How! We Need a Red Man in the White House pb


by OPOVV, ©2015

(Apr. 13, 2015) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Roving Reporter here. Tonight we’ve been honored by an invite to the Big Chief’s RV parked just outside of an unnamed big city in an unnamed parking lot of an unnamed motel chain.

“How ya doin’, Big Man?”

“How. Me ‘Big Chief” of many Redskins throughout land. Blood of warriors runs in me and my people. You not so smart or wise. You think it’s all some big joke. You let enemy in your land. You have enemy in White House but just too damn stubborn to admit it. Your pride will get my people killed.

“American Indian no care about fools. You get yourself killed, we no care. But your foolishness will get papoose killed, too. That bad. No like. We no like what you do or, to speak without forked tongue, you’re all a bunch of damn fools.”

“Wait a minute here. That’s not nice. Why, I’m on your side.”

‘Side? You think there’s ‘sides’? There are no ‘sides’. You either ‘get it’ or are damn fool. Tie Lois Lerner to ant hill. She talk for sure. Tie Hillary to ant hill and ask her who gave the ‘Stand-Down-Order’ that resulted in four of your brave young men killed.”

“Why, that’s cruel. That’s un-American.”

“You no understand. You running out of time. You have just so many moons left to get with the program.

“You have black de facto president, then want woman president. Why not get it right, for once. You no have the time to fool around and play stupid games with American Indian lives.

“We signed Treaties with you because of the words of the Constitution. No more, and certainly no less. Now you give us less, a lot less.

“You give us spineless judges who say OPOVV has ‘No standing’ when he go before many judges and ask to see real Obama Birth Certificate.

“You have spineless Republican presidential candidates who afraid to question the de facto Obama Constitutional eligibility.

“You have spineless Congress and media who say Obama born in Hawaii and is Christian. We American Indians say they all liars, no tell truth, they all afraid.

“We Redskins no afraid. We brave people and keep our word. You take away our protection provided by the Constitution, we tell you straight talk, you crossed the line. You break treaties. Not us. You.”

“Well, are we supposed to take that as some sort of threat? What exactly are you saying?”

“You play politics. You judge leader by who has the most money and not by the qualification of who is best person to lead your people. You all damn fools.

“Judge person by Indian Warrior Code: not about person but about land of our forefathers. No sell to foreigners. No pollute. No accept money. Just speak truth. Be an American Indian. Have proof of military credentials. No money or trinkets, beads or blankets. No need to have those distractions in order to wage war against our common enemies. Keep your money.

“I have spoken. I am tired. Like talking to my cat, that’s what talking to white man is like. You say ‘We want so-and-so’ for president, all the while jumping up and down and yelling and smiling, like it’s all fun and games.

“Hate to burst your bubble, but I see no fun and no games and wipe that smile off of you face. You not smart enough to get it right.

“How many people read these words? How many American Indians read these words? How many copies of this interview are made and passed from hand to hand on all the reservations?

“I do not know; only ‘The Great Spirit’ knows. You call him ‘God’ and that is fine with us, as is the teachings of your Jesus, who was a very wise man and is admired by all Indians greatly.

“But you turning your backs on Jesus and your Constitution and that we will not tolerate. And that is all that I have to say.”

“Well, we’ve just been shown out the door of the Chief’s RV, and a pretty nice one at that. Must’ve cost a cool million. Better than a teepee, I suppose. This is Roving Reporter saying that I guess I got what I deserved. Thanks for watching. Goodnight.”

Semper Fi


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