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by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), ©2015, Co-Founder, CombatVeteransForCongress

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is one of those “negotiating” with the U.S. and five European countries over its nuclear program

(Apr. 13, 2015) — This op-ed will explain why Obama is allowing Iran’s Shiite regime to develop nuclear weapons and what has prompted Obama to undercut and destabilize the security interests of the United States’ traditional Sunni allies in the Middle East which 12 U.S. presidents, from President Franklin D. Roosevelt to President George W. Bush, supported for the last 65 years.  Obama has been extending negotiation deadlines after deadlines after deadlines so that nuclear weapons talks which have been under way for more than two years won’t be terminated (every time Iran misses a deadline, Obama just advances the deadline by another three months).  By ensuring Iran that there will be no inspections of its weapons development, Obama has all but ensured that Iran will develop nuclear warheads, if it hasn’t already accomplished that feat with the help of North Korea.

In order to truly understand Obama’s approach to Iran’s nuclear weapons development program, you shouldn’t give credibility to what Obama says in these negotiations. Rather, you must understand how the negotiations came about, and you should ignore Obama’s publicly-stated goals because they keep changing to keep Iran engaged.  These negotiations came about in December 2011, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton authorized her close aide, Jack Sullivan, to begin quiet back-channel negotiations between the U.S. and Iran in Oman. She continued setting up nuclear weapons negotiations until she left in January 2013.  When Clinton was developing the basis and goals for nuclear weapons negotiations with Obama, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said if Iran is permitted to obtain nuclear weapons, it will have a very negative effect on the Middle East and the world.

The American voters have learned that they can no longer trust what Obama says; they are recalling all the untruthful promises and lies that have been emanating from the Obama administration for the last six years.  Those unkept promises and lies have been promoted by the left-of-center liberal media establishment while they tried to cover up and disguise Obama’s true intent on many sensitive issues.  Subsequently, many of those repeated lies were proven false.  Americans must look at what Obama has “actually done,” not what he says while he has been trying to “CHANGE” the Republic from a free enterprise system to a Marxist/Socialist System.  Learned historians have repeatedly informed the world in their publications that for over 120 years, Marxism/Socialism has never worked anywhere it has ever been tried.

Some of the “CHANGES” that Obama has put in place over the last six years have been the steady hollowing-out of the U.S. Armed Forces, installing the politically-correct “Social Experiment On Diversity” that has degraded the “Combat Effectiveness” of the U.S. military; continuing the rampant, out-of-control spending driving the national debt beyond $22 trillion before it can be reversed; the removal of Cuba from the world list of terrorist threats while it continues to destabilize the world with its terrorist activities by supplying arms to North Korea, FARC terrorists, Ba’ath Separatists, and drug cartels; his steady dismantling of the U.S. Immigration System which is allowing radical Islamic terrorists to enter the country under the radar; unilaterally disarming the United States’ nuclear weapons arsenal that had contributed to the prevention of a nuclear conflict for 75 years, and so much more that can’t possibly be included in this article.

With regard to Iran:

• The Obama Administration has essentially ceded Yemen to the Houthis, Iran’s Shiite proxy allies, nearly risking another destructive Benghazi in its haste to evacuate American personnel from the U.S. Embassy, while forcing U.S. Marines, for the first time in its 239-year honorable history, to render their personal weapons incapable of firing before they were permitted to board aircraft to leave Yemen.

• The Obama administration is employing the U.S. Air Force to provide air support for Shiite militia and the Iranian Quds Force in order to bail out Iran from a humiliating defeat in Tikrit by ISIL, even though the Iranian-backed Shiite militia are perpetrating the same type of ethnic cleansing of Assyrian Christians that ISIL has been doing.

• The Obama administration is turning a blind eye to Iran’s massive buildup of troops near Israel’s Golan Heights border and Iran’s arming of Hezbollah with guided warheads.

• For the first time in 36 years, the Obama administration expunged any mention of Iran (the world’s primary state sponsor of terrorism) and Hezbollah (Iran’s assassination agent) as sponsors of worldwide terrorism from the U.S. State Department’s annual assessment of worldwide terrorist threats.  Then, in order to get Iran to come to the nuclear weapons negotiations table, Obama prematurely lifted economic sanctions imposed on Iran because of its suppression of student demonstrations in November 2011 and because of its cheating on nuclear weapons development.  The funds created by the lifting of sanctions are funding Iran’s worldwide terrorist activities and the development of nuclear warheads.

