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by Sharon Rondeau

Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio revealing on March 1, 2012 that his Cold Case Posse found probable cause to believe that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form are fraudulent

(Jun. 30, 2016) — In a follow-on to The Post & Email’s Tuesday interview of Maricopa County Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo concerning the four-year investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s documentation and specifically, his Selective Service registration, the founder of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC), Mike Volin, told The Post & Email on Thursday that he and his team of volunteers consistently included the Selective Service findings when speaking to members of Congress and the public on the matter over the last three years.

The ongoing criminal investigation was commissioned in September 2011 by Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio, who was approached by 250 of his constituents concerned that their votes in the 2012 presidential election would be disenfranchised if reports of the birth certificate being a forgery proved accurate.  Arpaio chose his volunteer Cold Case Posse to analyze the long-form birth certificate image bearing Obama’s name posted on the White House website in April of that year so as to avoid any cost to Maricopa County taxpayers.

On April 7 of this year, Volin interviewed Zullo and radio show host Carl Gallups on the topic of presidential eligibility and Obama’s lack of verifiable documentation.  On March 4, Volin played a pre-recorded interview with Rep. Ryan Zinke on the topic of presidential eligibility during another radio broadcast.

In 2012, Zullo and Arpaio gave two press conferences during which they announced that the probe into the long-form birth certificate image purported to be a scan of a certified copy of Obama’s original birth record is a “computer-generated forgery.”

On March 1, 2012, Arpaio and Zullo stated that “probable cause” existed to believe the image a forgery, while on July 17, 2012 confirming that the standard of probable cause had been overcome with regard to the forgery of the birth certificate.

During the first presser, Zullo revealed that the investigation had found that Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form, disseminated to various FOIA requesters beginning in late 2008, is also fraudulent.

The Post & Email’s article published on Tuesday provided background on the Selective Service registration requirement, which by law applies to all males present in the United States, including illegal aliens, born on January 1, 1960 or afterward. A fine of up to $250,000 can be imposed against anyone who fails to register properly with the Selective Service.

Zullo then provided his analysis of what he believes is the nexus between an option introduced last year to the Oath of Allegiance for new U.S. citizens exempting them from “bearing arms” to defend their adopted nation and Obama’s apparent lack of Selective Service registration.

Obama claims a birth in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961 at the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital, a claim the hospital has refused to confirm.  The day on which the long-form birth certificate was placed on the White House website, Obama claimed to have released “proof of my birth.”

Mike Volin and WOBC volunteers in Washington, DC in November 2013 with the purpose of informing members of Congress of the results of the MCSO’s investigation into Obama’s documentation

Following the posse’s release of its findings, Volin used video footage of the presser to produce “Sheriff’s Kits,” DVDs containing Arpaio and Zullo’s presentation of evidence, in an effort to disseminate the information to members of Congress and the general public in light of the mainstream media’s failure to report it.

Since November 2013, Volin and others have met with hundreds of congressmen and U.S. Senators as well as state legislators and local law enforcement.  Last year, Jeffrey Harrison launched an effort to have a Pennsylvania grand jury review the posse’s evidence of fraud and forgery.

In December 2013, one of Volin’s volunteers residing in now-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s district in Wisconsin delivered a Sheriff’s Kit to his local office. Ryan’s eventual response ignored the evidence presented and indicated that he believes the image on the White House website is authentic.

In a letter to the constituent, Ryan wrote, in part:

Since President Obama was elected, many individuals have expressed concerns regarding his citizenship and eligibility to serve as the President of the United States given the requirements delineated in the Constitution.  On April 27, 2011, in response to these criticisms, President Obama released the long form of his birth certificate, which was issued by the Hawaii State Department of Health.

For your review, I have also included an electronic copy of the long form of the President’s birth certificate.  I certainly understand the importance of this issue, and I hope you find the information useful.

As to the Selective Service component of his many presentations to congressmen, both in Washington and district offices, Volin told The Post & Email:

When we first went and gave our presentations – before we went to Congress, we visited congressmen’s local district offices – we decided to condense the presentation and not play the entire “Sheriff Joe” news conference.  We took what Sheriff Joe said at the very beginning, during the first few minutes.

Then-Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) spokeswoman Lisa Allen gave a preview of what the press conference was about, and then Sheriff Joe came to the podium and said, “I felt that this investigation could clear President Obama’s name to put people’s mind at ease; it would be beneficial to our country and to citizens of Maricopa County…the investigation then also led us to a closer examination of the president’s Selective Service registration card. Upon close examination of the evidence, we are prepared today to say we believe probable cause exists indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed not only in President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, but more disturbing evidence suggests that another fraud may have been committed regarding his Selective Service registration card.”

That was all within the first 3-4 minutes.  We played that, then we stopped our video presentation and told the congressman and staff, whoever was there, that “This kit contains the evidence on which the sheriff is basing his statements.  We could show you how it’s layered and so on, but this is exactly what the sheriff said.  This is all the information on a DVD/CD format.”

The Kits are still available on my website today.

