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by OPOVV, ©2016

Is this coming to America?

(Sep. 7, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Chief New Leaf and will be your host for tonight’s episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ We’re back in Professor Zorkophsky’s office to interview him for writing the current best-seller: ‘Your Neighbor is Selling You Out! Conspiracy Proven Beyond ANY Shadows!’ I must say that’s a rather accusatory title, wouldn’t you agree? And what’s with all those exclamations?

“Thank you for having me on your show, Chief. You read the book? Well, then, what a crazy question! Oh, sorry. I don’t usually use exclamation points, but I had to because no one is paying any attention. No one is listening, I think, so I use exclamation points to get their attention.

“And I’m not crazy or an alarmist, as the press is now calling me. Not me. I tell the facts, that’s all, and the facts are embarrassing, no lie. No, don’t interrupt, please. If you interrupt me I may lose my train of thought and become somewhat (perhaps) unglued. I say perhaps, sound-boom lady. Not for real: a figure of speech.

“Let’s turn to Chapter 3: ‘The Money Changers are Still in the Temple!’ Now listen: Christian and Jewish organizations are importing Muslims into our country FOR MONEY!

“I think we’ll call the paramedics and have them give you some ‘Calm-down juice,’ you think?”

 “I think you should listen to what I have to say. These so-called ‘benevolent Christian’ organizations are nothing but money-making businesses operating for tax credits and out-and-out payments from the federal government for importing Muslims. PERIOD, I KID YOU NOT.

“Yes, I am calm and I’m sorry I raised my voice. No, not screaming, I assure you. ‘Sounded-like’ and ‘is’ are not the same, of this I assure you.

“Listen even more: these ‘Christian’ and ‘Jewish’ organizations get paid by the government for importing Muslims. Muslims are being imported for the sole purpose to shove Sharia Law down our throats, okay? Don’t give me that look. You know, like you’re humoring me.  I know that look: I raised a teenager; so there.

“These so-called, well, you know what they are; these organizations place these Muslims in apartments for money, yes? Because I tell you; what? Wax buildup? Clean your ears: listen!

“They sponsor a Muslim chosen by the United Nations for import to the USA: ONE. And then, after 30 days, they get to import Muslim relatives: TWO. And they get paid for each MUSLIM they place in an apartment within 100 miles of their office, and there’s hundreds of these sleazy money-making organizations all over our country: hundreds of offices of these ‘Christian’ benevolent organizations are importing THOUSANDS, yes?

“Ha! Got ya! Ha-ha-ha! No; NO! Not thousands; HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS! And they know that these Muslims have no intentions to assimilate.

“Chief, sit and relax. Take deep breaths. It’s okay; I had the exact same reaction. I thought – just like you – that if any organization is to do good, it would be a Christian or Jewish one, yes? For sure, but for sure I was wrong.

“Wrong! You see, the immigrants of today are not like the immigrants of yesterday, or, really, 60-70 years ago and more. People came here for freedom; to embrace ‘The American Way’; to learn English; to assimilate; to be honest; to work hard and make something of themselves. That was then and this is now: now they immigrate to destroy us. Yes, don’t look so shocked, for I speak Truth. They come to divide. Read my book; $19.95 is a bargain, trust me. Here: I sell you my copy and charge you no tax; it’s like I’m giving it away. Give me a $20 and we’ll call it even. I know you have an expense account: you buy me burgers.

“Here: I have a box full. Make it $60 and I’ll give you 4, free of charge, except, of course, the $60. You will read about these ‘charities’  — here I pretend to spit, see? – are stealing the taxpayers’ – our money — money for their own gain and the heck with the United States of America!

“Upset? Upset! I’d say, and you should be, too.

“Listen, for the last time: this week our do-nothing, weak Congress will either approve Obama’s request to bring in 200,000 more Muslims or not. They will either approve the funding for additional Muslims, as if we need one more, or not approve. I hope not approve because we’re in bad enough shape as it is with San Bernardino and Orlando behind us, not to mention Fort Hood.

“And here it is, 2016, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are STILL allowing Muslims in our military! No! I wasn’t yelling; I was emphasizing, that’s all.

“Yes, perhaps you’re right; we should all go and have a nice quiet burger and fries. Me? I’ll take some slaw and a shake. See, I’m nice and calm. Our country is being sold right out from under us; someone yanked the rug out from under us; people lie for money; down the river we go. Down the river; DOWN THE RIVER!

“No, no: I am calm: I was just making my point. Thank you for allowing me to hawk my book. I just hope that Congress denies the funds for our de facto clown-of-a-president to import one more — let alone hundreds of thousands — Muslims into our country. Muslims are not like us: they kill animals to satisfy their mental disease, and they view women as animals. And if that alone doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, nothing will.”

“Well, I’m sorry to interrupt you, Professor, but I see that our time is up. Thank you for watching us tonight and, on behalf of the crew – and I’m sure the good Professor —  I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Wow, what a show. I read your book last night and couldn’t put it down. I can’t believe that these groups would sell us down the river for 30 pieces of silver, but I’m afraid it’s all true: these Muslims want nothing more than to kill us all for being Infidels: nonbelievers, although we do believe in democracy, the Constitution and equal rights for all. Go figure. Hey, burger time: my treat.”

I Am Woman


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