patriotism to their country for freedom will have been for naught.  If we do, our children and grandchildren will be condemned to servitude to a planet oligarchy where those who oversee the money and the power will be an elevated ruling class and those outside of the money and power will be but puppets who feed the ruling class with their sweat and their labor, slavery by any other name.   If we give up, our great experiment with freedom will have died and its death will have been totally preventable.

The ruling class doesn’t need a whip to make you bow down; they will only have to cut off your money, your energy, your food, your water and your health care that they now control.  That is why the government passes laws to move rural Americans into big cities where they are easier to control.  That is exactly what the Romanian dictator Nicolea Ceausescu did when he came to power in Romania.  At gunpoint he moved all rural residents into big cities where he could control them.  Nicolea and his brutal wife were caught and executed by insurgent army units in the 1989 Romanian Revolution.  Could that be what Americans will be forced to do, as government moves us into high-dense urban cities where they can more easily control us?

If you don’t believe what we say is true, read about what Stalin did to the people of the Ukraine in 1932 and 1933, where 14 million people died of starvation.  Their blood is on Stalin’s hands, but it is also on the hands of the people who would not fight back.  You say it can’t happen in America and yet we know that history continues to repeat itself with confounding regularity?

For God’s sake, people, we are Americans!  We bow down to no man or government.  We are sovereign individuals of the universe and our rights come from our Creator.  Those rights are not the purview of government which can give or take away rights as it pleases.

We leave you with this statement of truth:  “Winning is the key to empowerment and the confidence to forge ahead!”  Let’s start a “Culture of Peaceful Resistance” that sweeps across the land like a wind-driven grass fire by winning some small skirmishes at the local level and then move on to winning skirmishes at the state level, so that we have the confidence and power to take on Washington, DC at the federal level.

Our three groups of Americans, the silent patriot, the freedom fighter and the Militia, must coalesce into a peaceful fighting force to blunt Progressivism and stop America from repeating history.  That peaceful fighting force must forge a “Culture of Peaceful Resistance in America” that has never been seen before.  We call on these three groups to join us in this effort.  We will plant the seeds of that “Culture of Peaceful Resistance” with our new website:  “STUSA” is an abbreviation for: “Save The USA.”  This effort will be in addition to our work under the “National Association of Rural Landowners.”  We do not intend to go quietly into the night with our tail between our legs.  Hopefully, we will not have to stand alone in those efforts.  Martyrdom is for fools!

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NOTE:  The foregoing article represents the opinion of the author and is not necessarily shared by the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of the publisher.

Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of this weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America,” is the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners.  He can be reached for comment at

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  1. The difference between old-time socialism, led by communist ideologues is that in the old days, if you were being oppressed by a totalitarian government, if you could manage it, through escape, patience and persistence, or otherwise, you had a place to go TO…the West.

    If the United States flips, and is overcome by the enemies of God and Liberty, there will be no further escape from anywhere. The one-world government will have total control of every detail of every little thing, probably even down to individual blades of grass being assigned barcodes to make sure that no resource is not inventoried…or maybe there won’t be grass, see California and its so-called drought. They will scan your garbage cans and analyze their contents, to make sure that you’re not feeding one more person, or that you aren’t using too much toilet paper, and to see if you’re hiding something else.

    Simply put, they will have absolute knowledge of every thing that exists through an inventory system that will make your head spin, and you won’t be able to hide a thing, because you will be under constant surveillance by your phone, your watch, your TV, your washer, your car, drones, satellites, artificial insects, birds, animals, intelligence. You won’t have money, land, or ANY THING that is yours.

    Communism, formerly theoretical, and seemingly impossible, will be fully instituted worldwide if the USA ceases to exist, if the brainwashing succeeds, if good people can’t get the biggest majority of people in this country…the ones who THINK that they are on the left, but are uninformed…to see the light. It has taken me a year to convince two people, but they are confirmed converts, no swaying them back. If you can find that one thing that gets someone thinking and investigating, you never know what you can do.