July 18, 2016

Dear Governor Scott:

All politics is local — so said Democrat leader Tip O’Neill.  And he was right on.  So, Gov. Scott, you must be aware that there are 7 Sanctuary Cities in Florida and 6 Sanctuary Counties. They’ve been in existence for years during your term as Governor.   Do you think they are are good thing? If not, then WHY are you ignoring them and helping to promote and continue the Sanctuary City system that got Kate Steinle killed by an illegal alien?

Shouldn’t you be upholding U.S. immigration laws and ensuring that illegal immigrants are deported? I believe that is part of your job. I believe you are getting paid 100% of your salary as Governor — but you’re doing only part of your job.  How much of your salary will you be giving back to the Florida treasury?

And a key part of limiting illegals is the idea — the law? — of  E-Verify to ensure that illegals are not being employed in JOBS that should be rightfully given to American citizens. This is especially hurtful to minorities who are suffering very high unemployment rates. Sure, you want to help out your Big Money corporate sponsors, but there are more of us than there are of them.  A large corporation gets just ONE vote.  We The People collectively would get millions of votes.  You do know that you need VOTES in order to get reelected, right?

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio both thought that Florida folks wouldn’t care about AMNESTY.  They did not fare so well in their recent run in the Presidential race, did they? Could their stance on Amnesty and illegals have been a major factor?  I think it was.  Maybe you need to start to pay some attention to what’s happening around you and in the nation.  People (voters) are fed up with politicians who ignore their best interests in order to cater to those special interests who donate big bucks so that wage rates for American workers are kept low so as to benefit the big boys.  Other than this issue, I think you’ve been doing a fair job as Governor. But you really do need to address this problem before the next election — unless you have other plans.

Jack R. Mertz

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