Because of time constraints and people’s short attention spans, after we played Sehriff Joe coming to the podium, we asked them, “Do you know who Sheriff Joe is? and about 90% did.  I would then ask them, “Did you hear what he just said?” and they would say, “Yes,” and I would say, “…that the birth certificate is a forgery.”  I made sure that I repeated it to them.  That established that we weren’t claiming it; the sheriff was, as a result of a criminal investigation.

I made sure they knew that I was there for a very serious reason.  Sometimes I had to say it two or three times to get an acknowledgement that they heard that “Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that.”

Sometimes the meetings were 15 minutes; we had an hour with Rep. Charlie Dent. The second thing we did was – and we always did this – we played the 3:41 Selective Service registration forgery segment.

There were several reasons we did that.  It was short and sweet; it was something that people could see how it was done, mechanically, sort-of like “CSI” on TV; and it took away the stigma of being a “Birther.” At that time, the fact that the sheriff’s office came out with it hadn’t really resonated; we were called “birthers,” referring to our alleged belief that Obama was born in Kenya. We still don’t know today, and we wanted to remove ourselves from that, so we said, “Did you know that the sheriff also came up with the Selective Service registration forgery?” and we’d play it and say, “Look at the work that was done, including getting copies of Selective Service forms from the very same post office, in some cases, where the registrations were taken within a few days of Obama’s.

We always included that in our formal, face-to-face presentations.  To anyone who ever called me and asked, “Mike, how do I do this?” l would say, “Don’t get into detail; make sure you establish credibility and say that it’s coming from Sheriff Joe, and the second thing you do is you play the part about the Selective Service form because it takes away the stigma of being a ‘birther’ and it gets down to the forensics and the forgery.”

We would also ask the congressman if they watched the press conference.  Sometimes Mike Zullo was conferenced-in on the presentations.  We didn’t want to hurt the investigations of the Sheriff’s Office, and we always gave Mike advance notice. Sometimes I called him on my cell phone on “speaker,” and sometimes the congressman would allow us to make the call from his phone on “speaker.”  Sometimes it was at 6:00 a.m. Phoenix time, so that shows Mike’s dedication.  Mike would then describe some of his work in the investigation.

[Editor’s Note:  On Tuesday, Zullo clarified to The Post & Email that the Selective Service registration form is a “hard-copy forgery” rather than the “computer-generated forgery” of the birth certificate image.]

We always left a Sheriff’s Kit with the congressman’s office, and we always got an acknowledgement that we were there to provide the information from the MCSO and that it was not put in there by us.  The reason was that from our standpoint, it appeared to be a forgery, and we were asking them to look at it.

Screenshot from MCSO March 1, 2012 press conference revealing that the Selective Service registration form bearing Obama’s name is fraudulent

We always made it a point to include the Selective Service registration form discussion in our presentations, and we always followed up with a one-to-two-minute overview explaining what they just saw with the stamp in the video with the upside-down “8” and the other forms in comparison.  We included it in every single presentation we gave.

Here’s an example:  Rep. Charlie Dent watched the entire 3:41 Selective Service segment, during which his eyes grew wide; he grabbed his notepad and started taking notes.  He hadn’t heard of it before.

At the end of the interview, The Post & Email asked Volin if he ever received a response from any of the congressmen to whom he gave presentations, to which he answered in the affirmative.

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  1. We are not “Birthers,”…rather, they are”Non-Birthers.” Part of your mission should also be to awaken us who can’t respond readily to the loud mouth people who like to talk over us and try to intimidate and shut us down quickly by throwing that”Birther” nonsense in our faces by telling us don’t back down to these un-American people. Call them “Non-Birthers” because that is truthful. “Birthers” really isn’t a true word if you think about it.

  2. P.S. In viewing http://www.wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com


    -see videos, download Sheriff’s Kit, note http://www.wobc2 , see first set
    of contacts / visits to Congressmen’s Office of Sheriff Kits.


    -note D.C. PRESENTATION (button) here are more contacts to
    Congress Offices,
    -JEFF’S PAGE is a general summary of “how & why” condensed view

  3. Twice I went to DC with a team of volunteers from across America under the leadership of Mr. Mike Volin to distribute “Sheriff Kits” entitled “Sheriff’s Office” which is a DVD sub titled “An Investigation into the Fraudulent Identity Documents of Barack Obama”. We also distributed Lt. Zullo’s Affidavit to Congressmen and to their offices.

    We had some appointments and made cold-calls. Many offices received our
    information. The Sheriff’s Office titled was approved by Sheriff Arpaio. He requested we change the DVD title from Sheriff’s Department to Sheriff’s Office, which is what we did.

    At our first visit late in the evening as we were preparing the handouts, Lt Zullo while busy gave us a pep talk phone call.

    Many, and really, many offices were contacted. We went in teams of
    two members doing our contacts.

    To view some of our contacts, I encourage a visit to Mike Volin’s
    web site: http://www.wheresobamasbirthcertificate.com Here you also
    download tons of material.