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(Nov. 14, 2015) — In the below-listed article a US Marine, James Erickson, with a “feisty spirit,” was able to send a scathing Twitter message to the “Million Students Marching” for free college tuition and a minimum wage of $15.00/hr. that is taking shape across the nation by sending a simple selfie photo and message that succinctly expressed his view and those of his fellow Marines in a way that a thousand words could not have expressed.

Incidentally, James Erickson and his fellow Marines in their first years of service who are going “Into Harm’s Way” daily in Afghanistan are earning less than $15.00/hour.

Marine James Erickson and all US Marines who not only march, but engage in combat to defend all Americans, ask nothing from their fellow countrymen in return for protecting the “Freedoms” all Americans enjoy.   Semper Fi.

God bless all members of the US Armed Forces who also march, are engaged in Combat and Anti-Terrorist Operations around the world, and are not demanding that all Americans cover the cost of their college education.  They are “earning” their college tuition for signing a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount “up to and including their lives.”

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