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by Sharon Rondeau

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) is serving a three-year sentence for “aggravated perjury” and “extortion” within the Tennessee Department of Corrections

(Feb. 28, 2015) — A long-anticipated video depicting corruption within county grand juries and the judiciary as a whole throughout the state of Tennessee as discovered by CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) has been released.

Released by Abel Danger Productions, the footage tells the story of how Fitzpatrick discovered that grand juries in the Volunteer State, and specifically, in its southeastern section, are hand-picked, controlled and commandeered by criminal court judges to obtain a specific outcome.

Fitzpatrick is a 1975 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, ranking third in his class for leadership.  He is the recipient of numerous medals, honors and commendations, although an illegitimate court-martial involving the forgery of his name ended his career prematurely in 1994.

In late 2009, Fitzpatrick brought a criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama to the Monroe County, TN grand jury for its consideration.  After several months of delay, part of which came from then-grand jury foreman Gary Pettway, Fitzpatrick was told by Pettway and two other grand jurors that a review of his petition by the full grand jury comprising 13 members would not be conducted.

Fitzpatrick was ostracized, ridiculed, harassed, stalked and threatened as a result of his stance against Barack Hussein Obama’s ineligibility and suitability for the office of the presidency. Nevertheless, he has renewed his treason complaint against Obama on several other occasions.

Today, such figures as potential presidential candidate Dr. Benjamin Carson, at least several thousand citizens, columnists Matt Barber, Sher Zieve and Erik Rush, various bloggers and other citizens have accused Obama of treason, and former Vice President Dick Cheney has also suggested it.

Many others, including members of Congress, have questioned Obama’s allegiance to the U.S. based on his actions which they perceive as aiding its enemies and debilitating the U.S. Armed Forces.

Tennessee code allows any citizen withe evidence of a crime to bring a petition to his local grand jury for review.

At the same time that his petition to indict Obama for treason was denied a hearing, Fitzpatrick learned that Pettway had been serving in his “position” as grand jury foreman for at least 20 years, later discovering the time frame to be 28 consecutive years, without any documentation filed with the clerk’s office.

Stunned, Fitzpatrick believed it was his duty as a retired Naval officer who swore an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution to bring Pettway’s transgression, and the court’s complicity, to the attention of the public.  After approaching local law enforcement, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), the FBI, the District Attorney General’s office, and placing an advertisement in the local newspaper without result, Fitzpatrick attempted to carry out a peaceful citizen’s arrest on Pettway on April 1, 2010.

Many mainstream and alternative media erroneously reported that Fitzpatrick arrested Pettway because he “would not agree to convene a grand jury to investigate…that Obama is not a natural-born citizen” or that “the [grand jury] body is guilty of treason because of its refusal to pursue charges against President Obama for supposedly not being born in the United States.”

Instead, Fitzpatrick was himself arrested and jailed for nearly a week, then charged with two felonies and four misdemeanors by “grand jury” indictments on June 3, 2010.  On that day, Pettway was replaced as foreman by one Angela Davis, who had not only been a member of the January-June 2010 Monroe County grand jury, but also had served as a petit juror during the term directly preceding, from July 2009 to December 2009, in violation of state code.

Over more than five years, The Post & Email has been provided extensive documentation from Fitzpatrick and other victims of Tennessee judicial corruption demonstrating the deeply-entrenched misconduct among judges, court personnel, sheriffs’ departments, the jurors themselves, prosecutors and defense attorneys which sends many innocent people to jails and prisons each year in a prisoners-for-profit enterprise completely devoid of constitutional protections.

Neither the governor, attorney general, comptroller’s office nor the state supreme court has taken action on the systemic corruption of the judiciary, which Fitzpatrick has likened to a “dictatorship.”

In early 2012, Fitzpatrick moved to nearby McMinn County, during which process nearly all of his personal possessions, including kitchen appliances, furniture, foodstuffs, money, and other household items were stolen.  Despite eyewitness accounts and a formal police report filed by Fitzpatrick upon his release from the Monroe County jail, the Madisonville Police Department took no action to recover the items, which were believed to have been sold or given as gifts to the thieves’ relatives.

It is suspected that Fitzpatrick’s former landlady and landlord committed the crimes against their tenant while he was jailed.

After resettling in McMinn County, Fitzpatrick attempted to submit petitions with evidence of alleged crimes he had observed on the part of law enforcement, judges, the grand jury foreman, and court clerks to the grand jury.  Then-Criminal Court Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy had appointed her acquaintance, CEO and President of the Athens Federal Community Bank Jeffrey Cunningham, to act as “grand jury foreman,” beginning in 2012.