Hezbollah’s flag is emblematic of its activity

In addition, Obama bribed Iran by giving them $11.9 billion in cash payments through the end of all nuclear weapons negotiations.  The Obama administration has been releasing progress payments of $490 million through the period of the negotiations; those payments over the last three years have been funding Iran’s and Hezbollah’s terrorism, military aggression in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen, and their nuclear warhead development.  It could never have happened without the financial support from Obama to make it happen—yet instead of using the power of the purse to cut off the funding of Iran’s aggression, terrorism, and nuclear weapons development, the inept Republican leadership of the House funded Iran.

• The Obama administration has gone out of its way in order not to offend Iran and is pandering to all of Iran’s sensibilities, despite the chants of “Death to America” by the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in the midst of the nuclear weapons negotiations.  Only two hours after current negotiations in Lausanne recessed, the White House published terms of the agreement with Iran.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that nothing was agreed to in Lausanne and accused the White House of “lying, being deceptive, and having devilish intentions,” and further stated that the White House claims were ”incorrect and contrary to the substance of the negotiations.”   Iran’s disagreement with the U.S. is on the timing of the lifting of sanctions, and Iran has firmly stated that it will not allow the UN to inspect its military weapons development (that is required to prevent Iran from cheating). The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) officials have repeatedly stated that Iran has been involved in cheating for the last ten years.

• At the same time Obama is cozying up to Iran, he has initiated a cold war with Israel by leaking details of Israel’s nuclear program and threatening to leave Israel hanging in future UN votes. In the midst of nuclear weapons negotiations, Obama has ignored Iran’s declaration that the destruction of Israel is ”non-negotiable.”  Chief Iranian negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters the agreement would allow Iran to keep operating its nuclear program with no inspection.  Zarif stated, “We will continue enriching; we will continue research and development, and will not close any facilities.”  We have learned that Iran is being allowed to retain its heavily-fortified Fordow underground enrichment facility; will be permitted to continue the development of its ICBMs (which will eventually be aimed at Israel, the US’s traditional Sunni allies in the Middle East, and the US); and is being allowed to continue its aggression and terrorism in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Bahrain to take control of those countries (that would never have been possible without Obama’s tacit support, his lifting of sanctions to fund their aggression, and his payments of $11.9 billion in bribes to get Iran to negotiate).

• Obama openly opposed the new Egyptian government that came to power to stop the genocide of Christians in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood government and cut off all military aid to Egypt.  The new Egyptian pro-U.S. government is led by a pro-American leader, President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi, who is fighting ISIL, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups.  Besides attacking radical Islamic terrorists, Egypt is supporting Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other friendly U.S. Sunni allies in the Middle East.

Taken as a whole, the above pro-Iranian actions by Obama go well beyond credible appeasement.  Obama has been outraging NATO-allied governments and friendly Sunni Arab countries because of his backward treatment of Iran and Israel.  There is clearly a more sinister motivation in Obama’s actions.  Just as the Clinton administration failed to put an inspection regime in place to prevent North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il’s alleged peaceful development of nuclear power from developing nuclear warheads, Obama is also failing to put an inspection regime in place to prevent Iran’s alleged peaceful development of nuclear power from stealthily developing nuclear warheads.  America has seen this Clinton movie before, but Obama thinks the American people are stupid.

Obama’s most senior adviser is Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett

After the 2008 inauguration, Obama said, “As the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the United States has a moral responsibility to act,”  and he spoke about a “world without nuclear weapons.” What Obama meant to say was a world without American nuclear weapons.  Thus, after his inauguration, Obama began the unilateral disarmament of the U.S. military’s nuclear weapons arsenal, while at the same time he decreased the U.S. military budget by $50 billion.   During the last six years, Obama has often stated how much more peaceful the world would be with fewer nuclear weapons while he has been unilaterally destroying a large portion of the U.S.’s nuclear weapons arsenal.  Obama has never entered into international negotiations for the mutual reduction of nuclear weapons arsenals with Russia and China to match the United States’ unilateral nuclear weapons disarmament.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists,  Ploughshares Campaign Against WMD, and other anti-nuclear activists have never been opposed to Obama’s nuclear sellout to Iran and Iran’s development of nuclear warheads—they are cheering Obama’s facilitating of Iran to become a nuclear weapons power.  The anti-nuclear activists, leftist students and professors, progressives, Marxists, and Communists have been supporting Obama’s plan to provide Iran with nuclear weapons.  They had previously demonstrated in the streets against America’s nuclear weapons, demanding that the U.S. unilaterally disarm its nuclear weapons.  They weren’t ever against nuclear weapons—they were only against the U.S.’s nuclear weapons and its super-power status in the world.  Those radical leftists, Marxists, and communists are right in step with Obama and his stubborn, headlong decision to make it possible for Iran to develop nuclear warheads.

