Under the Table; Over the Top (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2016

(Jul. 27, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another interesting segment of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ Hello, I’m Chief New Leaf filling in for Mr. Roving. As you can see, we’re back under the awning, across the street from the railroad station, about to waylay people going about their day and ask them what’s on their minds.

“Excuse me, sir; got a minute to answer a question?”

“Sure do. Wife and I watch ‘Pulse’ whenever it’s on. Dog likes it too. What’s the question of the day?”

“Oh, nothing earth-shattering: just curious about what you do for a living; kind-of a human-interest angle. You mind?”

“No, not at all. I used to be part of the Democratic Machine – the DNC in common-people-speak – but I just resigned when all the crookedness became public knowledge, or I should say ‘some or few,’ since John Q. Public doesn’t really give a hoot about the intricacies of politics.  They should, if they knew what was good for them.”

“You wouldn’t be cynical by any chance, would you?”

“If people knew how politics really works they would storm the Bastille (metaphor for climbing over the 8’ chain-link fence), so to speak. The word ‘crooked’ is but a close proximity. Cash is king, always has been, but never more than now, because of the astronomical amounts. Used to be transferring thousands in cash was just the simple act of passing an attaché case, but these days the money – in the millions — is transferred digitally to offshore slush-fund accounts. Actually, the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars is, if not common, nearly so.”

“Yes, I know of what you speak. I’ve read about the Vatican Slush Fund. It never got any play by the mainstream media in this country, although it was front-page news in Europe for weeks.”

“That’s right. We played the news organizations as if we were playing a violin. Easy as pie, it was. All we had to do was hint at calling the FCC. We would make up so far-off-the-wall, totally ridiculous stories — like Trump and the Russians were working together and hacked into the DNC Emails — and they’d run with it as if they were delivering the gospel for the first time.

“What we were doing was misdirection. The news was taken off the content of the emails and transferred to Trump, who had nothing to do with the price of rice in China, if you get my meaning. Let me tell you a little secret: most of the players of these nefarious operations at the DNC were done by people who once worked at carnivals, the ‘Triple-A’ training college for ‘sleight-of-hand’ and ‘sleight-of-fact’ professionals.

“Remember Hillary winning those coin-tosses in Iowa in February on who got the delegates, Sanders or her? It was I who tossed those coins. It could’ve been 20 or 40 in a row; the outcome would’ve been the same.

“And let me tell you something else: the whole process was fixed from the get-go; Sanders never had a chance. It’s like you and I are playing poker and every hand that’s dealt to me is a royal flush, unless I let you win so you have a handful of delegates.  But I always have more than double what you’ll ever have.”

“And you got paid; I mean, you got a paycheck?”

“Of course I got paid. Let me put it this way: I was very well-compensated for my expertise in GUARANTEEING that Hillary would ‘win’ the nomination. How about that? And the caveat — the icing on the cake — is that the money is not only tax-free, but the IRS will look the other way ‘in perpetuity.’ How about them apples?”

“Let me see if I understand this: you deliberately, well, you and others, manipulated the system so it was just a sham; all make-believe; your sleight-of-hand input made a complete mockery of the democratic process. You took legally-cast votes from American citizens and rendered them completely meaningless; is that about the gist of it?”

“Sure thing. Remember ACORN? Same thing. But it even extends to counting the votes. The SPLC and others are involved, even the Muslim Brotherhood, believe it or not.

“Hey, if I didn’t do it, someone else would’ve done the same thing and made the millions that I would’ve made, so there. And before you ask, nobody cares. I watched the show last night where you had Zeki Wolfski on, so let me tell you something: she was my boss last year, you understand? Here comes my train, but Joseph Stalin said something rather scary but very true that we need to heed: ‘It’s not who gets the most ballots that wins, it’s who counts the votes.’”

“And there he goes to catch his train. Well, you heard it first-hand: Trump used the word ‘rigged,’ but no matter how you say it, the fix was in.

“Sanders never had a chance: millions of Americans exercising their Constitutional rights were swept under the bus, had their rights violated, as if they were nothing more than dirt to be vacuumed up and tossed in the garbage can. Exactly the way former Attorney General Eric Holder treated the American voters when he failed to prosecute the New Black Panthers in ‘My People’ case.

“And that reminds me of the time when America took that fateful turn that will go down in history as the first critical blow to freedom: when the Constitutional rights of a decorated Army doctor – LTC Terry Lakin  — was violated when he asked to see Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE to know if Obama was constitutionally qualified to be his Commander-in-Chief.

“Yes, America is at a crossroads, and if you think that the supporters of Bernie Sanders being silenced during the Democratic National Convention was just an anomaly, you better think again. What you witnessed was the future: the abolishing of the Bill of Rights, and welcome to a Police State.

“Something to think about and ponder when you go into the voting booth in November: who would you want watching your back:  Hillary or Trump? Ought to be one heck of an easy answer. Our time is up: and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.

“Yikes. Sanders and the millions who supported him were nonchalantly swept under the rug, right on national television, and the pundits just let it slide right on by. Totally amazing at the audacity of it all; rigged; fixed; lie after lie; sold-out; violation of people’s Constitutional rights in our faces. This burger will be one of those ‘medicinal burgers’; so, too, the shake, fries, chips and slaw: my treat.”

Semper Fi


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