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Is Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, fighting for control over the states or for the “civil rights” of individuals??

(May 15, 2016) — *Author’s note: With the recent events surrounding allowing perverts and sexual deviants unfettered access to potential victims now being dictated by the central government as vividly seen with the lawsuit against North Carolina for having a governor and a legislature with the courage to just say no to a tyrannical central government, I thought back to this article I had written some time back. Now, we see our diversity centric Attorney General associating perverts in the bathroom with the Civil Rights movement. This makes the words of George C. Wallace as quoted below even more relevant than they were 50 plus years ago. It also illustrates the value of our 10th Amendment.)

“There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties” ~George Wallace, 1966-1968

Arguably, one could state the above quote by the late iconic political figure, George Wallace, was the very epitome of the “separate but equal” legal doctrine that has been used as a political football by the American Oligarchy I have referred to as “Clowns in Black Gowns.”

As it has done hundreds of times, the US Supreme Court reversed itself from a previous ruling in Plessy v Ferguson 1896 to Brown v Board of Education in 1953-54. The numerous vacillations of the black-robed oligarchs demonstrates vividly our Constitution is subject to the arbitrary political agendas of nine people with questionable motives and frequently ignores the hundreds who participated in the State Ratification conventions in 1788-89.

If the Supremes reverse themselves, which ruling was constitutional and which was not?

In the interest of full disclosure, I will state that I totally agree with Governor Wallace’s assessment of our two major political parties in 1966 and 1968 and believe that statement to be true today even more so than when he made it.

George Wallace garnered almost 10 million votes in his quest for the presidency back in 1968 running on the American Independent Party ticket. Wallace carried 5 Southern states with the attendant 45 electoral votes. Wallace’s realistic goal was to gain enough electoral votes to throw the election into the House of Representatives. He failed to accomplish this goal.

While there are very few people today who will remember Wallace’s quote above, many more will remember another quote from his gubernatorial inaugural address in January of 1963 in which Wallace would say, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever.” This statement would forever brand Wallace as a “racist” and a “bigot.”

To understand this article one must have a working knowledge of the word “segregation.” Segregation is defined as “the action or state of setting something apart from other people or things.” Would any form of segregation constitute racism or bigotry? Can a segregationist act by one group which is considered racist or bigoted by popular definition and be seen as acceptable by another or is that the very definition of hypocrisy? Let’s examine a few possibilities.

  • If one group or race of people has a month set aside to honor their history when others do not, is that not segregation?
  • If one group or race of people is allowed to form a congressional caucus exclusive to their race, religion or ethnicity, does that not constitute segregation?
  • If one group or race of people is allowed to have a college fund designated specifically for members of their race or group, does that not constitute segregation?
  • If a group or race of people can establish Chambers of Commerce specifically to address issues relative to their group or race, does that not constitute segregation?
  • If a group or race of people is allowed to form an association that specifically addresses advancement of their race or group, does that not constitute segregation?
  • If a group or race of people have institutions of higher learning that cater specifically to their own race to the exclusion of others, is this not segregation?

Had George C. Wallace stated in his Inaugural address in January of 1963:

“Black History Month, Congressional Black Caucus, United Negro College Fund, The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the top 25 Colleges for Black Students; today, tomorrow and forever,” would he have been labeled a racist and a bigot? Why not? All of the above certainly meet the definition of a segregationist organization, do they not?

George C. Wallace was not feared by the power cabal because he was a racist or a bigot; Wallace was feared because of his unflinching support for State’s Rights and his utter disdain and condemnation of interference in the affairs of the states by the federal government, especially the federal courts.

While all of the government lapdogs, both in and out of the media, demonized Wallace for being racist, their true fear was his growing popularity among the common man and woman in America. Historically, the power elite has always feared such an awakening. This growing fear would eventually lead to a felt need to eliminate the man behind the movement.

Various statements from Wallace’s address before assuming the office of Governor of Alabama loomed much more dangerous to the powers that be more than any statement about segregation. Are Wallace’s words of 1963 relevant in this country today?

