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(Aug. 27, 2015) — Donald Trump’s candidacy has brought to the attention of many some subjects the power cabal would rather not mention. For that I give him credit. One of those is the 30 plus million—the new math being taught in Common Core somehow reduces this number to 11 million—people who have illegally entered this country.

Yesterday, in a widely-publicized dustup between Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and Trump, Ramos intimated that Trump (and I presume any other candidate) could not win election without the support of the Latino community. The political implications of such an allegation are alarming. If that is indeed true, this country has been hijacked with the complete cooperation of both major political parties, for neither one has made the slightest effort to control our borders over the past four decades, especially in the midst of continued war. Even more alarming is that the realistic number of illegals is over 30 million rather than the accepted figure of 11 million.

This has been facilitated by our government in several ways, one of which is making it darn near impossible for good people to legally enter this country but relatively easy for those who wish us harm or engage with our welfare system.

Stepping over a fallen barbed wire fence in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico or California is simple and less time-consuming than years and years of paperwork and red tape. Of course, if you want to come here and you happen to be from a country in White Europe, the task becomes impossible.

A few months back I sent an email to Jeffrey Bennett, the publisher at a website known as the Federal Observer, in which we discussed how Trump had again brought this issue to the front burner. I mentioned to Jeff an article I had written shortly after returning from the Arizona border during the month of April 2005 while serving in a leadership role with the Minuteman Project.

Today, Jeff has seen fit to reprint that article at his website. We both feel that even though it is ten years old, it is probably more relevant today than ever. You can find that article at the link below. Jeff has chosen to address the illegal immigration issue with a full broadside today. My article is currently the second one down, and all deserve a read.

In Rightful Liberty
“We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth.” ~Sydney Schanberg

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  1. There is a website called “Immigration Counters”. It uses information from both Government and Private sources. According to their “Immigration Counters” there are OVER 26 Million illegal aliens in the United States currently. I.C. also has counters keeping records of the financial costs associated with this illegal and unfettered invasion of our sovereign nation’s borders. The U.S. is being invaded. BTW, The Constitution allows for Individual States to stop such Invasions upon the failure/abrogation of the Federal Government’s duty to keep our borders secure. This State’s right can be exercised WITHOUT the consent of Congress.

  2. Trump is right….the jury is NOT IN yet for the 14th amendment. It is ASSUMED and practiced that children of illegals are “born US citizens” but a close reading of US v Won Kim Ark does not support that.

    The application of the amendment and Case will be tested.

    Megyn Kelly, O’Reilly, Geraldo, and that is the beginning, seem to think the application of the law is sacrosanct; that is not very intellectually probative.

    Those who have incorrectly received citizenship up to the point of definitive clarification will probably be “grandfathered” in, however good money could be wagered that a strict constitutional interpretation will end this practice under the new president.

  3. I agree 100% with Trump…..As a first generation AMERICAN..(Legal immigrant parents)I was turned down for a job (WITH BENEFITS) for the County Of Los Angeles….cause I couldn’t speak Spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!