Last February, when Fitzpatrick took his last petition alleging violation of law on Cunningham’s part by serving as a hand-picked member of the grand jury, in the company of an armed sheriff’s deputy, Cunningham threatened to have Fitzpatrick arrested should he attempt to submit a subsequent grand jury petition.

In March, Fitzpatrick returned with a different petition for the grand jury’s consideration.  As he sat and waited on a bench reading a book outside of the grand jury room to learn whether or not he would be given an audience, he was approached by sheriff’s deputies and arrested, charged with extortion, aggravated perjury, harassment and stalking by indictments issued by the McMinn County grand jury.

During a June 16 pre-trial hearing, Cunningham admitted that he never filed a criminal complaint against Fitzpatrick for any of the crimes alleged in the indictments.  A grand juror who participated in indicting Fitzpatrick said that Cunningham had imparted information to the grand jury in January which made her feel “afraid” of Fitzpatrick, an item Fitzpatrick’s attorney, Van Irion, has claimed should have nullified the indictments.

With the knowledge that there was no accuser or criminal complaint, Senior Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood, who draws a pension paid for by Tennessee taxpayers, allowed the trial to take place, convictions on two charges to stand, and on August 19, 2014, sentenced Fitzpatrick to three years in state prison after calling him “a moral coward.”

The McMinn County court clerk, Rhonda Cooley, denied The Post & Email access to both an audio recording and typed transcript of the hearing, although they were obtained through other means.

Blackwood’s office has declined to speak with The Post & Email, instead referring us to the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, which has failed to take action on several complaints we have filed both verbally and in writing and whose spokeswoman refuses to respond to further emails.

Lt. Col. Field McConnell (Ret.) attended Fitzpatrick’s sentencing hearing and signed an affidavit stating that Blackwood, the prosecutor and other officials are “actors” in an “unlawful legal system”

During the video, producer and retired Lt. Col. Field McConnell, who traveled from Wisconsin to attend the sentencing hearing, states that Blackwood showed complete disrespect for his fellow U.S. Naval Academy graduate and to all veterans.  Irion speaks at length about the jury’s verdict and the process leading up to it, which to him, signified the dereliction of duty on the part of sworn public servants, including Blackwood, to uphold the law and state and U.S. Constitutions.

The Post & Email has reported on similar instances of judicial tyranny in Tennessee which follow the same pattern as Fitzpatrick’s cases of abuse of process, abuse of power, denial of constitutional rights, tainted grand juries and trial juries, corrupt politicians and prosecutors, and invented or unsubstantiated criminal charges.

A civil Tennessee case which The Post & Email has also been following involves the IRS by having made a false claim of money owed and attempts to double-bill court costs and attorney’s fees to the defendant, whose ability to earn a living has been significantly impaired by false accusations and illegally-filed paperwork from the beginning.

The Abel Danger YouTube channel contains numerous videos from McConnell’s radio show of the same name, co-hosted with Canadian researcher David Hawkins. McConnell is a veteran of both the Navy and the U.S. Air Force and flew commercially for two decades who is currently in the UK on a speaking engagement.

A December interview with The Corbett Report hosts McConnell speaking about a mechanical flight invention which McConnell believes could save lives termed the “Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot.”

Following his sentencing, Fitzpatrick was jailed in the McMinn County jail for several days, then transported to the Bledsoe County Correctional Center (BCCX).  In early December, The Post & Email learned that Fitzpatrick was relocated for unknown reasons to the Northwest Correctional Center (NWCX), which is more than six hours away from Irion’s office.

Irion, who has been working pro bono on Fitzpatrick’s behalf, launched a legal defense fund which is still accepting donations.

Before sentencing, Fitzpatrick predicted that he would be imprisoned and requested that no letters or phone calls be made on his behalf.

A letter sent in January to the chief prosecutor for the Tenth Judicial District, which includes McMinn and Monroe Counties, refuting his contention that the state’s grand juries provide protection to the citizens against government agents went unanswered except that the source article, which had been published just five weeks before in The Cleveland Daily Banner, was pulled from the internet.

Irion has appealed his client’s convictions to the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals for the Eastern Division.


This post was updated at 9:02 a.m. on March 1, 2015.

