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by OPOVV, ©2016

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was the recognized leader of a terror group, Tawhid and Jihad, in Iraq which committed atrocities and, along with other terrorist groups, morphed into ISIS. He was killed by U.S. forces on June 7, 2006

(May 15, 2016) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ We like to think we’re on the cutting edge of the news in America by asking the regular folks, people just like you, what’s on their minds. We’re here on a sidewalk in what’s known as the ‘New Mecca’: Hamtramck, Michigan.

“We’re looking for an interesting show and here comes a man trailed by three women wearing black sheets — oh, sorry, — wearing black burqas with screens in front of their eyes. But, then again, maybe they’re not women at all: maybe they’re men passing as women. Maybe it’s a ‘Gay Parade’ thing.

“Oh, sorry, this is, after all, serious business. I’ll probably get fired for this but, heck, it’s worth it. I say let’s go for it.

“Excuse me, sir: Roving Reporter for ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ You got a minute to answer a couple of questions?”

“I know ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ We watch you every night. We laugh often and heartedly at you stupid people. You have dogs that talk. Dogs can’t talk. And you people don’t listen. It used to be fun shocking you people but no longer fun. We atrocity for you – even make videos, such as the beheading of Daniel Pearl  — and you don’t even blink your eyes.

“We blow up ancient Buddhist statues in Afghanistan and you don’t do zip. Then we blow up Palmyra and still you don’t do zip. Why no zip?

“We tell you what we going to do. Take Sweden, for instance. We tell Swedish people that we will beat up and rape their women, which we do. And still they treat us as ‘friends.’ We don’t want to be ‘friends’: we want to beat and rape their women while they give us apartments, food and money.”

“But that’s not ‘here.’ I mean, that’s not in the United States.”

“Are you really that dense? Don’t you fools get it? It’s all the same to us: Italy, Sweden, San Bernardino, the beaches of Africa; it doesn’t make any difference to us. To us Muslims it’s all the same: the train bombings in Spain is just as if we blew up a train in China, New York or Germany.  And the killings in the enlistment mall in Chattanooga is the same as if we killed soldiers at a nightclub in Germany or Infidels in Bali. The whole wide world is out battleground. Specific countries or borders have no meaning for us.

“You make us laugh at you. I heard you people say that there’s been ‘no major attacks’ on your soil since 9-11, yet there’s been thousands and thousands of deaths worldwide since 9-11.

“You see, we aren’t interested in borders, or the names of countries: they have no meaning for us. We can count the thousands of kidnappings, tortures and deaths, but you refuse to count the Christians killed in the Middle East as your own. You should, you know. You should fight us on a coordinated, united front – all of Western Civilization — but you are so focused on your own little turf on the planet that you can’t see the forest: you’re but one tree counting your branches day after day while the whole forest burns around you.

“No, you people are too easy. You just don’t care. We tell you exactly what we’re going to do to you and you still bring us into your country and treat us a lot better than you treat your homeless Veterans. You deserve death and we’ll give you exactly what you deserve.”

“’Deserve death?’ How did you arrive at that conclusion?”

“Easy. Everyone is a Muslim target. You can’t avoid it. Many say, ‘Don’t make Muslim mad; they’ll kill us,’ as if we need excuse to kill. We need no ‘excuse,’ you understand? We don’t number Intifadas, you do.”

“Are these your wives or wife and daughters, or maybe two wives and one daughter? Mind if I ask them some questions?”

“No! You cannot ask them anything! You cannot speak to them or look at them! I saw you looking at them while we were walking up to you and for this they shall be beaten. I follow the Quran so I won’t leave any telltale disfiguring marks, but I could if I wanted to.

“Maybe I will want to; even I do not know, for I am but a servant. Maybe acid on their faces and then I could ‘honor kill’ them for being so ugly and marry younger women who will not be looked on by an Infidel such as yourself.”

“Hold on, will you? I didn’t see anything. What women? I don’t see any women, and if I did, it was but a hallucination; an imagining. My entire fault, I’m sure, which I profusely apologize for. Sorry.”

“Well, since you bowed to my will on television maybe I won’t beat them, or disfigure them, or murder – I mean ‘honor-kill’ – them. But I want you to know I could if I have a mind to. Anytime I want to. It’s our law.”

“But it’s not our law. Our law is the Constitution where you can’t and kill a woman just because you feel like it.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. We Muslim men ‘don’t just kill.’ No: we act on the orders from a far greater power and then we kill. I’ll have you know that for 1,400 years we’ve been very successful at the art of killing. And we will kill all you Infidels.

“Listen: do you understand that America, England and Sweden are all the same to us? We don’t say country name: all we say is ‘Unbelievers’ and ‘Enemies of Islam.’ We don’t care what country you live in, okay?”

“I guess. Well, we’re out of time.”

Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife murdered 14 people and injured 21 others in December in an attack in San Bernardino, CA

“In more ways than one. You people write us off because of your belief of what you call the ‘Moderate Muslim.’ You make joke about ‘A Moderate Muslim is one that is reloading.’ Not funny. A real ‘Moderate Muslim’ is one who is doing something else, like maybe being the King of Jordan or the president of Egypt. But make no mistake about this: a Muslim is all Muslim, not just a little bit; no ‘Veneered Muslim’; it’s 100% Muslim through and through: ALWAYS. Now you understand?”

“Yes. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. And so, on behalf of my crew, I’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.”

“Well, we learned about the ‘no borders.’ But he’s right, you know: a bus bombing in London should be looked upon as if that bus was bombed in Chicago or New Zealand. For some reason I feel like a pulled-pork BBQ sandwich. My treat.”

Semper Fi


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