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(Jun. 27, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ the show that brings you the news of the day. Hello, I’m Chief New Leaf, once again filling in for Mr. Roving, who is out West to hook up with acquaintances of yesteryear.

“And speaking of Roving, we have him on Skype right now. Hello, Roving.”

“How, Chief, how’s my show doing?”

“Fine, just fine. Actually, I think we’ve gained some viewers. Where are you and what are you doing?”

“Actually, I’m in Nevada heading up to Idaho where I’m going to speak at an anti-Muslim immigration rally where the rape of the five-year-old “Infidel” – read:  “American” – little girl took place the other week by two savages – that would be Muslim – animals acting as if they were back home where such abhorrent behavior is condoned as ‘moderate’ in a Sharia-driven Islamic State. And listen: with or without the approval of the DOJ, I’m going to exercise my First Amendment rights by speaking the truth about Islam and the overt subjugation by the DOJ to undermine, first, and second, to abolish the Constitution.”

“Wow, that was a mouthful. Be looking forward to your report. As you can see, we’re back under our awning across from the railroad station. And here we have a gatecrasher. What’s your hurry, son?”

“The LBGT community puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Republican Party for the 49 deaths in Florida. They need to boycott Trump if they ever want our vote.”

“Truth be told, the LBGT community is but a minuscule percentage of the country. The only reason you people make the news is because, on some level, you’re entertaining. You ought to, however, read your history: the National Socialist Party treated the LBGT’s the same as the Muslim community does: they murder them. Obama is a Muslim; Hillary supports Obama  – ergo, Hillary didn’t shed a tear over the 49 dead in Orlando.

“But it’s even worse than can be imagined. For some inexplicable, made-up excuse, the USA is still a member of the ‘Muslim Admiration Society,’ aka the United Nations. My God, what’s wrong with you people? How dumb do you have to be until you figure it out? The only hope you people have is Trump and all you do is whine and cry and make two-year-old temper tantrum noises without taking the time to think for yourselves.

“I’m sorry, but we’ve all lost interest in your plight to the gallows. We’ve all bent over backwards to explain the facts of life to the LBGT community and to everyone else who’ll listen. As they say, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.’  If you can’t figure out why a ban on Muslim immigration is a good thing, or, for that matter, the deportation of every Muslim within our borders, neither I nor anyone else can help you.

“But it gets worse, much worse. Ever since Eric Holder became Obama’s first Attorney General, the Constitution has been ignored, circumvented and trashed, and Loretta Lynch, the current AG, is no different. These 22+ Muslim rural enclaves, strategically scattered throughout the country, should’ve been closed down years ago. They are – and make no mistake about it – urban warfare terrorist training camps operating with the expressed approval and sanction of the DOJ.

“Let me say it another way: the FBI is actively aiding and abetting these Muslim Boot Camps by not going in and arresting everyone. Every mosque is an armory for the Jihadist, and the FBI looks the other way. One other thing: by definition, there is no such thing as ‘collateral damage’ when referring to Muslim casualties, something the Israelis learned long ago. Our own Vietnam Veterans learned the same lesson: a nine-year-old throwing a grenade is just as dangerous as a 20-year-old doing the same thing.

“Off he goes; I guess the Old Man bored him. Anyway, we’re out of time. But first, allow me to congratulate the people of England on getting out of a very bad situation (didn’t make the people of Scotland look any too bright, though): perhaps the English can close their borders to the undesirables and start the process of cleansing their country of the Muslim hoard, unless they want more Lee Rigbys lying – beheaded – on their streets.

“And, come to think of it, that’s what the election was all about, wasn’t it? England has been forced to take in Muslims, first by their own traitorous clergymen and politicians, and lately by the EU. The equation is simple: Muslims = beheaded Lee Rigbys. If I were in England, I’d walk around with a poster of Lee Rigby with the words: ‘DID I DIE IN VAIN? EXPEL MUSLIMS NOW.’

“We’re out of time, I see. I’d like to thank the crew for making my job a breeze, which is why Roving always treats them as family. And so, on behalf of the crew, I wish you all a safe and a good night: Goodnight.”

“Gosh, I went a little overboard on my editorializing, didn’t I? But, heck, it had to be said, and someone had to say it.

“I was looking over some of Roving’s past interviews, and you know what I found? Many of them mention the DOJ dropping the ball, is what. As they say, ‘Same old, same old.’ Just like NOT ONE DARN THING HAS CHANGED IN THE VA. Anyway, what do you say we grab a burger and a cold shake? It’ll be Roving’s treat.”

Semper Fi


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  1. Caught on Video=> MUSLIM WOMAN at LAX Trashes Gays, Threatens to Bomb America


    This video shows how the police are not taking the Muslim threat seriously. They search through her baggage with no concern that it may contain a bomb that would go off. How ignorant are they to trust a Muslim spouting hate against non-Muslims.