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  1. A Syrian Muslim named Valerie Jarrett who is Obama’s co-POTUS may have been the one that ordered all 6 American Veterans illegally arrested and imprisoned and is one of the few in DNC land that would have that power. Being able to call in an FBI False Flag Operation as they did in Tennessee with Walt and Huff requires authority and it wasn’t the janitor that called for that to happen. Jarrett was a SERCO Muslim DNC plant and groomed from childhood. They made sure she was well educated to become head of many organizations and make the Chicago DNC boys happy. I would bet she personally ordered the false flag operation in Tennessee on Huff and Fitzpatrick working to protect Obama from eligibility questioning. Thank God and LTC McConnell that the first film is finally out. Let’s hope that many more will follow for the other 5 Veterans that have been illegally imprisoned, denied legal right to trial and that the DNC Operatives and criminal assistants from Obama down will be prosecuted and imprisoned for what they have done to the Veterans, Border Agents, LEO’s across America. 2nd Lt. Bennett was one of several whistle blowers that have recently come forward to reveal more of the DNC puzzle of corruption and theft. Walt was the first to attempt to expose an illegal POTUS and the criminal assistants working together against America and it’s Constitution. Will Walt ever receive monetary compensation for all his losses and what about the other 5 Veterans that DNC Operatives have ruined their lives and careers? Will America simply go into another election just as nothing ever happened with no prosecution or accountability for the criminal assistants of these DNC usurpers? Just as Benghazi, Black Hawk Down, Fast And Furious, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster and 58 others killed by the Clinton’s over the years have all been forgotten, is there a way we can forget the Democratic Party? When they are all behind bars-we probably can. I also know that Senator McCain is partly playing on the side of DNC Operatives given his statements over the last few years. I think his mind was damaged in Hanoi, regardless of his service, the thinking and actions he has followed are not normal from a Navy Pilot and background as his. Something is very wrong there and he should not be in his position, retirement would be better for him and America. Too many members of Senate and Congress are playing hush hush while America burns. All of the 6 Veterans that were illegally arrested attempted to contact Senate, Congress and Military leaders and all reaped the same result-ILLEGAL ARRESTS-ILLEGAL TRIALS-ILLEGAL IMPRISONMENTS AND OTHER ILLEGAL PUNISHMENTS. It all says that three sides of our government including the “Judicial” are acting against Citizens, Veterans and anyone that threatens to expose their cabal of corruption and the secret culture of incest thriving in DC on taxpayer’s money and blood bought freedoms while they lie, cheat, steal and cover up more corruption every day. Obama and the DNC wanted to “fundamentally change” America and they have only carried political corruption one step further and stolen more money than anyone before them. Is the American public and Veterans up for more abuse in another election of promises and stories? Time will tell but America and it’s working people are beyond the limit of stories and lies. Why do you think Obama is trying to take all the bullets away? Don’t just buy bullets while you can, stock up on candy before it hits $4 dollars a bar, that’s all the food that might be left after the bullets are gone.

  2. I guess that lady at the courthouse really is blind. You know the one: she’s holding a set a scales and wearing a blindfold. Unfortunately, the scales are severely tipped and she’s blinded to the truth.

  3. I am printing this story out and sending it to the Judiciary Committee and others. American citizens are trying to find justice in this country where there is none and are paying a heavy toll for seeking the truth.

    Terry Lakin, Walter Fitzpatrick, Linda Jordan, and many others have been suffering under the scrutiny of the IRS, ATF, EPA, OSHA, FBI, Secret Service, DARPA, corrupt courts and others I am sure. All this smack in the face of a deaf, feckless congress and Obama supporting GOP.

    Since congress fails to act and deny there is something fundamentally wrong with Obama’s narrative, we feel it is our duty to work hard to find justice. We already have law enforcement proof Obama has presented false identity documents with intent to deceive in front of both elections. But, we lack subpoena power to deliver discovery.

    Sheriff Arpaio and his detectives have delivered the primary investigative
    product but he has a weak Attorney General and Secretary of State that refuse to expose these proven felonies. This in the face of two press conferences with local Phoenix TV stations that never let it out of that market.

    When John McCain said recently he failed this country, he was right. McCain’s Senatorial proclamation that falsely blessed his natural born citizen status stopped investigation into Obama’s false narrative. The talking points were established by the misled GOP leadership and to this day they deny justice.

    We need State Governors, big GOP donor support to call Boenher and the Senate leadership to tell them to support a special prosecutor and or support an immediate investigation into Obama’s false identity documents that have already proven to be counterfeit.

    Obama is working at breakneck speed to enact everything he can to destroy this country. From internet regulation, to stealing money from the treasury, to banning ammunition, to illegal immigration on steroids.