What Obama is really doing is unilaterally reducing the United States’ nuclear weapons arsenal and hollowing out the U.S. Armed Forces, signaling to the world’s leftist and communists that he agrees that the United States’ nuclear weapons are dangerous.  At the same time, he is indicating that Russia, China, and Iran’s nuclear weapons are not dangerous nuclear weapons because they will keep the United States in check, and Iran’s nuclear weapons will keep Israel’s nuclear weapons in check in the Middle East.

Obama has indicated over the last six years that the United States should not be the only super-power in the world. Anything that fundamentally contributes toward that end fits in with his goal of insuring that the U.S. should not be the only super-power in the world and supports his plan to reduce the U.S.’s capacity to influence world events.

Obama’s hollowing-out of the U.S. Armed Forces is reducing the U.S. Army’s manning level to below its strength level prior to World War II and reducing the size of the U.S. Navy to pre-World War I levels.  Those actions have fundamentally contributed to the weakening of the U.S., ensuring that it will not be the only super-power in the world.   Further, Obama’s foreign policy of disengaging and leading from behind has reduced the U.S.’s capacity to influence world events.

By disengaging, Obama signaled to Iran that the U.S. will not interfere with its aggression as Iran took control of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen.  Obama’s inaction in the Middle East over the last six years has destabilized and undermined the security interests of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan, and the United Arab Republic.

Because Obama led from behind these last six years, Iran was able to take control and consolidate crude oil reserves in Libya and Iraq to add to its reserves while developing closer relations with Russia.  Iran is trying to eliminate Saudi Arabia crude oil production dominance, primarily because Saudi Arabia has always supported the United States’ foreign policy objectives by coordinating its crude oil production policy with U.S. national goals.  Iran’s intent is to try to make Saudi Arabia’s pro-U.S. stance in support of its foreign policy in the Middle East much less relevant.  Alireza Zakani, a loyalist of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said, “The Yemeni revolution will not be confined to Yemen alone.  It will extend following its success into Saudi territories. The Yemeni-Saudi vast border will help expedite its reach into the depth of Saudi land.”

Putting all the preceding facts together, Obama’s historical immoral realignment of America’s foreign policy in the Middle East in favor of Iran has provided Iran with the control of massive crude oil reserves in Iraq, Libya, and Iran; has contributed toward helping Iran minimize Saudi Arabia’s crude oil production dominance in the Middle East; allowed Iran to develop ICBMs for over two years; and has extended sham nuclear weapons negotiations with Iran which have allowed them to develop nuclear warheads, even before negotiations are concluded. Obama’s Middle East nuclear weapons policy will further destabilize the Middle East, which is already on fire, and will result in a nuclear weapons arms race. It may also result in the breakout of the first nuclear conflict in the history of mankind.

“During the past 3 years, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), reporting on Iran’s nuclear weapons development, the IAEA indicated, at a minimum, they strongly suspect that Iran has already built nuclear warheads. It’s certainly known that Iran has long range ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles).”  Please click on the below listed link to understand why the IAEA believes Iran has been able to develop nuclear warheads over 3 years during which nuclear weapons negotiations initiated by Clinton, continued by Kerry, and controlled by Obama have continued.  It appears that Obama has always intended to permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons.  Their nuclear weapons will pose a great threat to the U.S.’s Sunni allies in the Middle East, NATO countries, Israel, and the United States.


Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt              USN(Ret)

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108

Fax: (619) 220-0109


Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8


What Truly Motivates Obama’s Love Affair with Iran?

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  1. The short, and I suppose the long, too, answer to the question, “Why?”, is because he CAN.
    To put it simply, too many bureaucrats care more for their paycheck and pension than they do for upholding their Oath to the Constitution (the part about defending against ALL enemies), which translates directly that they care more for their measly over-ego-inflated government jobs than they do for their country.
    One of the few to “Stand Tall” was LTC Terry Lakin when he was railroaded in a kangaroo Court Martial and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, congress nor the press came to Lakin’s defense.
    It was America’s SECOND saddest hour, the first being on January 20, 2009, when Obama was sworn-in as the de facto president.

  2. I see this Middle East Coalition as a sneaky way to get all the Middle
    Eastern countries working together as a team to attack Israel, but, I
    don’t think it will work.

    Donald Butcher CSM (USA Ret)