by Sharon Rondeau

(May 29, 2015) — On Thursday evening, WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com (WOBC) activist Jeffrey Harrison described to The Post & Email a meeting he and a friend had with two staffers from Sen. Patrick Toomey‘s district office in Johnstown, PA earlier in the day regarding the reported forgeries of Barack Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form.

Harrison said the meeting was scheduled approximately a month ago, although a personal emergency on the part of the person who intended to accompany him necessitated its being moved back by 30 minutes, which Harrison said Toomey’s receptionist graciously rescheduled on short notice.

Harrison said he spoke to Toomey staffers Mr. Frick and Mr. Robert J. DeSousa for approximately 30 minutes about the work of the Maricopa County, AZ Cold Case Posse, which determined more than three years ago that Obama’s only proffered documentation is fraudulent.   Using a “Sheriff’s Kit” DVD produced by WOBC founder Michael Volin containing video by Pixel Patriot from a presentation given by posse lead investigator Michael Zullo in 2013, Harrison told the staffers that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration form were determined to be “computer-generated forgeries.”

The posse began its investigation in September 2011 at the request of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and presented its preliminary findings at a press conference on March 1, 2012.  At a second press conference on July 17, 2012, Arpaio and Zullo presented further details on the criminal investigation, then called upon the media and Congress to launch their own probes of the posse’s conclusions.

During a February interview with radio host Joe Miller, Arpaio commented that “nobody wants to touch” the issue of the forgeries.

Harrison gave Frick and DeSousa two Sheriff’s Kits, additional commentary prepared by Lord Christopher Monckton on the topic, and an index of the material contained on the DVD.  Harrison reminded the staffers that he had met personally with Toomey in 2013, providing him with a Sheriff’s Kit and never received a response.  “I am asking anybody, especially Pennsylvania citizens or people from around the world who may not even be U.S. citizens, to contact Toomey’s office for me because guys like me are doing the hard work.  Sheriff Arpaio and Lt. Zullo have done the hard work; they’ve given us this evidence, and we need to work on this.  I’m asking for backup,” Harrison told us.   A former Marine, Harrison then added, “You might want to title this ‘Operation Broken Arrow.’  That’s when you have them shooting on you to save you.”

In order to stress the importance of honesty in public service, Harrison told the staffers:

“I emphasized to them that I was in the Marines for eight years and that one day before my graduation, I was pulled from the platoon and was facing a discharge for fraudulent enlistment because they said I failed to tell them about a traffic citation.  However, I had told them. It got cleared up the next day, and I did graduate with my platoon, but I was facing a discharge.  There are penalties for that, and you can also go to jail and get court-martialed for that.

“If you conceal something to get in to the military, you could get penalties before you go in, but if you go in on active duty, you could get non-judicial punishment from the military, like a double-dip.  There have been cases where this has occurred.  One guy was in the Navy and later joined the Air Force.  For five years, he went through a clearance, and then they caught him when they did another clearance check.  It does happen and it could be severe.”

Harrison then related his experience in the Marines to Obama’s forged documentation:

About two years into my military service, I had to go for a Top Secret clearance, and I got what was called a Final Secret clearance because I worked in logistics.  So I said to the staffers, “You know that Mr. Obama was not checked out; Congress didn’t check him out.”  I gave them four articles, one of which was in Newsmax.com and titled “Ex-CIA Operative:  Obama Never Vetted Properly.”

Then I have another one by WND.com that says, “Congress Report Concedes Obama Eligibility Unvetted.”  I explained to them that Obama was not vetted because when your party approves you, they don’t necessarily vet you.  I told them that Hawaii was the only state where the nomination forms said that he was constitutionally qualified.  I said that I think we have a constitutional crisis here.  And at the end of it, I asked, “Do we have a usurper in the White House?”  They were virtually speechless; they hardly said anything.