“People produce wealth; Free people. And as they learn there is little reward for ambition – that it requires faith to risk, and they have none – as the government must restrict and penalize and tax incentive and endeavor and must increase its expenditure of bounties, then this government must assume more and more police powers and we find we are becoming a government-fearing people, not God-fearing people. We find we have replaced faith with fear. And though we may give lip-service to the Almighty, in reality, the government has become our god. It is therefore basically ungodly government and its appeal to the pseudo-intellectual and the politician is to change their status from servant of the people to master of the people—to play at being God—without faith in God—and without the wisdom of GodIts pseudo-liberal spokesmen and some Harvard advocates have never examined the logic of its substitution of what it calls ‘human rights’ for ‘individual rights,’ for its propaganda play upon words has appeal for the unthinking.” (Emphasis added)

“Let us send the message back to Washington by our representatives who are with us today. That from this day we are standing up, and the heel of tyranny does not fit an upright man…”

“It is an idea of government that encourages our fears and destroys our faith; for where there is faith, there is no fear, and where there is fear, there is no faith. In encouraging our fears of economic insecurity it demands we place that economic management and control with government; in encouraging our fear of educational development it demands that we place that education and the minds of our children under management and control of government, and even feeding our fears of physical infirmities and declining years, it offers and demands to father us through it all and even into the grave. It is a government that claims to us that it is bountiful as it buys its power from us with the fruits of its rapaciousness of the wealth that free men before it have produced and builds on crumbling credit without responsibilities to the debtors—our children.”

I recommend you read the address in its entirety, for in it you will find a description of what has happened to our country during most of our lives that have led us to a government of, by and for the privileged elite.

George C. Wallace was shot in Maryland in May of 1972 by Arthur Bremer. The circumstances around this attempted assassination, the growing popularity of Wallace’s message, the possible involvement of several government agencies and President Nixon’s “plumbers,” who would later become famous in the conspiracy that was Watergate, and the circumstances of the mysterious death of J. Edgar Hoover just weeks before, make for very interesting reading.

I certainly do not have the time or the space to pursue all of the possibilities of a conspiracy to eliminate Wallace from political power, but the following information about Arthur Bremer, the alleged shooter, should suffice to pique interest in the particulars of this event.

The income tax returns found in Bremer’s apartment after his arrest indicates a previous year’s income of $1,611.00. Remember that he had to pay for rent and food out of that amount. In the months before the assassination attempt Bremer paid cash for a car; paid for a plane ticket to New York, where he stayed at the Waldorf Astoria; drove back and forth to Ottawa, Canada where he stayed at The Lord Elgin, where coincidentally the US Secret Service was staying at the time; bought three firearms; took a helicopter ride in NYC; paid for a chauffeured limousine and tipped a lady who gave him a massage $30.

The powers that be decided that the life and ideals of George C. Wallace presented impediments to their agenda that had to be eliminated. They saw that their demonization of Wallace as a racist and a bigot had not gained the necessary traction, so other means to accomplish their goals had to be implemented.

When you read the entirety of Wallace’s address you will notice many references to the dedication and history of the people of the South, especially those who were instrumental to the founding of our country.

No country can long endure whose government politically and legislatively promotes the destruction of the heritage, both cultural and racial, of its founding generation. Since the 1860’s those in power in this country have worked tirelessly to destroy the very concepts of Liberty espoused by Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Monroe, and others.

George Washington is alleged to have said of government:

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

Whether Washington actually said this or not does not detract from its basic truths. What another Southerner named George said in the frigid temperatures of January in 1963 have also proven true. Since 1861, the government of our country has used force to accomplish its goals of total domination using draconian unconstitutional laws and a compliant media in that pursuit.

The goals of tyrannical government are diametrically opposed to the culture and principles of the founders of our once free country. The ideals of Jefferson, Henry, Samuel Adams and other men of Liberty have long since fallen victim to progressivism, diversity, and a socialist agenda.

No matter what the endeavor, if it was successful at one time, but is currently in decline, the only way to recover that success is to return to the basics which led to the previous accomplishments and prosperity. Continuing down the path of Nationalism/Socialism will never lead to such a recovery, no matter which party you support or which candidate you vote for. A recovery of this once great country will only be accomplished with a return to virtue, morality and unwavering support for our Bill of Rights.

Freedom of thought and the right of private judgment, in matters of conscience, driven from every other corner of the earth, direct their course to this happy country as their last asylum.” ~Samuel Adams

The “happy country” mentioned by Adams was not at all unlike the country Wallace yearned to return to in his 1963 Inaugural Address. It certainly does not exist now.

RIP, George C. Wallace

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