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(Jan. 16, 2015) — I don’t how it happened, and neither do you, but you’re on some sort of traveling contraption flying through space. Earthlings call what you’re in spaceships. You look out the window and you see earth, but you see earth in a new and enlightening way. You see earth as a magnet, and everything associated with earth carries a charge, either a positive charge or a negative charge. There’s no moral connotation to being a negative or a positive charge.

You are able to see billions and billions of living things crawling on the surface, which at first (understandable) confuses you, and then the more you look, you see the water move (oceans, rivers, fog) as something distinguishable from, let’s say, a salamander’s movements. You zero in on human beings and discover that each of them is a separate little magnet, that all living things are magnets interacting with one another in a very confusing and convoluted way, you think.

You strive to make some sort of order out of what you think is chaos and your efforts are rewarded by an epiphany: there is, after all, order of sorts, or there would be if America wasn’t being systematically destroyed, little by little, step by step on a daily basis for the last six years. You see the world going to hell in a hand basket, the whole world, and not like what happened to Cambodia after America turned tail and ran out of Vietnam. Cambodia was just one country then: we’re talking about the whole world now.

Pick any facet of American life, from education to the military, from welfare to commercials, from ignoring the law to government’s domestic overreach, to judges being an accessory to treason by supporting a constitutionally ineligible government employee in the office of president, and you’ll discover that America is worse off now than just six short years ago. How quickly freedom erodes when the gatekeepers are silent, when good men do nothing, and when turning a blind eye will get your children killed.

You see billions of humans short-circuited as they blindly believe in hearing “peaceful” and “misunderstood.”

You determine that many humans are wired correctly: they don’t have sparks flying out their ears while others do: short-circuited humans flying planes into buildings. You’ve always believed that planes are supposed to land on runways, and indeed you are correct. Your mind is, polarity speaking, in tune with the rest of the giant magnet that you’re flying over.

There are, you see, many humans where things just don’t add up: lots of confusion, wasted effort, meaningless existence, continued ignorance and a free ticket to the abyss, the place where St. Peter says, “Not Welcomed; no second chances; no forgiveness; no redemption; no hope; no chance; no way. Burn.”

You finish reading this editorial. You’re back on earth, a magnet interacting with all the other magnets, riding along on waves that will, hopefully, see the human race reach for the stars. You read about the 2,000 Christians recently butchered in Africa on page 11 while on the front page is nothing but the news of 12 newspaper employees gunned down in Paris. You try and make sense out of it all and realize that it’s up to your own personal brain that has to decipher the truth from the noise.

Do you see the world as it is? Do you see the World at War? Can you name the enemy? Do you know the truth? Are you able to envision a killing field in your neighborhood park if you and others don’t get wise to what’s going down?

[On a serious note: the enemy is real; it is a World War; and if we don’t get our act together, as in yesterday, what happened in Cambodia will just be a walk in the park compared what’s in store for America.]

Semper Fi


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