I said that Toomey needs to look into this, come forward and speak out about this.  They gave me the runaround that the House does the recommendation and the Senate isn’t really responsible.

Mr. DeSousa said he would read the materials.  I gave him three copies of the documentation, and I told him that this is evidence from the sheriff’s office.  I told him that I was sure that I could get Lt. Zullo to call him or Sen. Toomey.

Sheriff Arpaio has done the hard work, and from the beginning, he said this has to go to a congressional hearing. I’m asking people to write their congressmen and call their local offices in their home states.

When The Post & Email asked Harrison if the two men reacted at all to his presentation, he told us:

They were mostly mute; they looked like statues.  I explained the problems with the birth certificate, about the nine layers, that the safety paper was inserted on the last layer with the wrong scale…I went into some of the particulars.  You should have seen their faces; it was priceless.  They were like cold stone, frozen.

The Post & Email asked Harrison if he believed either Frick or DeSousa were aware of the forgeries before Thursday’s meeting, to which he responded:

I had given Mr. Frick a copy of the kit the day after I gave it to Toomey, so he knew about this.  It took many months, but I did finally get a standard letter about Obama.

You would think if your house was burning or you’re being robbed, you’d want to do something about it.  I gave these guys this information two years ago, and they’ve been totally mute.  They swore an oath to the Constitution.  I told them that as a Marine, I swore an oath to the Constitution; now does that end when I leave the military?  Toomey swore an oath to the Constitution, and they’re dragging their feet. I do not understand why they’re not defending their oath.  They should be on fire, but they’re not.  I told them, “We have evidence here…”

I told them I volunteered for combat.  I said, “I would rather go to combat than have to do this stuff.  I’ve been investigating this since 2010.”

Harrison said he stressed that the issue of the forgeries is not a Republican or Democrat issue; “it’s an American issue.”  He also told the staffers that Zullo has said that he possesses sworn affidavits from members of the media who said they were threatened after showing an interest in investigating Obama’s background.

Both Volin and Harrison have met with and written to their U.S. congressmen on multiple occasions.  They and other volunteers have mailed copies of the Sheriff’s Kit, as well as delivered scores more in person, to congressional staffers at the U.S. Capitol, district offices, and at public gatherings.

In early February, Volin and CDR Charles F. Kercher, Jr. (Ret) announced that they had sent Sheriff’s Kits to all 3,000 county sheriffs, all state attorneys general and governors.

In closing, Harrison added:

Congress is dragging its feet; the media won’t cover it; the courts are coming up with all kinds of excuses; they won’t conduct discovery, so in the end, it is up to We the People.  We need to communicate with our congressmen and rock their phone and make calls and send letters by the mail to their district offices and call back every once in a while.  I’ve taken out ads in the newspaper, three ads in DuBois, PA; I’ve done nine radio shows; I’ve gone door-to-door; I’ve had a handout; I’ve got a yard sign in my yard.  Once in a while I take my trailer around town.  I took my disabled friend out to dinner and parked my car near Ponderosa, and you should have seen the people’s reaction as they looked at my car with the bumper stickers on it.

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  1. Mr. Harrison, thank you for defending the Constitution. Putative president aka obama most certainly is a criminal identity fraud, but even if his life’s story is to be believed, he is disqualified from becoming a legitimate president due to his alien father.

    Consider that when an alien naturalizes as an American citizen they must take an oath of exclusive allegiance to the USA and officially renounce all prior allegiances and citizenships. His or her status from that point forward as recognized by the USA is 100 percent American and nothing else. Basic undeniable logic dictates that a natural born Citizen must at least have this same status, but both without naturalizing (that is, naturally, without any process or law) and also from the moment of birth on.

    How can anyone in their right mind think that it is acceptable for a president to have ever in his or her life had a weaker citizenship status than a newly naturalized citizen? A naturalized citizen is barred from the presidency even though naturalization removes all former allegiances and makes one exclusively a citizen of the USA.