Let’s Play House (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2015

Did the framers of the 14th Amendment intend for illegal aliens’ children to be U.S. citizens?

(Aug. 26, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’re here at the ‘Staying Hitched Institute’ located next to the ballpark. Today we’ll be interviewing the director of it all, a Ms. Dea Taft, the author of the latest best-seller: ‘A Stallion and a Mare make a Lovely Pair: how to keep hitched.’

“Hello, Ms. Taft. Welcome to the show. I read your book last night and I particularly enjoyed Chapter 4 and 5: ‘The Perils of a Loose Hitch: Commonly referred to as the Wandering Mare’ and the ‘Wandering Stallion.’  I always thought, ‘Why be married if you’re going to run around?’

“Anyway, we’re not here for a book review. No, we’re here because we’ve heard some rather startling rumors about how you run your business. Let’s take it point by point.

“Didn’t your name used to be ‘Muhammadette Hussein’?”

“Yes. I changed it when I started this institute. It‘s the American way.”

“We’ve obtained a copy of your Birth Certificate and it says here you were born in 1987, but that would make you 28, not 68. You didn’t make that ‘4’ into an ‘8’, by any chance, did you? And wasn’t your mother an illegal immigrant?

“So what? I a ‘Anchor Baby’, so choke on it. I’m an American citizen and have my rights because I was born in America.”

“Let me explain the 14th Amendment to you. The keyword is ‘jurisdiction.’ As it states in the Constitution, ‘All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof…”

“Let me explain. Your local police have a specific jurisdiction within the city limits. The Sheriff’s jurisdiction is that of the county for which he works. The State Trooper’s jurisdiction is of the particular State which signs his paycheck. Federal jurisdiction is responsible for Federal Law throughout the country. If a person enters the country illegally, then they are subject, firstly, to the Federal Laws that have the jurisdiction over immigrants, both legal and illegal.

Therefore, the lawful jurisdiction of an illegal immigrant, and an illegal immigrant’s baby, are the purview of the Federal Government, which determines who is a legal immigrant and who is an illegal immigrant. Because an ‘Anchor Baby’ falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, which has classified the mother as being illegal, the baby is automatically also illegal. A baby does not determine birthright: the parents do.

“You can argue until the cows come home, but the word ‘jurisdiction’ (by a defined area under a given law; in this case, immigration law) means that the mother is subject to the Federal immigration laws, cut and dried. If the mother is a legal immigrant, according to the jurisdiction of the Federal law, the baby is also a legal immigrant. It also follows that if the mother — according to Federal law (jurisdiction) — is an illegal immigrant, then the baby must also be an illegal immigrant.

“But enough of that. We’re here to discuss your strange role-playing. Care to explain?

“So you don’t think I can pass as a 28-year-old? That I look 68? You are a very rude man, Mr. High-and-Mighty-Roving Reporter.

“I will explain. What we tried to do with our clients, the people who have had some sort of marriage problems, was to let them ‘Play Muslim’ for a day, or week, month, however long they wanted to, to help them save their marriage.

“But the American women would have none of it. The ones who had guns, well, they used them or threatened to use them upon their husbands. The ones who didn’t have guns got guns, without their Master’s permission, I might add.”

“So you have the distinction of being the only marriage therapist who has a 100% divorce rate. Now that’s an amazing statistic. How do you account for such a failure?”

“Maybe not such a failure, after all. Change takes time, you know.”

“I tell you what, lady, the way you’re going about it, all the husbands get shot by the wives, and divorced anyway. Or they make widows of themselves, voluntarily.

“This ‘Play Muslim’ idea: do the women have to wear a body-bag?”

“You disrespectful, rude man. It is called a burqa. Head to toe, with a mesh to look out of. Very unbecoming, as it is designed to be. No skin showing. Muslim women showing skin to men other than their husbands automatically bring dishonor among family and must be ‘honor-killed.’ It is the moderate Muslim way.”

“My God, woman, no wonder why American women want to shoot their husbands. Why, that’s just plain nuts. You’re not wearing a body-bag. How come?”

“I not wear burqa for American work purposes so as not to scare off American women. Your American women are very difficult, and many are very stupid, too. This organization called ‘NOW’ say they’re for America women but never, ever mention ‘honor killings,’ which is really premeditated murder, but us Muslims like it that way.”

“But how do you stay in business? Who pays for all of this? The taxes must be tremendous, being next to the ballpark and all. Building make a great sports bar.”

“Oh, we got permit as ‘mosque,’ but we really marriage center, to have man experience complete superiority over women. Men like the idea of having wife, and when she get old, ‘honor-kill’ her and get child bride. It is the Muslim way, you know.”

“That does it. I’m sorry, but I don’t know why in Heaven’s name you’re even in my country. I think I’ll vote for Mr. Trump and enjoy your being deported.”

“You very rude man. Please leave. The basement of this marriage center has been converted into a shooting range, as it is in all mosques, as I’m sure you know.”

“Don’t worry, lady, we can take a hint. We’re out of here.

“Another ‘Wow!’ Imagine ‘playing Muslim?’ I can see it now, asking a girl for a date: ‘Hey, how ’bout a date? You wear a burqa and just sit there while I eat the prime rib.’

“Well, thanks for watching, anyway. What a bunch of wackos. This is Roving saying goodnight. Goodnight.

“You believe that? One hundred percent failure rate and they look like they’re making a million bucks. What’s that? The Saudis make a billion dollars a day? Yipes! No wonder Obama didn’t have any ‘election’ money problems. Hey, let’s get out of this ‘Looney Bin’ and grab a burger. My treat.”

Semper Fi


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